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Posts published by “Jim Shields”

PG&E’s Bad Behavior & Bankruptcy

Last week’s column on PG&E’s pending bankruptcy closes the book on a piece I wrote a year and half ago where I warned to be…

PG&E’s Tangled Webs

Pacific Gas & Electric Company has walked itself into the biggest hurt locker that one can imagine — and they it did all by themselves.

Ready for Some New Laws?

Sacramento lawmakers certainly made a lot of new laws this year, sending the most bills to the governor’s office in more than a decade. In…

With Wildfires it’s Literally about Planning

With California’s Big Three electric utility giants (PG&E, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric) facing an avalanche of lawsuits

Putting ‘Our Money’ to Work to Save PG&E

You certainly don’t need me telling you that the past three years of these prodigiously destructive wildfires are unprecedented chapters in California history. The last…

Wildfires & The Insurance Problem

As I write this the death count in the Butte County Camp Fire stands at 64 but is climbing. Just 24 hours after the conflagration…

No Hurry On New Pot Rules

I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again, it’s never a good idea for elected officials to pick a fight with folks…

Hand & Glove Must Fit

Appears I somewhat influenced the county into somewhat enforcing its cannabis ordinance. At the Sept 11 BOS meeting, Planning and Building Dept. staff delivered a…

Air Tax Next?

As we discussed here several weeks ago, I said I’d be keeping both eyes open in the event the on again-off again, on again-off again proposal to tax public drinking water was resurrected in the closing days of the current legislative year that occurs on August 31.