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Mendocino County Today: January 24, 2012

TOM KURISKY, 63, of Westport has been identified as the man killed last week in the 9:30am accident near Murphy's Pond on Highway 20 about ten miles east of Fort Bragg. Kurisky had drifted into the oncoming lane where he collided with a delivery van. The driver of the van, Bryon Ough, of Ukiah sustained minor injuries.

SOURCES INSIDE SEIU say that the membership has ratified an agreement with the County for a 10% wage cut. The agreement is for 18 months and gives the County the right to adopt a lower tier of retirement benefits for new employees. Employee morale, already in tatters, was further shredded by the outside SEIU organizers who managed to convert the usual workplace discontent into rage, all the while getting the workers a 12.5 cut rather than the 10% they could have had from the outset. The negotiations were complicated by an absence of leadership at the Supe's level where they, too, went for outside negotiators well-known as union busters. County employees, after months of fumbling by their alleged representatives, will soon be back at a 10% wage cut.

TEN PERCENT was always the real number. This week's Board agenda included labor agreements with the Deputy Sheriffs Association, Law Enforcement Management (MCLEMA), and the Management Employee bargaining units, keeping the current 10% cuts in place. The deputies and law enforcement administration have been at 10% cuts since July 1 of 2010 and have agreed to extend the cut to June 30, 2013 while the management unit extended their cut for another year until next January. The County is reportedly trying to keep all the current cuts in place, but if the deal with SEIU for 10% goes through, the Public Attorneys Association, who had previously swallowed a 10.5% cut, can be expected to hold out for 10% in their next negotiation.

THERE ONCE was a Supe from Fort Bragg

Who got caught with her hand in the bag

She denied to the end

That she meant to offend

But the money the DA did snag



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  1. Dickey Weinkle January 23, 2012

    Nice verse. She sure ain’t from Nantucket, although she should be.

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