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Knudsen! There’s A Spider In My Juice!

Why have insects survived for tens of millions of years? According to the bug experts, it’s their resiliency, adaptability and just plain “go with the flow” attitude that keep them around.

After stacking wood, my thirst called out for quenching. I cracked open a new bottle of Knudsen’s organic pear juice. The seal popped. The bottle had not been tampered with since leaving the assembly line. Floating inside was a brown and tan striped spider, half an inch long. Assuming it was dead, I scooped it out with a finger tip. To my amazement, it scampered along my hand. This little creature had tread water or, in this case, juice for gawd knows how long, with virtually no oxygen to breathe. Perhaps, after being sealed inside, it went into a torpor as many birds and mammals do if they live in cold climates. Whatever!

This experience gave me yet another glimpse into the fascinating lives of insects. Others would have sued for millions; you know, emotional suffering and distress. But for me, it was simply a case of feeling thankful that I could liberate a fellow traveller on Earth.

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