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Take that, Vermont!

Vermont was recently congratulated by the Brewer’s Association, a coalition of craft brew-makers, for having the largest number of breweries per capita of any state in the country. With one brewery for every 32,698 people, the Maple Syrup State certainly has something to celebrate. But Vermont’s beer-to-person ratio pales in comparison to Mendocino County, which boasts one brewery for each 21,555 residents. That’s a lot of beer.

Sadly, we have to share Mendocino’s bounty with the rest of the country. And share we do. Another fun factoid from the good folks at the Brewer’s Association:

Of the nation’s 1,500 or so craft breweries, Fort Bragg’s North Coast Brewing Company ranks in the top 50 for sales. At number 45 on the list, North Coast isn’t much of a threat to Boston Beer Company, the makers of Samuel Adams, or Sierra Nevada—numbers one and two on the list—but the company’s sales are still mighty impressive, especially since the brewery has to haul its beer over Mendocino County roads to reach the outside world.

Other Northern California craft brews in the top 50 include San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Co. (#20), Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing Co. (#26), San Jose’s Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. (#27), Eureka’s Lost Coast Brewery (#36) and Bear Republic Brewing Co. in Cloverdale (#50).


Meanwhile, another Mendocino County beer-maker, Mendocino Brewing Company, landed on the list of the Top 50 overall brewing companies, along with the likes of Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Intriguingly, the maker of Red Tail and Eye of the Hawk doesn't qualify as a craft brewery according to the Brewer's Association's definition. Perhaps that's a post for another time.

Oh, and don’t forget that Thursday is Pint Night at North Coast’s Tap Room in Fort Bragg. Buy a beer, get a pint glass.

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