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Posts published by “Marylyn Motherbear Scott”

Mendocino Theatre Company Presents: Home, I’m Darling

Writtten by Laura Wade Directed by Tori Truss Cast: JUDY: Hannah Mickunas; JOHNNY: Joel Shura; FRAN: Janice Culliford; SYLVIA: Lorry Lepaule; ALEX: Bryn Martin; MARCUS:…

MTC’S ‘Native Gardens’

I am interested in origins and when we claim them and when we stop, the power of language and place. (Tania; Native Gardens; Act 1,…

MTC’s Production of “in a word”

“My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it is,…

MTC’s Production — The Moors

In its last weeks, thru August 21, 2022 Playwright — Jen Silverman Director — Roxy Seven Actors: EMILIE — Pamela W. Allen, AGATHA— Jessica Carroll,…

Mad or Mad!

MTC's production of Gaslight is superb, from well-turned out performances, to the Victorian period Set, costumes, makeup, hair, the music, and of course, gas lights that brighten and dim. First nights are not always so great. This one was. I left feeling a certain thrill, part of a secret, on the cutting — did I say slashing? — edge of knowing something that only the rather full-house-for-a-Thursday evening, knew. We had witnessed something special.

Life’s Shuffle; Death’s Dance

Produced in 1981, playwright, Paula Vogel, has created a smart script. It lays down the newly defined economic world, now known as “Reaganomics,” onto the fabric of the oldest and the most defamed of professions, prostitution. Conversely — perhaps perversely — Vogel also places prostitution, the most common of denominators, onto the metaphoric fabric of America's economic and social spectrum just as if it was as respected and established a profession as being a doctor, a minister or merchant.