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State your name and your porpoise. I mean, purpose.

So the little guy is the one who calls me Mamam.  That's where the title came from.

I moved to Fort Bragg for the first time in 1985.  It was a big city for me at that point, coming from a wide place in the road off Hwy 70 en route to Quincy.  Yup, this was the big time.

I graduated with a class of 12 from the Mendocino Community High School in 1997.  Then I went to college.  Then I hollered at the man.  Then I went to another college.  Then I hollered at the man some more.  Then, I came back here.  To the very property where I grew up.

And this is where I became a mom.

Becoming a mom has been the single most amazing experience of my life.  I bet you never heard anyone say that before.

Presently, my son is nearly four years old.  He and I carefully pick roses off the same red-stemmed bush under which I buried my childhood pets.  There is poetry everywhere.  Not too much extra time for hollering these days, but I am registered to vote.

We've got things to build, places to go, cupcakes to bake.

Why am I doing this blog?  Because Freda asked me real nice.  And my little man and I go on lots of adventures and we thought it would be a hoot to share it with y'all.

Yes, I am really that cheesy.  Cheers!

Puddle Stomping, Ward Avenue


  1. Mike May 18, 2010

    Welcome Mamam!

    Smiles you provide. We need more. Thank you.


    • Jessica Ehlers Post author | May 23, 2010

      Thank you for the warm welcome. I am honored to be here!

  2. seastar May 18, 2010

    its about time…just think of all those hilarious storiesand insightful inspirstions lost on my personal email over the last 4 years. iloveit!

    • Jessica Ehlers Post author | May 23, 2010

      Awe dang, you’re right. Better late than never, Seastar.

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