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The Paul Bunyan Parade

Paul.  And his Axe.  Not sure what they did with Babe.

It would not be the Paul Bunyan Parade without the Kangaroo Kort.  This year, there were children inside saying "Help me, help me"...  WTF?

What amazes me is that there are only four of them.  And they all have their legs.

This is my favorite of the fire engines.  When I was a kid, it was mostly logging trucks I remember driving through town but this year the parade was heavily dominated with rescue vehicles.  I did not see one logging truck today.  But I did hear there was a logging competition yesterday, so their must be trees somewhere.

This car was bitchen.  The little man was like, "Pompa, it's not on fire- it's Just Paint!"  Pshaw.

This one's for you, Diana.  And you, too, Dano.

This poor creature won the Ugly Dog contest earlier in the weekend.  The little man was like, "Mamam, What is wrong with that dog?"

Who doesn't love goats?  I mean, really?

Another Fort Bragg institution.

There was a rumor that the Coast Guard was going to fly it's plane over the parade.  It was moving at a pretty fast clip.  If you squint, you can see it!

The Seahawks from the C.V. Starr Aquatic Center.  Pretty kite.

She's got my vote.  There, I said it.  And a nice lookin' horse drawn cart if I do say so myself.

These kids were my favorite.  Gangsters.  Notice the carpet rolled up... that carpet, is a body.  With a brick on it.  Why is that funny?  I just can't say.  But I laughed out loud.

Fort Bragg Cubs football.  And cheerleaders.  And then Wolves.  And their cheerleaders.  And then the Jaguars team.  It was no joke.  We take our football serious in this town.  Dang those helmets look big and heavy on those little bodies.

A wooden trailer?  Yes, we like it.  And not just because wood is better than metal on principle, right?

The Shriners!

A Shriner in action.  Cool van.  Cool hat.

I wonder what they do with these things when they're not at the Paul Bunyan Parade?

More kick-ass Shriners.

The Lady of the C.V. Starr Center

Mendo Meyhem comin' up the street.  Roller Derby Queens abound.

Mendo Meyhem's vehicular support.

Amazing horses.  Amazing riders.

A smaller version.

Project Sanctuary.  Horray for the new graduates of the Volunteer training!

And what we'd waited in the hot hot sun for the whole morning long to see...

The sharpest dressed on in the bunch.

How rad are these guys?

So rad they pull over next to your four year old son who Does Not Like Strangers and...

...let's him toot their horn.  Epic.

Yeah, it was fun.


  1. September 7, 2010

    Thanks for such a great recap of the parade, Jes. I felt like I was there! And yeah, I agree with you about those guys at the end. They are awesome.

  2. Samuel Kzostyn September 7, 2010

    Fun pictures but IMHO poor judgment regarding the current DA. Given the way she has mishandled the Smith situation (and not to mention her many more legal miscues), it is clear that Lintott does not know what she is doing and needs to be un-elected, her pretty horse carriage aside. Jessica, please take a look at Eyster again at This election is not about partisan politics and it is not a gender thing. It is about who is most qualified for the job. It is time we elect somebody with experience and judgment relevant to the job we want them to do. In this election I see no reasonable alternative to Eyster.

  3. GrSu September 7, 2010

    Great fotos….I also thought there were only 4.Vets .but then a few more came by. We DID have a gingerbread cookie that broke it’s legs when the kids were quite small…we (bad joke) called it our “Vietnam Vet”, but then we put it on the tree for 20 years…so, at least we thought about them every year. I’m a PROUD mama.

  4. Reverend Vince September 9, 2010

    There were more veterans than that, it’s just that I prefer to be nude, the way God made me, so I’m not allowed to march with my fellow Vets– so much for fighting for freedom (btw I can mark-time and half-step like you wouldn’t believe– pant’s really cut down on a persons range of motion).

    Regarding the ”this is anti-troop” comment, I’ll just say 1) It seems that Jessica wants to see more vets– legs and all– and that she’s sad because they are a rare commodity. Sounds pretty pro-troop and pro-leg to me. 2) regardless of whether it seems pro-troop, anti-troop, pro-abortion, pro-masturbation, pro-fornication, or otherwise, this is America, God damn it–we may not have healthcare, but we can say whatever the f*ck we want. So, YEEEEE HAAWWWW!!!!! Support THE TROOPS, and support my poops [Foodbank].

    God Bless America– and everywhere else too.

    The Reverend
    -Your highest source for God’s will

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