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From the Blogs: The Revenge of Glenn Sunkett

Glenn Sunkett, the Oakland guy convicted last summer of orchestrating a brutal home invasion at a grow just north of Fort Bragg,  apparently got the Ukiah courthouse locked down last Friday, according to the Daily Journal:

Sunkett was overheard telling a fellow inmate at the county jail he planned to fake a medical issue, grab a deputy's gun and try to escape during transport to a prior court hearing, according to Mendocino County Sheriff's Office deputy and courthouse security officer Art Barclay.

Consequently, more deputies were on-hand and more precautions were taken than usual on Friday, he said. Sunkett was escorted into the courthouse via a different route than inmates usually take, and entrances at the northern end of the courthouse were closed briefly to public access.

Sunkett--who presented himself in court as a misidentified black man in a lily-white county--has a long history of felonies; he's also complained loudly about Linda Thompson, the public defender who got him convicted, and about conditions at the county jail, where he's being held.

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