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SWEENEYDIDIT.COM. A reader writes: "Did you know that Mike Sweeney has put up a couple of Bari-related web sites, with the apparent purpose of discrediting Kate Coleman? They're at: and The really interesting thing is that there's a link to the site on the Amazon page for Coleman's book! Apparently Sweeney paid for this privilege -- click on the "What's this?" line near the "Sponsored Links" section of the Amazon page for an explanation. Sweeney doesn't put his name on the site, but it's his. Here's the WHOIS information: Registrant: P.O. Box 1001, Ukiah, CA 95482. Domain name: BARIBOOKS.COM Administrative Contact: Sweeney, Michael <> P.O. Box 1001, Ukiah, CA 95482 US 707 468 9710."

IN ANTICIPATION of Ms. Coleman's soon-to-be released book on Judi Bari, the perp, aka Mike Sweeney of Keep Mendocino Beautiful, a Mendocino County recycling agency, and his helpers, primarily an unhealthy Little River man named Nick Wilson, the two sites are compilations of the transparently obvious efforts of Sweeney-Bari propagandists to discredit critics of the swindle that has just awarded Darryl Cherney and the two daughters of Mike Sweeney and the late Judi Bari $4 million.

PERSONS interested in the true facts of the case are encouraged to visit where they'll find concise accounts of the controversy by Steve Talbot of PBS and KQED and Alexander Cockburn of The Nation and Counterpunch.

MEANWHILE, IF YOU HAPPEN to encounter the furtive Sweeney or one of his lead co-conspirators, Darryl Cherny, ask them (1) Why the long-promised reward for the identity of Bari's bomber hasn't been posted? and (2) Why they resist matching DNA samples from a dozen or so likely perps, beginning with themselves and including the late Bari; Meredyth Rinehard; Karen Pickett; Pam Davis; and Darlene Commingore against the existing DNA results from the case's confession letter?

AS THE FBI, the Oakland Police Department, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department, and probably the ATF's bomb boys know, Mike Sweeney made the bomb that exploded beneath Bari's car seat in Oakland back in May of 1990. Sweeney also wrote the confession letter he signed The Lord's Avenger. His bombs prior to the one that abbreviated his ex-wife's life, Sweeney, probably with Bari's willing assistance, blew up one of the two hangers at the old Navy air strip in Santa Rosa in 1980 and, a month before the 1990 blast in Oakland, tried to bomb L-P's offices just south of Cloverdale. As a Stanford Maoist back in the late 1960's and early 1970's, it was Sweeney's campus-based cadre that placed explosive devices at numerous Bay Area sites that rich kid revolutionaries said housed enemies of the people.

BUT THANKS TO CHERNEY and his "movement" lawyers who had The Lord's Avenger Letter tested for DNA we know that a female sealed the envelope containing the letter, a male licked its stamp. Let's find out who, shall we?

A DOZEN WELL-AIMED SUBPOENAS for a command DNA party and we'll find out who, but the forces of law and order so far don't want to find out who bombed Judi Bari because it seems that powerful interests prefer to pay out $2 million federal tax dollars and to tap Oakland's taxpayers for $2 mil more to pay off a small group of crooks associated with the late mystery woman, including her ex-husband. The crooks have successfully cashed in on both the myth of Bari herself and the myth that she was bombed by the FBI. Or a Christian zealot. Or a free floating misogynist. Or a logger. Or an amalgam of all of the above, as all of the above are slam dunk villians wherever disbelief is willfully on hold.

LOCALLY, the Bari myth is now perpetuated most enthusiastically by persons for whom Bari's Redwood Summer campaign was either far too radical or who were non-participants. The Bari myth's propogandists don't allow skeptics to discuss the case at any of Northern California's free speech radio stations, including KPFA, KMUD and KZYX where a whole range of no-go subject matter is disallowed.

IF I WERE SWEENEY I think I'd lie low and continue to hope the cops remain uninterested in solving the case rather than set up mercenary websites which only beg the question of how it has come to be that the ex-husband has remained off the primary suspect list? Of course it is true that a couple of books on the case are in preparation but, as of today, nobody knows what either book will say. Why not wait to renew the slander campaign against critics of the politically correct version of events until the books are out?

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