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Table for 150 Please

Yes, I asked for a table for 150, actually for lunch. I was part of a group doing the serving. Let me explain. I belong to the Boosters group for the Elsie Allen High School that annually serves lunch to all of the students who are enrolled in the agriculture classes at the school. The booster group have been doing this for some 25 years. The Booster group gets together a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving week and divides up which food each of us should bring to the lunch. The items are ham, turkey, pumpkin pie, bottled water, rolls, potato salad, green beans, and some scalloped potatoes. Each person donates the food they bring. Shirley and I donate the potato salad. We bring some serving bowls and serving spoons from home. It is asked to be at the school by 11:30. The lunch period is promptly at noon and the students only get 35 minutes to eat. Now you can see why we need to be set up and ready to feed 150 students a holiday meal in such a short time. 

The lunch is served in the shop area, kind of outside. Picnic tables are lined up and covered with white paper. At the specific time a bell rings and 150 students pour in for lunch. We set up two serving lines. As the students get their food every one of them says “Thank You.” And in just a few minutes it is over. Then the group members can serve themselves and sit down. I have never belonged to a more dedicated group of adults. 

Next, it is time to clean up. But with 10 or so people the area soon is cleaned up. The group all thanks each other and looks forward to next year. The Ag teachers thank us. We all know that this may be the only holiday meal that some of the students will get. I look forward to doing this every year. My holiday season starts with 150 smiles. Shirley had to help me this year. A sign of old age.

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  1. Diana January 9, 2022

    Well done Mr. Dempel! Thank you for sharing this kind of news.

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