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The Guest House Museum Road Show

New York City is investing $43 Million into their “New Museum” this year, as cities all over America invest tens of millions into their museums with new wings, additions and restaurants with fine dining attracting millions of tourists. The City of Fort Bragg has decided that museums are for private proprietors like the Triangle Tattoo Museum (356 North main Street) and the Glass Beach Museum located seven miles south of Glass Beach (17801 North Highway One -- priced out of a closer location). I highly recommend visiting both museums. Meanwhile, the time has come, perhaps long overdue, to try something new with the City owned house few see, and fewer care about called, The Guest House Museum.

Inspired by the popular hippy tribute with “authentic artifacts” at the Mendocino County Museum (400 East Commercial Street in Willits) and replicated by the Mendocino Area Parks Association at CA State Parks' Greenwood Museum and Visitor Center (15 miles North of Point Arena), The Guest House Museum in Fort Bragg, operated by the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Society with North Coast Brewing Company, are stepping up hippy tributes by establishing a “living art” exhibition with respect to the Hospitality Center Annex at the Guest House Museum titled: “The Guest House Museum Road Show”, with volunteer artists AKA rejected from the Hospitality Center, living in various locations around and under the Guest House Museum and City property.

The project is a work of love by “We LOVE Fort Bragg” organizations who appreciate the 1892 old growth redwood house rotting away. Knowing there are few old growth redwood craft homes around, preserving the Guest House is not as important as establishing an asphalt road on the Koch Headlands in the name of “trail” for the sum of an undetermined amount of millions needed to maintain and police what is built for big trucks like Los Angeles' “the Strand”. As if you miss your tax money? NOT! Look at all these taxes on the ballot. WOW! There will never be another Guest House, so it's time to put it in its proper place: Irrelevant! This is it. It's little of all Fort Bragg has left of an important era which enabled everyone living on the Coast today that opportunity, thus the Guest House Museum continues to stand rotting as an opportunity for all, especially the homeless, who are not as rotten as the Guest House Museum. And that's not for lack of local volunteer efforts. The VOLUNTEER docents are on the front line, NOT PAID while the folks being paid by the City you have to look for. Ever notice that?

Union Lumber and Georgia Pacific companies retained craftsmen to preserve the finest redwood in the world used to built the Guest House and to replicate and repair damages to coping and wainscoting, keeping the wood vibrant and gorgeous. The redwood trees were centuries, if not over a thousand years, old when felled. The redwood in the house had to be perfect because UL – GP needed to impress guests who stayed in the house with intentions to purchase shiploads of redwood and wood products. City landscapers do an excellent job hiding the neglect the City perpetuates with it's lack of interest. The California Western Rail Road AKA Skunk Train, a shadow of what once was a spectacular ride through redwoods, with music, food, fun, and very popular tourist attraction, now lends it's tracks to the ambiance at “The Guest House Museum Road Show” for the “living art” exhibit. It's crucial to Fort Bragg leadership that visitors to Fort Bragg know the altruistic intent to deliver to the homeless the very best Fort Bragg has to offer, Guest House Museum included. The live art exhibition changes daily with authentic artifacts such as bikes, back packs, dirty bags, cigarette butts, wrappers, bottles, cans, cups, needles, dogs, spent condoms, the smell of marijuana, break-ins and, on special occasions, live visits from desperate homeless persons for added excitement.

Finally on it's way to being an internationally acclaimed homeless and low income fast food tourist destination, Fort Bragg City's self-congratulations and self-serving propaganda including aggressive kumbaya-ing from service organizations supporting the investment of over a million dollars to buy The Old Coast Hotel located in Fort Bragg Central Business District, which stood for HOPE for small businesses, and lauded over as if the tax-sucking Hospitality Center's processing homeless plantation, and new mental health services were tax payers.

Apparently the visionaries on the Hospitality Center Board and City Council perceived that the new changes to Fort Bragg may encourage more residents than ever to seek mental health services in getting over and overcoming what's going on in the name of “GO Fort Bragg”, and why they decided as Napoleons and Neros that the Old Coast Hotel would better serve the community as a mental health and homeless check in center than a destination for a rare redwood house made into a museum and fine dining establishment.

Lest we forget, Fort Bragg has little water which is aggressively monitored, and why expanding the North Coast Brewery is in the works, possibly damming Pudding Creek to make it happen. Word has it this “trail” is going to attract more folks than Disneyland ($17 Million to build Disneyland), so heads up Braggers! Hit the trail, left, right, left, right, and stay on that asphalt trail tourists will come so far and wide to stride with you. Oh, and don't touch the glass on Glass Beach! $500.00 Fine!! Remember, don't turn your back on the Ocean as you might get blown down the cliff and out to sea, never turn you back to Fort Bragg or the might Pacific Ocean wind may blown you onto Main Street up Oak to Franklin and into the Hospitality Center.

The message is stout: Cheers to Fort Bragg's permanent exhibit, The Guest House Museum Road Show, brought to you bu the Hospitality Center Annex and located at the City's rotton redwood house (343 North main Street). It's FREE!!! (not the stout, that's expensive but good) Children and pet friendly. Open to the public 11 – 2 pm. The live art exhibit will be there 24/7. Welcome one; Welcome ALL, and that means the hungry, drunk, drugged, and seriously needing meds, and oh, please sign the Guest Book Museum registration so the City knows the Guest House is not haunted, though it sure looks like it with all the rot and dead tree branches on the West side of the holly tree, shingles falling, rain gutters nails rusting away and probably what attracted the live art exhibit of zombies (I didn't say that) to The Guest House Museum Road Show. It's ALL GOOD! No worries. Those folks on the back lawn, behind the fence, in the bushes and under the porch are not Hospitality Guests, their ours and more important than locals and the Guest House Museum put together, so Y'all come by and take a gander at the Guest House Museum Road Show, next to the big City clock that's 10 minutes fast. Where ever Fort Bragg is going with this show, we're not going fast enough by City time. Drink up. See ya on the Stand.

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