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3-D glasses are totally hip.

Friday was a long day peppered frequently with “Is it 4 yet?”  I had made the mistake the day before of telling him that at 4 o’clock tomorrow, “We are going to go see the new Shrek at the Theater!”

Seeing flicks at the theater is a very new thing for him.  We tried to see the movie Up at a theater in Henderson, NV (long story) last summer but we only made it 15 minutes before the little guy was like, “Mamam, I mean it.  Let’s Go.”  And that was that.

But much growing up happens between the ages of three and four.  And when How to Tame Your Dragon came to the Coast Cinemas, we were all over it.  The little guy was entranced.  I saw his head blow right off and he was, well, hooked.

On Friday afternoon, we showed up early to beat the crowds.  As I bought the tickets we were handed two sets of special 3-D glasses.  None of those red and blue paper deals from way back when, no sir.  These glasses today are real plastic and monochrome grey, like sunglasses.  He got the kid size and they gave me the size for big people.  Only next time, I am going to ask for the kid pair since they kept slipping down my nose.

Though I refused to have a TV in the house for most of my son’s life, Shrek has been one of his favorites since he was about 2.  I am not proud of this.  I had sworn I would protect my child from adult humor and sarcasm for as long as I could.  Like I am the poster child for the Good-Ship Lollipop.  Ahem.  I try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum in my direct parenting.  Anyone with kids knows you merely have to think something for it to manifest outwardly in your child.  What is up with that, anyway?

So the movie.  The reviews dubbed it an awful waste of time.  Maybe it was.  But sitting there, with my 3-D glasses on, next to my son, also donning his fancy new shades- it was a freaking blast.  And it was more for kids than the second film, easier to watch than the third and a perfect bookend to the series that I know better than I’ll readily admit here.

And here's a visual aid on how hip those 3-D glasses really are:

(And just FYI, in the cup is good old fashioned H2O.  I am well aware of what soft drinks do to teeth.  Are you? If you're not, follow that link, cause it's pretty gross.)


  1. Gr Sue May 23, 2010

    AHHHH the joys of parenting! sooo much fun watching them “opening their eyes”, and then the joys of them sharing that with others. Love the blog!

  2. Elizabeth G May 25, 2010

    Wanted you to know that even in Maine we are reading your blog and loving it!
    (Jim and Susan told me about it.) Great lively writing and a treat to see a creative mom in action, creating wonderful adventures with her son. Bravo!

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