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Operation Full Court Press

A reliable source comments on Sheriff Allman's $1.5 million estimated budget ("which does not include costs of restoration or contingencies") for the Mendocino County National Forest "Full Court Press" campaign:  "This has all grown out of a federal budget set aside as an environmental initiative to clean up old patches. It was originally intended to compensate 'volunteers' who would locate and clean up old growing operations in the forest, e.g. remove litter, polypipe, batteries etc. However the Sherrifs dept smelled the money and immediately got involved and pushed the budget up from a few thousand $$$ last year to $250,000 for this year. Their involvement consists mainly of accompanying the volunteers for their 'protection'. Now they are shooting for $1.5 million. Gotta luv the balls of it. On top of the extortion of vehicles and product by the cops this year they must be making more money than the growers!!!"

An ally of Allman's and ardent foe of the Cannabis plant, Rep. Wally Herger (R.-Chico), got to go into the woods with a contingent of camo buddies last summer. In the Chico Enterprise Dec. 10 he revealed the true meaning of such missions to those who take part: "Dangling from a nylon rope 100 feet below a helicopter, Rep. Wally Herger was flown several miles to a remote marijuana plantation in Shasta County's forests... The flight was 'eight echelons above a D ride at Disneyland,' he said."

It's especially fun when two men in fatigues get to dangle together on the rope, jostling and rubbing against one other as they descend.

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