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Posts published by “Daniel Mintz”

Reggae Rising Gets Last Chance

Faced with debts to police agencies, Reggae Rising owner Tom Dimmick came to the June 17 Planning Commission meeting with certified checks in hand but it’s uncertain if he’ll be able to meet the county’s permit requirements by a new July 1 deadline.

Will Reggae Rising Fall?

It’s uncertain whether the debt-ridden Reggae Rising music festival will be held this year but those who are wondering will find out on June 17.…

HumCo’s Tea Party Movement

Hundreds of county residents converged in Eureka for a Tea Party rally that included a variety of speak­ers, some American Revolution outfits and apparent dissenters…

Forest Ecology Upheld in Humco

What’s the value of a forest? Humboldt County’s Planning Commission explored the question at its April 8 meeting and etched the answer into a goal…

Timber Down, Subdivisions Up

The economic value of timberlands has fallen, there is a decrease in industrial ownership and tim­berland subdivisions have increased, county planning staff has told the…

‘Bring Down the Eel Dams’

The Friends of the Eel River (FOER) has filed a petition asking the State Water Resources Control Board to “protect public trust resources on the Eel River and prevent unreasonable use of water” by reducing or eliminating PG&E’s water rights. And after hearing requests for the county to become involved as a supporting party, supervisors showed interest in doing so.

Annual Report: Headwaters Fund Has More

Millions of dollars of Humboldt County’s Headwa­ters Fund have been spent on community projects but because of loan repayments and interest, the fund’s total amount…

Road System Collapse

A study by a statewide group of public works officials ventures a startling prediction — California’s local street and road system will collapse without better funding.