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Noisy Wind Machines

Good Morning,

Everyone that is bothered, annoyed, upset, distraught, disgusted or
otherwise moved by the Wind Machines this morning should absolutely turn
in a complaint.

Print and fill out this form and send to Building and Planning @ 860
North Bush Street, Ukiah CA 95482

Alternatively, I will be going to Ukiah tomorrow and would be happy to
turn it in by hand for you.

David Severn

[link to complaint form:]


  1. Mntnbeev April 2, 2015

    Would be nice to have a map with list of the offenders and owners of the fans with the location of each, complete with addresses, so we know the names of who owns what… for the form.

    For instance, there’s Charles Vineyard a few yards from Mark Scaramella’s bedroom; Satui a few yards further than Charles from Mark’s bedroom; and who owns the vineyard with the clever little solar powered chicken coop across the road from Satui on 128 in beautiful downtown Boonville?

    Those are THREE that I know of on the flats of Boonville, but don’t know the names of owners, just that lack of sleep this week has changed my schedule, so I wake up at 4:30 a.m. now…

  2. Bitrat April 12, 2015

    Don’t worry with global warming no one will need these machines in a couple years….

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