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Posts published in October 2018

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018

Cannabis 3.0;
Fall Color;
Election Night;
Little Dog;
Willie McCovey;
Kemp Honored;
Campaign Finance;
Woods Confusion;
Angry Jack;
College Salaries;
Yesterday's Catch;
Strong Dope;
Ancient Rockers;
Old California;
Prop 10;
Incendiary Rhetoric;
Prison Pilgrimage;
Broadband Meeting;
Police Reports;
Scary Mask;
Watergate Map;
Kelly Uproar;
Economic Vitality;
Some Jerk;
Children's Fund;
Waiting Around

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

Rosemarie Nelson;
Pot Holes;
Little Dog;
Ed Notes;
Ukiah '48;
DNA Match;
Coast Voting;
Pinches Endorsement;
Allman Meeting;
Broadband Meeting;
Food Policy;
Yesterday's Catch;
Jazz Shows;
Bodkins '69;
Gizmo Limits;
Creeping Threats;
Old Gold;
Pestilent Species;
Top Sox;
Selfie Jest;
Trespass Trash;
Overhead Lines;
Wood Appearance;
Corporate News;
Jazzmeia Spirit;
Unemployed Clown;
Mendo Mayhem

Arrested & Overlayed

Last March we wrote about the case of Chris Gurr who lives on the Boonville Road on the Ukiah side of the hill.

The AVA’s Voting Recommendations

The Northcoast is gerrymandered for conservative Democrats, hence Huffman, Wood and McGuire, a trio of seat warmers of little distinction and less accomplishment, their expensive…

The Boonville Water-Sewer Project: An Exchange

Dear Members of the AVCSD Board and Members of the Citizen Committee:

Thank you for sending notice regarding the preparation of a draft impact report for the drinking water system/wastewater collection and treatment disposal project for Boonville. I wish to respond as a property owner in Boonville who will be greatly affected under this plan. I am writing to inform board members, citizen committee members, and Boonville neighbors, regarding my concerns for the proposed water and wastewater project.

The Two-Headed Right

I was going to say "extreme" right but that would have implied nazi salutes and torch marches. This is the mainstream right, which isn't that…

Of Fire & Creatures of the Deep

Nature's ways can be a predictable or a mysterious thing. Of course, when humans toy with nature, you never know what the result might be.…