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Mendo’s Slap On The Wrist For A Dangerous Man

Sean Hammon’s mother says her son is no good, “never has been.” She says she is certain that Sean murdered his brother, Bryan Hammon, by running over him. Mom says Sean has promised to kill her, too.

Sean & Bryan Hammon

Bryan probably died on a Friday afternoon in August of 2016 when only the two brothers were on the Willits property where they grew marijuana. A Mexican national was also employed at the site but, police concluded, was not present when the brothers apparently fought and Bryan lost.

The presumed fratricide was not reported until Bryan's girlfriend showed up at the brothers’ Walker Lake Road pot farm three days later where she found Bryan lying dead in the driveway about a hundred yards from the house on the property.

Bryan had been dead for several days.

A pathologist would testify that Bryan’s injuries were “consistent” with having been run over.

The DA, two weeks after Bryan’s murder, filed criminal charges against Sean Hammon for felony hit and run causing death.

Sean Hammon, 56, was located a month after the murder holed up at the Talmage home of his 69-year-old girl friend. The aged girlfriend had called police to complain that Hammon was beating her.

After a lengthy stand-off Hammon, a reputed tough guy with alleged ties to the Hells Angels, surrendered, and was booked into the Mendocino County Jail on numerous charges that included the murder of his brother.

The brothers’ long-suffering mother, who lives out of state, complains that she wasn’t kept informed of developments in the case. “I want Sean locked up for the rest of his life,” she says, expressing the consensus opinion of everyone who knows him.

"I never could learn the dates of the hearings. I thought Sean was being prosecuted for murder, but...."

But the murder case against Hammon was dropped.

Defended by Public Defender Linda Thompson, perhaps the least formidable public defender in the country, the DA’s office, after charging Hammon with the murder he clearly committed, tardily concluded that they didn’t have a case. They didn’t have eyewitnesses, didn’t have hard evidence, didn’t have a video of the crime, didn’t have a confession and, gee, golly, certainly wouldn’t have been able to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Sean Hammon, a career criminal, deliberately ran over his brother and killed him, although Hammon, changing his story at least four times, described a fierce struggle between the two of them as Sean attempted to leave the Willits property that fatal day.

There was a fight between two brothers, one died, one lived.

The brother who lived drove off and left his brother dead in the hills west of Willits.

Bryan Hammon didn’t run over himself.

With everyone who knows Sean Hammon, including his mother, hoping that Sean would at last be locked up for good, Assistant DA Barry Shapiro worked out a plea deal with Public Defender Thompson that got Sean put away for four years.

Because he's a career criminal charged with murder, the DA had no trouble getting Sean to agree to another stay in state prison for a mere four years, which saves the DA the effort of prosecuting a man who presents a clear and present danger to the entire public all the way up to his mother.

Hammon will be out in a couple of years given California's early release policies.

Here’s who we’re talking about, as described by Bruce McEwen in July of 2011:

Sean Bradley Hammon was arraigned on July 7th. Visiting Judge William Lamb refused to set bail on a charge of driving under the influence. Hammon's lawyer, public defender Eric Rennert, was still trying last Thursday, a week later, to get Judge Henderson to set bail so Hammon could get out of jail and, as they say, get on with his life.

Judge Henderson turned to the prosecutor, Deputy DA Matt Hubley, to see if there was any justification for keeping Hammon locked up.

Hubley opened the file and started reading Hammon’s rap sheet.

“There are three DUIs in California, and a 1989 conviction for grand theft. He went to prison in ’89, and when he got out he was on probation for a DUI when he was arrested for grand larceny and DUI in Nevada. In ’91 he got a DUI in Texas. He was arrested for grand larceny in Texas in ’93… Hmmmm… Let’s see here, a felony theft in El Paso in ’95, five years confinement… In ’98 another felony theft in Texas, some jail time, a DUI in El Paso follows that in 2000, an assault charge in ’04 in El Paso, a DUI in Texas… A DUI out of Utah in ’05, as well as a felony theft for receiving stolen property… Currently on bail in Nevada pending trial for a prison term… Let’s see, the three outstanding DUIs in California… That’s about it, judge.”

Public Defender Rennert tried to soften Hammon's impressive legal history.

“He has family here locally, your honor, and he’d be willing to abstain from alcohol while on bail.”

Judge Henderson is not your basic Mendo handholder, not a kumbaya kind of guy. He seemed incredulous. He stared at Rennert as if he were about to lock Rennert up, too.

“I’ll set bail in the amount of $450,000” Judge Henderson said.

Somebody in the courtroom exhaled a low whistle of amazement at such a high bail for a DUI.

Judge Henderson smiled and said, “I think his extensive convictions demonstrate he’s a substantial threat to public safety” — and who could argue?


