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Gold King Mine Spill A Disaster For Navajo Nation

What happens when millions of gallons of toxic water spill into a river 130 miles from your home?


  1. Jim Updegraff February 4, 2016

    So what’s new – Native Americans still get screwed over by the white man.

  2. Rick Weddle February 6, 2016

    re: What’s new…

    There’s this notion roaming the land that this kind of Outrage (and this one is far from alone) is The Way Things Work/There’s Nothing You Or Anyone Can Do About It…

    What’s new is a wide and growing realization that This Doesn’t Work Worth A DAMN, Never Did and Likely Won’t…along with the conviction that if there is to be change of any sort, it will come from The Bottom…one of those Trickle Up deals…

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