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Ukiah Toddler Death: Brother’s living with godparent, mom says

A 2-year-old boy is now living with his godmother after he was discovered earlier this month near the Ukiah railroad tracks where his 13-month-old brother died, their mother said.

Sally Arellano wouldn’t disclose exactly where the boy, Uriah, is living, but she is allowed to see him every Wednesday under conditions imposed by child protective services.

“He’s close by and in a good foster home. I’ll say very good things about where he’s at. I’m comfortable where he’s at,” Arellano, a 36-year-old Covelo resident, told The Press Democrat on Thursday.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Van Patten said it was his understanding child protective services was involved in the child’s placement, but referred questions to the agency.

Representatives from Mendocino County Child Protective Services did not return calls for comment.

Nearly three weeks have passed since Uriah was discovered Aug. 3 near the 300 block of Brush Street, not far from where authorities also found the body of his younger brother, Kekoa Arellano.

Edward Two Feathers Steele, a 32-year-old Ukiah man, is charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of child endangerment in connection with the younger child’s death and the abandonment of both boys, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.

Arrested on Aug. 4, Steele’s court proceedings have stalled on two occasions because he refused to cooperate and appear on camera for arraignment.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday at the Mendocino County Superior Courthouse in Ukiah.

Kekoa’s autopsy results are pending and investigators haven’t said why he and Uriah were left near Brush Street.

(The Press Democrat)


  1. Marmon August 22, 2022

    “He’s close by and in a good foster home. I’ll say very good things about where he’s at. I’m comfortable where he’s at,”

    Most likely on a Reservation, that means the child is still at risk. He will be taught to hate, and most likely spend the better part of his life incarcerated. ICWA needs to be overhaled.

    The Covelo Six case is a good example, we once had those younger people in CPS custody 13 and 14 years ago only to send them back to the tribe so they could practice their culture of victimization and hate .


    Former North County FCS Social Worker, Mendocino County

    • Marmon August 22, 2022

      The Covelo Six should have been charged and convicted of a “hate crime” and received every sentencing enhancement applicable by law.

      They killed those 2 white people just because they were white.


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