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Our Sunday Trip to the Boonville Fair

We left the rainy Coast early, swinging by the Albion store to pick up my parents.  We rocked out to the Putamayo Americana album en route, pointing out the water line on the trees to the Little Man on 128 as we headed over the river and through the woods to Booneville, for the Apple Fair.  Just in time for the Sheep Dog Trails at 10am.

We found the rest of the family visiting from Potter Valley in the back in the middle and took our seats.  The bagpipes begun.  The American flag was carried behind it.  Then, the contestants and their handlers.  After the introductions, the fun began.

This was a victorious moment.  This was first dog to get the sheep through the chute and ultimately finish the course.  What a pro team they were.  Great to watch.  Masterful, graceful and quick.  Excellent job, Handler!

Lambs and lamb cuts.  Cute and oh so yummy.

The Physics tent was a huge hit with the Little Man.

Very proud of his wall.

More building.

Waiting for the rides to open...  Oh  So  Patiently.  We are very, very patient.  The cool part this time is that he is finally tall enough to ride some of the rides.

I think he liked this one.

Not The Red Baron.

Lots of rules for the Ferris Wheel.  But it turns out, 4 year olds can ride it with an adult.  Again and again and again.

He and Pompa on the Little Man's very first Ferris Wheel ride.

The cutest brown cow I have ever seen.

The tractor-pull.  He's on pedals!  This kid did a great job!

Too much to see in one day but I am glad as always I got a chance to see at least the beginnings of the Sheep Dog Trials.  The sun came out and the day was beautiful.  The Little Man and his cousins and Pompa and Grandma played Pirates in the Gazebo.  When it was time, it was time.  So we decided to get ice cream across the street.  And play a little chess before heading back to the drippy Coast.

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  1. grandma susan September 20, 2010

    Yes, it was a joyous day for all of us. thanks for keeping it in our memories
    love grandma susan aka maid mariam

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