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One hell of a wisecrackin’ duet

One hell of a wisecrackin' duet
One hell of a wisecrackin' duet

This coming Saturday, the 23rd, you can catch Angie Rose and Cas Sochacki, at Lauren’s Café in Boonville (9 P.M, $5.) The wisecracking, bantering couple regularly play and sing with a larger ensemble of musicians known as The Blushin’ Roulettes, whose act you may have caught anywhere from San Francisco’s the Make Out Room, to local roadhouse The Caspar Inn, or even this past summer’s Kate Wolf Festival. They are also a favorite amongst DJ’s on KZYX, KMFB, KOZT and KHUM and are kept in regular rotation. Of late, Angie and Cas have been working on a forthcoming EP of duets called “When Pigs Fly,” whose material will be largely showcased Saturday night. Their musical style is deeply rooted in the American traditions of folk and Bluegrass, which rings true to their geographic origins: Angela being from Ohio originally, Cas from Kentucky.

Like so many great couples in history, Cas and Angie appear to be each other’s foil. Where Angie stands barely five feet tall, Cas breaks six feet, easy. Angie’s clarion vibrato has earned her voice comparison to country greats Dolly Parton and Iris Dement. Cas’ molasses baritone puts him closer to Johnny Cash. With her Old World beauty: large hazel eyes and wavy brown hair, Angela Rose’s stage presence is both affable and day dreamy. Mr. Sochacki on the other hand, not just tall, but dark and handsome to boot, is a man of few words: he has a sardonic sense of humor, his delivery deadpan. On stage, as in life, the two play off of these differences beautifully, comically. As important as their differences is what they do share in a common: a life together living on Cas’ family farm and a rare knack for writing songs that are at once poignant and clever. Songs like “The Day Pigs Fly” and “If It Wasn’t For You” are written with an affectionate, tongue-in-cheek take on relationships.

Cas and Angie don’t just sing about country living: they embody it. In previous years Cas’ family run and owned Old Mill Farm has provided locally grown organic produce and meats to Mendocino Farmer’s markets and restaurants. Old Mill farm has also hosted many Sustainable Living workshops on everything from straw bale housing to homespun yarn. Angela Rose says that living and working in such close proximity to each other, as they have for the last few years, has provided them with a wealth of material for their songs. “Oh you bet. We’re miles from town, so there are plenty of days where we’re the only person the other sees. After the chores are done there’s really only so much talkin’ you can do! But we’ve set up a studio in the living room and that’s made it easy for us to just sit down and write… work out new songs,” says Angela Rose.

With Angela Rose on acoustic guitar, Cas Sochacki on Dobro slide guitar, and Mike “Lupe” Luparello on bass: Saturday night, January 23rd should prove to be an intimate and entertaining evening at Lauren’s Café.

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