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The Boontling Greeley Sheet
A Newspaper of General Circulation
Published weekly

The Anderson Valley Advertiser (AVA), Boonville's weekly newspaper, was founded in 1956 by Homer Mannix. In 1984, Bruce Anderson purchased the paper and changed its focus, emphasizing environmental and political issues. Since then it has consistently published — among the news of local fire district controversies and county supervisor meetings — some of the most imaginative and well-written articles and stories found in the American press. Because of the quality of output, and its independent nature, this small-town weekly has earned a national circulation as the last of the old fashioned newspapers, unbeholden to advertisers, or even its readers. You haven’t read another paper like it because there isn’t one.


Bruce Anderson, editor and publisher

Mailing Address:
   The AVA
   PO Box 459
   Boonville, CA 95415

Phone: (707) 895-3016
Fax: (707) 895-3355

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