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Local Bank Robber Sentenced

Travis Strickland robbed a string of banks from Ukiah to Santa Rosa until he was finally apprehended after robbing the Chase Bank in Cloverdale on December 4th 2018. Mr. Strickland was arrested by Cloverdale police officers only a half-block from the bank on South Cloverdale Boulevard while Strickland was in his black Mercedes in what was described as a “high-risk” traffic stop.


Mr. Strickland was sentenced last Friday after a plea of no contest for robbing the Chase Bank of Ukiah on a stipulated agreement between his lawyer Anthony Adams of the Office of the Public Defender and Deputy DA Scott McMenomey.

Judge Carly Dolan sentenced Strickland to the base term of three years on count one; count two, two years imposed and stayed; count three, one year consecutive; count four, eight months imposed and stayed; count five, one year consecutive; count six, eight months imposed and stayed; count seven, six months; count eight, eight months: for a total of five years and six months. 

For the Mendocino County case, one year consecutive was added to the Sonoma cases, for six years and six months total. 

As this was considered a violent crime Strickland will have to serve 85% of the term in custody. Strickland stipulated to restitution of: $2690 to the Exchange Bank of Santa Rosa; $1000 to the Chase Bank in Cloverdale; and $805 to the Chase Bank of Healdsburg. A fine of $10,000 was imposed, along with $300 for the victim’s restitution fund, and another $300 if he violates his parole or probation when released. He will have to pay $320 in court costs and $240 in conviction assessments. He got credit for time served of 403 days actual and 60 days at 15 percent for a total of 463 days served. 

Previously (December 12, 2018)...

TRAVIS R. STRICKLAND, 37, of Ukiah was caught leaving a Cloverdale bank robbery a few days ago. He is also a prime suspect in last summer’s robbery of the Chase Bank on South State Street in Ukiah. Mendocino DA David Eyster, however, says he has yet to be apprised of a plan to prosecute Travis Strickland in Mendocino County, but expects to be notified by Monday. Your trusty correspondent knows Travis pretty well, because he used to tend the bar at Ukiah’s downtown Saucy Restaurant – now called Cultivo. So I knew Travis pretty well, I say, but not enough to avoid being shocked to find he was moonlighting as a bank robber. (Bruce McEwen)

Cloverdale Police Press Release

Dec. 6, 2018 — On Tuesday, Dec. 4, the Cloverdale Police Department responded to a bank alarm at the Exchange Bank on S. Cloverdale Boulevard. After the suspect left the bank, CPD officers located his car on the 200 block of S. Cloverdale Boulevard, and eventually apprehended Travis Strickland. Strickland, 37, is linked to the Nov. 16 robbery of the Cloverdale Chase Bank, as well as four other robberies.

Strickland entered the bank and passed a note demanding money, disguising his appearance with a wig and a hat. After the suspect left the bank, Cloverdale officers located a black Mercedes driven by the suspect and conducted a high-risk traffic stop.”

Strickland, a resident of Ukiah, was transported to the Sonoma County Jail and booked for attempted robbery, robbery, burglary and an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor out of Mendocino County. More charges are pending.

Cloverdale officers worked with a joint task force which included the Ukiah Police Department, the Santa Rosa Police Department and the Healdsburg Police Department.

A man matching the description of the bank robber has robbed banks in the jurisdiction areas of all task force departments. Most recently, a Chase Bank in Healdsburg was robbed on Nov. 29.

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