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My Side of the Story

In light of the recent, multiple, one sided negative articles regarding my time at EPD [Eureka Police Department], I would like to use this platform (as I have no other) to defend myself.

In regards to my alleged "dishonesty," I will lay out the events for you. I responded to a call of a deceased dog and spoke with the owner, who I expressed my sympathy to. (It did not seem to come across to him. I can assure you that I was saddened that his dog was dead, however, I had a job to do while I was there.) During the investigation, I found no physical evidence other than the deceased dog and there was no suspect. There was nothing to go on. As the original article stated, there was a report of a subject with a firearm posing a threat elsewhere, so I would imagine I was hurriedly trying to get to that call to keep the public safe and make sure I was there for my partners.

Some time later, while completing other reports that were in my queue, my Sergeant asked me if I had taken pictures of the deceased dog and I told him I had (because I remembered making an attempt to). Later, after I had realized I hadn't taken any pictures, I was ABSOLUTELY FORTHCOMING and went to my Sergeant to tell him I had been mistaken and that I was sorry that I had given him the wrong information. I told him I couldn't find any pictures, so I obviously didn't take any, although I remembered trying to.

I did not hear of this alleged "dishonesty" again, until over a month later. Coincidentally not until AFTER I had told this Sergeant and a Captain of my being in the background investigation process with Willits Police Department. 

As the original article stated, it took the Sergeant SIX WEEKS to file a "letter of concern" because he perceived that I had been dishonest with him. I must assert, with everything I have, that it was not my intention to be dishonest. The trust of my peers, supervisors and the public is of the utmost importance to me and I would not jeopardize that (let alone my career), especially over something so inconsequential.

In regards to the use of force investigation. I will not give specifics, however, I will offer facts that should help clarify the validity of the accusations. These charges (criminal in nature) were sent to the Humboldt County DA and reviewed for months. The Humboldt County DA DID NOT file criminal charges against me (because I didn't act in a criminal manner). I was within the scope of the law (even though my department asserts that I violated their policies).

After all of these allegations, I was put on Administrative Duty for NINE MONTHS, until this investigation was complete. Afterward, I served a suspension (without pay) and returned to FULL DUTY for EPD (wearing a full uniform and in a patrol car, enforcing the laws of the state of CA). 

I submitted my letter of resignation the same day I returned to full duty, AFTER I served my suspension. I did not surreptitiously leave EPD in an attempt to start my career elsewhere without anyone knowing. In fact, to anyone who has ever asked, I have given my side of the story gladly, because I did not and still do not agree with EPD's allegations against me.

I suspect that this post will do very little in the minds of those who have decided that I am a corrupt, dishonest Police Officer (or person, for that matter). I would like to say this to those people: Do not let this incident skew your perception of Police Officers. These are the people who heard the calling to protect and serve you and they would lay down their lives for you (likely a complete stranger) if need be. They sacrifice their safety, health (physical and mental) and oftentimes, their personal relationships in order to answer this calling.

Thank you for considering my side of the story and again, please do not let this cast Law Enforcement in a negative light in your mind. They deserve your utmost respect for the dangerous, stressful and often times thankless job they perform.


  1. George Dorner October 2, 2019

    According to other news sources, there was a court ruling that Mr. Jones can not appear in court as a credible witness. However, that isn’t mentioned above. What about that ruling, Mr. Jones?

  2. Lazarus October 2, 2019

    As I may have mentioned when the District Attorney Eyster’s letter to WPDs Chief first surfaced, these kinds of things are normally kept in house. Making it available for public viewing is a whole other thing. I suspect this was more about the Chief than the cop, but I got no dog in the hunt.
    As always,

  3. George Dorner October 4, 2019

    I haven’t seen any mention of whether Chief Warnock has supplied DA Eyster with the requested info on whether Willits PD has any other officers subject to Brady vs Maryland issues yet….

    • Lazarus October 4, 2019

      Why would you? Unless whoever is wanting to make more of a spectacle of this thing then it already is…
      As always,

  4. George Dorner October 5, 2019

    Why wouldn’t I, Laz? It is news.

    • Lazarus October 6, 2019

      Believe it or not, the “whoever” who leaked this, could give a rats ass what you or anyone else considers news…This leak was a message sent, or so it seems to me.
      As always,

  5. George Dorner October 6, 2019

    And I’m not supposed to wonder about what’s happening with my local police department, that is supposed to protect me?

    • Lazarus October 6, 2019

      Are you really concerned about your safety over this dustup? Please…
      I’m certainly not, and I could have many more reasons than you, they’re out to get me……! Kidding of course.
      As always,

  6. George Dorner October 7, 2019

    Mayhap it has to do with growing up around Baltimore cops, but yes, Laz, I do wonder about my local police force. Besides the Jones controversy, lately it has had to pay out $500,000 for the behavior of one of its other cops, who has since been promoted to sergeant. He seems to have been rewarded for harassing a dying man. Then there have been a couple of other odd incidents when I had to call upon them…. So, yeah, I’m concerned.

  7. Lazarus October 7, 2019

    I’ve been around Willits for nearly 50 years. Compared to the early days, in my opinion, the police and sheriff departments in recent years are as good as we’ve ever had. When I arrived things were pretty rough, the “Good ole Boys” ruled, with or without and gun and a badge. The well connected and their families got away with almost anything.
    The previous Chief and his crew were probably the best we have ever had, he’s now the Mayor, and the best of his staff have moved on. Constant turnover seems to be the nature of rural, small-town lawmen.
    As always,

  8. Eric Sunswheat October 8, 2019

    This out of town cop on new turf after petty skirmish up in Eureka, seemingly let go in Willits because of an overblown dust up by Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster, brings to mind, whether the DA is overcompensating for the courthouse maneuvers, to keep Officer Peter Hoyle from being tarred a Brady cop.

    The pressure on Eyster’s actions must be mounting, with the recent exposure of the DA’s Inquest manslaughter coverup, in the death of homeless mental health patient Steven Neuroth, at the hands of law enforcement who joked that he should have been left to be hit by traffic in Willits, before jail staff suffocated him in Ukiah, resulting in $5 million payout.

  9. Corey the Truth Heine June 2, 2021

    Written down perfectly…..I understand how this World wants to see the small imperfections of man rather than all the goodness he truly brings to the plate….they are judging the straw in your eye….. while they carry a log in theres’

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