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Día de los Muertos

It was awesome.  Last week we decorated Sugar Skulls at the Caspar Community Center.  This week there were alters in many of the shops around town and a large display at City Hall.

The little man and I arrived promptly, 10 minutes to 6pm and soon found our way to the face-painting stations.  The little man went first.  Even though he knew the artist painting his face, this was still his first time.  I held his hand.  He did great.  When it was my turn, he offered to hold mine.  Sweetheart.

When it was time to walk, people held candles and photos of their beloveds for whom they'd come to celebrate.  The wandering procession culminated in a hot cocoa, cookies and a friendly group of locals- chatting, crying and laughing while sharing stories of those we'd lost.

The little man fell asleep hoping his face paint doesn't smudge too much so he could go to school like this in the morning.  We'll have to see how it weather's the sleep storm.

PS.  I believe the founders of this event are aiming at recreating it annually.  I highly recommend marking your calenders for next year because there is so much to do and so much fun to be had- with or without small people for extra encouragement.  For more info about all the festivities that occurred this year click this link.

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