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August Adventures

I have been at a loss as to how to go from a post about death to justabout anything else.  Suffice to say my dear friend is no longer using her hospital bed.  She went peacefully with family and really, what more can you ask?

However, amid all the death and esoteric wonderings- the little man and I have managed to have quite a few adventures.

1) We went tide pooling at Glass Beach:

2) We built a Michelin Man costume:

(I don't know how he became so enamored with the Michelin Man, but I suspect he's seen as yet another awesome Super Hero.  I went with it and he did not seem to mind that it wasn't white.)

3) We hiked down from the top of Russian Gulch State Park to the waterfall.  And found a smiling log covered in moss:

4) We spent most Sundays out at my parents house in Albion where the little man enjoyed his favorite pass-time which is of course, playing with his Pompa:

5) And do you remember those 4 days of sun we had?  Well, we enjoyed them a great deal and on this particular day at Big River Beach, we built a castle with a huge moat and the little man got a good work out chasing the Seagulls away from our snacks:

So, August has come and almost gone.  September beckons.  A chill is in the air.  The winds of change are upon us.  Here's to the veggies growing fat in the garden, to a few more dry hikes before the rains start and holding your loved ones close and dear.

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