MRS. YVONNE HAMMON WRITES: Just to clarify, Sean did not threaten to kill me, I have had little or
no communication with him in many years. I tried for years to help him.bail. (I put up my house,) I paid attorneys, I took in his daughter as a baby and adopted her last year, certainly with no help from him. I never withheld my love for him. Bryan was different. He took care of himself, he was kind,  trusting and
caring. These are all the same reason he died. There is nothing he would not do for you, if he could, he was very giving to us. I knew my son Bryan loved me, he showed it in hand written notes, spending time with us and on and on, I am very aware that he also had problems, big ones, I never condoned his work and he kept it from me for a very long time. Regardless, he was a human being that was killed and there was no justice.


  1. Joan Hansen May 2, 2017

    Who knows better than a mother. He has shown proof over the years he is an alcoholic and a felon. He will continue to be a bad dude and I am sure his mother is in fear of her life. The system should lock him up and keep him there.

  2. Yvonne Hammon May 19, 2017

    I am Sean’s mother and I need to clarify one thing, Sean did not threaten to kill me. I have had no communication with him in many years. He may do one year, then the system will slap his wrist again……

  3. Yvonne Hammon May 24, 2017

    Sean was not charged with a felony hit and run. He might do one He may be out by August.

  4. Yvonne Hammon May 24, 2017

    The DA kept saying he could not prove Seans guilt with out a reasonable doubt.

  5. Jayne Blair October 7, 2017

    I would like to give my condolences to Yvonne and John Hammon for the loss of their son Bryan. There is no greater pain than losing a child no matter what the circumstances. I personally know both Sean and Bryan Hammon. I was married to their father and lived with both sons. I cannot believe that Sean would intentionally hurt his brother. If he did this in a drunken rage he should still be accountable. It’s obvious he has a drinking problem and I was told numerous times both brothers were seen drunk and fighting in public. Bryan will truly be missed by his father John Hammon who adored him. Sean was always the difficult one as a teenager and he had a drinking problem back then. I asked his father to get him help back then. If Sean is reading this, I am sorry for the loss of your brother. No matter what happened I know you loved him. I always cared about you both. If Yvonne or John would like to get in contact with me I have some great photos of Bryan I would like them to have.

    • Yvonne Hammon April 5, 2018

      Sean Hammon was released from Soledad State Prison March10, 2018. On parole in Ukiah.

  6. Joni acosta March 26, 2018

    I know ???? % this was murder ! Not accidental! He was given the demands from Bry to give back the keys to our truck! For this the third time!!!! DA Shapiro is a lazy and also lied to what we would not be sorry for in Seans outcome! We are SORRY!! All of mendo should be sorry ! Be careful handle your own ! Because mendo won’t! A lot of us already know good and well on this! Just sad that there are baby’s being raised in the most beautiful way, please don’t interrupt our community because your too tired and just don’t want to deal with real work !

  7. Joni acosta March 27, 2018

    Also a lot of wrongs,… in the first article above. Sean was not part of ” ANYTHING” on that property!!!!! His entrance was only to create havoc!!! Also was not a month being found at his girlfriends house in Ukiah! I was the one telling the detectives where they could find him. The day I found Bry., Monday The first of August ! So where is the month from murder July 29th-Aug.,1st?!!!! Sean had nothing to do with anything on that property,.. just wants another resume in ” Dirt”,.. the only way to con others now that he’s out? He also has a fake ink patch ( H.A.’s) would like to know ,.. Quebec / Nomads?,.. never even a prospect. He’s a CON!!!!!! Why wouldn’t mendo allow a fair trial,.. I should have been on the stand !! Why wasn’t justice prevailed?,.. his one nite stand girl ” mom” gets over on a bigger conviction? Please warned,.. he’s good at what he does to ruin lives !,. Don’t allow him anywhere near the ones you love.

  8. Joni acosta March 27, 2018

    To this editor,.. I still have a lot of anger/ fear . You would think that close to two years would bring the ? It is what it is?,… far from the depth of “my” reality! I wish I could go back and demand the right to have the voice for my beloved Bryan. In no way was he a perfect man. There is ” no such thing “, male or female. But,.. the way Sean spoke in our regards was fully another ploy to his way of getting away with this!,… his plans , ” looking back”,.. fully calculated in a very lengthy scheme. Never have I had been introduced to such a toxic way of learning that the danger that was about to envelop ?,.. I’m asking myself to ask you, … if he / and he will get arrested again , can I ask for the trial in bryans death to be brought back in court? I was not me ? In shock still ? Just unprepared for the outcome of it in NO conviction of his actions? I will never forgive myself if ” knowing I had all the knowledge and was there! To know what would give to the ones who knew and loved Bryan his day in justice. Please contact me to inform what the rights by law can or can not be done as from the last sentence. Sincerely Joni jo acosta

    • Brenda March 30, 2018

      You GO Girl!! That Scum Waste of a human body, Sean, got away with Murder (but God willing, NOT for long!) which leads to my asking, Begging and PLEADING for SOMEONE who Possibly has ANY connections to a Decent, Caring person who Might be able to Assist or even Guide Bryan’s Mother, Yvonne, and Bryan’s Soulmate Fiance, Joni, to somehow find a way to have Sean CHARGED with his Brother’s MURDER to make it Stick! Please please PLEASE, ALL My Love to these Grieving Loved ones of Bryan’s!
      Please have a Heart to Help!

