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Paul Bunyan Pillow-fight and Parade 2012

The littlest pillow-fighters. The kid in the red shirt was no joke. Slow and steady won this race.

Our boy readying for battle.

Facing off with a female.

An action shot. My kid is the one mid-climb.

You know this guy.

These were the three old white dudes (no disrespect) who were the judges of today's Paul Bunyan Parade. Really? Three white dudes? Come on, Fort Bragg. We have a whole spectrum of people who could judge the parade. My father maintains ladies sometimes do get to judge. I wonder if any people of color ever have?

I am guessing this is Fort Bragg High School Interact?

Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Gorilla on the ATV.

The Princess of the Parade (if you ask me).

Most adorable baby of the Parade.

Tricycle Racer

Local Cub and Boy Scouts.

All Around Logger (S) from the competition yesterday.

The lady logger waving!

The pigeon.

Truck I.

Truck II.

The Fort Bragg Timberwolves Football Team. Go Wolves!

The Obama wagons.

They want to change the constitution.

Again with the Amendments.

I think this is a giant Monsanto Corn Cob. GMO's are bad for plants, animals, insects and the rest of us.

Shoreline Riders. They put on a great show at the Rodeo last month!

Fancy dancing horses. Amazing.

This poor Shriner had to get towed. The rest sped by so fast I did not get any photos.

The lady in blue is Babe, the people with instruments are the Humboldt State Loggers Marching Band. Super fun.

We had a great weekend. The little man had fun whacking other kids with a pillow. It was hilarious to hear the parents and family hollering "take him out!" to their 4 year old. I half expected a bookie to be making the rounds. We missed the lady axe throwing competition which I was a bit sad about but caught some of the other festivities. Yesterday was spent making the rounds at the craft fair, the library sale, the pie ladies, etc. The day before that was the beach with a kite and some determination but alas, $6 two sting kites are not recommended. We found a tunnel and got surrounded by seagulls and the little man brought home a stick that almost qualified as a log. Today is decompression day as we prepare for the BBQ.

It's Labor Day, after all. People died so that the 40 hour work week could be in place. That said, a friend of mine pointed out that we still have work to do. Many of us have to just work 2 jobs to make ends meet. So of course there is room for improvement, a lot of it. But meanwhile, thanks for what we have. Thanks for what I have. See you all at work tomorrow morning!




  1. Sue Lindley September 3, 2012

    You really know how to hit the high spots! I was imagining your little man (this morning) being all grown up and remembering these days with you’all ! Love the commentary!

    • Jessica Ehlers Post author | September 3, 2012

      Thanks, Mama. Xo.

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