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Posts published by “Clancy Sigal”

Deacons for Defense: Black Armed Resistance

This week marks the 50th anniversary of “Freedom Summer” and the murder by Mississippi Ku Kluxers of three young civil rights volunteers, James Chaney, Andrew…

Bright Eyes, Good Brain

It’s said that Shirley Temple is responsible for one of Graham Greene’s least good but most Catholic novels The Power & The Glory. In the late…

The Invisible Americans

In my neighborhood I’m surrounded by Spanish speaking Latinos who work as gardeners, maids, dry wall and bulldozing construction, nannies of Anglo children and checkers in my local Ralphs market. Only on Cinco de Mayo or when my attention is drawn to a rash of gang killings are they truly visible to me.

Aristo Fetishism In Downton Abbey

I’m sure we all have better things to do than watch that emotionally involving, spacey-fiction example of Disraeli-era “one nation” Tory-conservative spin, Downton Abbey.

The Doris Lessing I Knew

From her obituaries, and the serious critical assess­ments of her work, I hardly recognize the Doris Lessing I knew. I don’t fault the obit writers…

Single-Payer Works

Obamacare, ACA, health exchanges, bronze silver gold and platinum levels. Oy! It’s complicated! Does it have to be? “Do you really want the state to…

Hysteria, Madness & The Forgotten War

Sixty years ago this week the “forgotten war” came to an inconclusive end.  The Korean war was perfectly mistimed for me. On 25 June 1950,…

Starving For Change

In the past few days, in the largest prison protest in California’s history, nearly 30,000 inmates have gone on hunger strike in the country’s largest prison system. Such near-insurrections are not unusual in America’s prison-industrial complex.

Hello Baseball, Goodbye Brain

The opening day of the major league baseball season is when I start to live again until October when pro basketball and NFL football take…