      • Katherine Knight March 26, 2021


  9. Yvonne Hammon April 5, 2018

    I have thought of you so many times. I wanted you to know about Bryan.Thank you for the love you showed my son’s.

  10. Theresa Pearson April 11, 2018

    I can’t believe that he got away with murder of his brother, he is already out and now we are fighting the life Insurance company for his father benefit were Brian and Brian’s niece Maya was beneficiaries Of. because Sean is trying to receive it. He has no right to it his dad left it to Brian and Maya. Murders shouldn’t have rights to life Insurance that was never left for them in the first place. Cigna life Insurance if you get to see this I pray you do the right thing the insurance benefits belong to Maya.

    • Joni acosta May 8, 2018

      Absolutely agree!! I pray to GOD it finds its way to Maya! In no way should it go to Sean! Yvonne has been Maya’s Everything! No help from Sean! For all of what Maya grew up with,.. never had any of the cost ever came from him! I pray more then everyday since this has happened. Maya never asked for anything! She deserves EVERYTHING. Xxo Bicycle ❣️

    • Katherine Knight March 26, 2021

      If a child was raised by a single parent they should be entitled. Especially, if child is the oldest.

  11. Lori Castady December 13, 2018

    Mr. Anderson in regards to Mendo’s Slap On The Wrist For A Dangerous Man you have several inaccuracies, I am the girlfriend and Sean was not located a month after the murder holed up at my house he was taken into custody on 8/01/2016 the same day that JJ found Bryan’s body, there was a six hour standoff between Sean and the police he was finally forced out of my house with the use of gas and I never called the police complaining Sean was beating me. Yes I am the aged girl friend you referred to, I have remained silent to date but upon reading comments made by Joni Jo and others there is something I feel very strongly about that needs answering. Sean left my house between 6 and 7pm on 7/28/2016 after receiving a call from his brother asking if he could come up to his ranch in Willits. I am 100% positive on this as he needed gas money I went to the bank got the money and went to the gas station to give it to him in return he gave me his food stamp card so I could do some grocery shopping when I got home there was a message from Sean saying he was at the ranch I called the ranch and JJ answered we talked for a minute some strange comments were made before she put Sean on the phone. Both JJ and Sean for some unknown reason lied to the police saying Sean arrived at the ranch on Friday morning an absolute lie the police chose to believe JJ even though they could have verified the phone call made from Bryan’s phone on the 28th to my landline. I assume because they told the same story they thought I was confused. JJ later said off the record to me and another person that she and Sean were drugging Bryan. They were putting Valium in his drinks prior to 7/28/2016. JJ said Sean was putting the drug in his drinks but she was aware of what Sean was doing. I knew Sean a little over 5 years I met him in 2011, I got to know Bryan also over those five-plus years. Sean is a sociopath who left his brother after most likely running him over. Bryan did not die immediately but laid for hours alone in what had to be an agonizing torturous death. If Sean had gone back Bryan would be alive. This case needs to be reopened all that was accomplished is a career criminal is walking around free, a man who was a son, a boyfriend, a brother, a trusted friend, and a beloved uncle is dead, there was no justice for Bryan and there are questions that need answers. Bryan and I became friends over the years and I will miss him he was the only good thing that came out of the Sean relationship. If I had listened to Bryan things might have turned out differently. Bryan was a descent man not perfect but a loving son and a treasured uncle to Maya Sean’s 13 year old daughter who he hasn’t seen in over 10 years. Sean is a sociopath a very skilled con man who in the end convinced his brother and JJ he had changed. All Bryan wanted was a brother Sean wanted Bryan’s ranch and everything that went with it. Even with Bryan’s death I didn’t see Sean for what he really is it wasn’t until early in 2018 when I wrote to tell him his father had passed away, Sean had told me a lot about “The Captain” his dad was a United Airlines pilot who had afforded his family an affluent lifestyle but the last few years of his life he spent in a nursing home in Medford , Oregon dying of Parkinson’s disease, Bryan being the son he depended on as Sean was in prison. John Hammon would not see his two sons before he died, tragically he would be told Bryan was dead and the person responsible for Bryan’s death was his other son Sean, not long after that John Hammon died (I am assuming John was told). I felt bad informing Sean of his father’s death but thought he should know. Sean’s response was R.I.P. followed by are you going to be able to get me the dress outs I need ? He was being released soon and needed clothes never asked me where his dad was buried only question was about the life insurance and no I did not get the dress outs. I understand the insurance went to Maya (she hates me) She is a very beautiful determined pragmatic young lady much like her dad but no it comes from Yvonne her “Nana”. Yvonne is truly amazing as devastated as she was and always will be over Bryan’s tragic death she encourages Maya to do the best job she can in the annual 2016 Christmas presentation of the Nutcracker and she does. I don’t impress easily but of Yvonne Hammon I can say without a doubt bravo job well done !! I have one wish… Maya’s wish is to go to Paris and mine is that one day I get a post card saying ..“I made it… Maya” actually 2 wishes justice for Bryan.
    Lori Castady
    “I remember a man who was so creative…. A man that would look at nature like most men never do… I remember m”I remember a man who was so creative…. A man that would look at nature like most men never do… I remember a man that would find something on the beach or in the woods and say … Stop and LOOK! At all of the beauty that surrounds you…. A man who was bound and determined to live everyday surrounded by nature and find peace and happiness with the little things. He made me laugh so hard I would cry. He was Bryan the Bryan that I will never forget” By someone who was with Bryan for many years

