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Love & Work

When I was a young boy it was not necessary to pay any money to women. Later I paid money to a few women to whom I wish all good things well. The principle woman of these was one named Alice who weighed approximately 258 pounds. Her fee for love was $2, but she did not collect this fee if love was made satisfactorily. And she often loaned me money for a can of beans or something else in order that I might fight or box, or attempt to box or attempt to fight in northern Michigan. She was a very beautiful girl in spite of her weight, and I love her dearly still. 

I never had the good fortune to know Miss Mata Hari, since at the time that she was of such importance and I was a simple lieutenant and she was consorting with general officers and cabinet ministers. However, one night I fucked her very well. Although I found her to be rather heavy around the hips and to have more desire for what was done to her than for what she was giving to the man, Abrams. 

After the war I worked in three whorehouses which were located in Billings, Montana, Red Lodge, Montana and Cody, Wyoming. I was young at the time and trying to write, and it was difficult to preserve the balance between trying to write and working in a whorehouse where every Saturday night you broke your hand. In Billings Montana, I broke my hand every Saturday night due to the influx of local citizenry who lived in the outskirts and came in to have fun. And at the end of it wished to fight. And I was forced to fight with them and take them outside. 

This is not a profitable trade. After my hands were broken and I did not think that I could continue in Billings and continue my writing. I moved to Red Lodge where we only had to throw people out of the whorehouse on Saturday nights because they were mostly Finns and were usually armed with knives, although they were very good people and I liked them very much. 

In Red Lodge, where I had to fight only on Saturday nights, my hands cured quite well and became strong again, or as strong as they could be, in a small way. 

And I then proceeded to Cody where I had been offered a profitable position much as my friend, the millionairio Roberto Herrerro Itsalsolongo.

My hands were still broken when I left Red Lodge but by taping them I could get by. And Cody which is not a very difficult town to bounce in because the people who come there are well known and you know their faults until you hit them and you win. 

In Cody I was quite successful and met many interesting whores, professional whores. And since I did not believe that there were any good girls, and I cared nothing about the idea of them since I had already abandoned any hope or fear of them. In Cody we had many interesting fights for those who want some, but they were not anything to be broadcasted, nor on television, nor put on any form of radio activity.

In Cuba, an island where I live though I am not a citizen thereof, I do not subscribe to politics. I have known were whores too. We will mention none of their names. 

As regard to amateur whores, I have known a vast group of them. They are much duller than the professional whores because they are not truly conscious of their metier. Metier is French phrase which in Spanish officio and in American means their trade. I could describe these women for a long time and it would probably interest you, my radio audience. But I do not propose to describe them or say anything about them at this time. Todo al Mundo. Mucho Gracias.

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