    • JJ April 29, 2020

      Lori , I don’t know where he was on Thursday ? But, not anywhere near our ranch ! Maybe at some other chicks house. He showed up on FRIDAY! I was never in anyway ever someone he could talk to and vice versa! Don’t get it twisted

  12. Lori Castady November 8, 2019

    Was just informed Sean was released from some CA prison a few days ago

    • Dan November 19, 2019

      I’m trying to see cause this man is in Birmingham Alabama

  13. Sean hammon March 6, 2021

    You. All are sick my brother was my life.. Look at he real picture the business enough said I have …

  14. Jane Calcina May 23, 2021

    I’m so sad to read this .. I’ve been looking for Bryan for many years .. I knew Bryan over 20 years ago , we worked together at Mark West Restaurant.. and we dated for a awhile. He was and will always be in my heart. He loved working with horses and wanted his farrier business to take off , I loved riding on his bike with him, we laughed a lot . He was sweet and kind. We were both F*cked up a lot but we depended on each other thru that time of our lives.. I took off one day but never forgot him. He loved his family even though their was a lot of pain surrounding them. We both came from such brokenness and just wanted everything to be cool. I hope he’s at peace.. I love you Bryan ..

  15. June 28, 2021

    How dare you all to think that was by my hand. Br musshy was my life not at all any of yours so question ..why all the lies no one is perfect let’s look i.e. yourself?
    Ok really your better or not worse I have done things normal you all state I’m a animal
    Look I’m a man a Angel a true Angel everyone has a day good or bad I work always have my co. Goes public. We’re are you today who are you to make such false i.e claims of character my part was yo secure my brother and property .. real was me facing off any and we know who of millions of dollars of debt so…. You none educated fools look at the real be real you fake ass fake.. I’m as real as it will ever get you all are Yes men. Go to work pick up your check. How do I not deserve my father’ss assets my father wwd my father how much knowpedge do you have of any I lived closer than any of you
    To all of you go look at yourself in the mirror.yes that’s what I thought you you you exactly who are you $$$ not educated not so question why lay me out to dry why…$$$$$$$

    • JJ October 4, 2021

      Your the uneducated Ass! Your Father would have Never! Wanted for you to receive his $$!! Truth be told. And as far as the misprint on You working on the Ranch?,.. we tried to keep you away! Your a pathological Liar! Hope you Enjoy what’s left of your life! I’m sure the end of it will be Hell!

    • Marc Jameson December 1, 2022

      Loser Sean!!!

    • AH January 26, 2023

      Remember me Sean, you tried scamming me and my and some of my friends. You tried but didn’t succeed. Since you fly the MC’s logo tattooed across your back, we decided to call the main hub of the MC in L.A. . We were told that you were no longer a member of that MC. But they did have some files on you and your membership to the Quebec hub of the MC. Little did you know that the lady who knows her marijuana plants inside and out was married by the MC in LA.

  16. Yvonne Hammon February 24, 2023

    This articule is causing a lot of bad, horrible memories. It is harmful, especially to those that love Bryan. His death death does not need to be remembered, certainly not argued. This will never bring Bryan back. There will never be any justice in this life. Let Bryan be remembered as the kind, loving, giving, trusting Angel that he was to us. I plead with you in the name of our Heavenly Father.

  17. Bham December 17, 2023

    His ass came down here to bham trying to sale weed and bout got his ass killed, left for dead at motel 6 and ended up at Grandview medical strung out on herion. Long story short, we sent his ass right back home to Cali. Real lame piece of shit though.

  18. Lee Edmundson December 17, 2023

    Starting to smell a lot like MCN’s list serve. Keep up the good work.

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