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Mendocino County Today: Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

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FRIGID TEMPERATURES may cause localized icy spots on area roadways this morning. Additional below-freezing temperatures are expected overnight tonight as well.

LONG PERIOD SWELL will arrive at NW California beaches Sunday morning causing a moderate sneaker wave risk. Long period waves will cause larger breakers to arrive in sets with lulls of several minutes between sets.

--National Weather Service

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INTERVIEWED by Marin County sports writers in the wake of Fort Bragg's 49-0 playoff loss to Marin Catholic, Fort Bragg coach Roy Perkins said, “Our section talks about competitive equity, but was there competitive equity today? We were 11-0 in the playoffs and became cannon fodder. It's a travesty. This is a violent sport and our system is broken. There has to be a better way.”

THAT BETTER WAY would be to put all the Catholic schools in their own Bay Area league, and that league should include Cardinal Newman of Santa Rosa. The CIF has been controlled by oafs and idiots for years. They perpetuate the annual high school football imbalance. For years, Marin Catholic has beat up on all the Marin County high schools, and all the while claiming they don't recruit athletes, the kind of cosmic lie that few people even try to refute anymore since it's at least fifty years old and the practice continues.

THE UPSHOT this season of the ongoing travesty? Marin Catholic will almost certainly meet Cardinal Newman for NorCal Division IV championship at Rancho Cotati High School in Rohnert Park on December 5th or 6th, and who cares?

THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS of the LA area have their own league. Some of those schools have 300 or so students a hundred of whom just happen to be talented athletes. It continues to surprise me that the supine public schools of Marin County allow Marin Catholic to play football in the Marin County League. Basketball? The public schools can hold their own and often do, although the rich kid private schools have been recruiting for years now and often mop up the public schools.

YOU CAN SEE several powerhouse private school basketball teams at next week's Boonville Redwood Classic tourney. They get their jollies by driving up to Boonville from places like Branson to wipe out Laytonville 95-3, proving absolutely nothing except that lots of people in Jock World get their kicks winning 100 to zip.

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THE BLOOD CENTERS OF THE PACIFIC are working with Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino county fire departments for a tenth annual blood drive. Last year, some 600 people donated more than 500 pints of blood for patients confined to Northern California hospitals. Geyserville Fire Protection District won first place with 61 people giving generously of their precious life substance. Look for a donor center near you.

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by Judy Valadao

(Ed Note: Linda Ruffing is Fort Bragg City Manager. Jennifer Owen is Fort Bragg’s “Community Development Director.” Dave Turner is Mayor of Fort Bragg. Realtor Scott Dietz is a Fort Bragg City Councilman. Carine is the family that owned the Old Coast Hotel and sold it to the City of Fort Bragg for way under market value plus a substantial tax credit via an over-appraised market value appraisal. Gary and Lynelle Johnson are members of the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center board of directors.

This was a DONE DEAL from the beginning and now it seems dirty politics have come in to play. Regarding purchase of The Old Coast Hotel:

November 12, 2014 — Jennifer Owen emails Linda Ruffing telling her Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center (Anna Shaw and perhaps Gary and Lynelle Johnson and perhaps another board member) 
would like to meet with her and Council ASAP so they can lock in negotiations and have reasonable assurance they will have the City’s support of the location.

November 13, 2014 — Linda Ruffing emails Dave Turner and Scott Deitz asking them to give her a time and date when they can meet regarding the purchase of The Old Coast Hotel by Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center.

November 13, 2014 — Dave Turner emails Linda Ruffing saying Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. works for him and he believes it works for Deitz as well.

November 13, 2014 — Linda Ruffing emails Scott Deitz asking if Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. works for him to meet with Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center, Turner and herself.

November 24, 2014 — Linda Ruffing emails Jennifer Owen and Marie Jones telling them Turner has given 100% support of it.

December 1, 2014 — Jennifer Owen emails Linda Ruffing saying this is amazing the Carine’s have accepted The Old Coast Hotel deal. Looks like CDBG will require a new public hearing and 
resolution with the new specific address. Once the New Hope Project (Hospitality Center at Old Coast Hotel) resolution as well as supplemental activities resolution are 
adopted we can finally get a grant agreement.

December 1, 2014 — Linda Ruffing emails Jennifer Owen saying that’s good news but it worries her about the 30 day escrow period and asks how soon they can get the CDBG approval. 
Then asks: if they have commissioned an appraisal.

December 1, 2014 — Jennifer Owen emails Linda Ruffing saying the timeline is tight but they won’t enter escrow until special conditions are cleared then there aren’t many steps to close escrow. 
The seller (Carine) wants an appraisal to maximize their donation (we just need an amount greater than the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center cash price. 
I’m a little concerned about the March 15th exercise date since that will require that we have the grant agreement by late January but I’m reasonably sure the 
Carine’s will work with us if we are slightly delayed.

December 31, 2014 — Many letters are written in support of The Old Coast Hotel deal. (By the way the public has not been notified about this yet). 
A legal announcement comes out in the Advocate News stating the location as 101 South Franklin St. (not the real location of 101 North Franklin St.)

January 8, 2015 — An article in the Advocate News comes out telling of the probable purchase of The Old Coast Hotel. (This is the first the public is aware of it) 
Letter’s dated December 31, 2014 are on the City’s website from as far away as Arcata and Yuba City, again dated in December while the community was not aware of the purchase.

January 12, 2015 — City Council meeting regarding the deal. Christina Affinito (owner of the Affinito buildling which formerly held Fort Bragg’s Social Services offices) told the Council that the old social service building was not looked at by Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center. 
It had been stated that in fact it had been looked at when it had not. Scott Deitz commented that he voted yes because more letters were submitted in favor of the location 
and a few more speakers were in favor of the location. (Keep in mind, the public had only known about this for four days and most the letters in support were written in December 
well before the public knew about it. I for one find that a little strange).

January 26, 2015 — The Council was given a petition with over 1,200 signatures opposed to the location. They refused to listen, even though Deitz had voted because of a 
handful of letters written well before the public was notified. These 1,200 signatures were obtained in 10 days and not even taken into consideration. 
After this, an additional 469 signatures were turned over to the Council making the total number opposed to over 1,600. Still no one listened.

February 9, 2015 — Council meeting was moved to Old Recreation Center because of power outage. Hammerstrom was angry because public comment was made before 
he wanted it to happen so said he was ill and excused himself from the meeting.

May 26, 2015 — Dave Turner served with Recall papers.

The rest should be reasonably fresh in people’s minds. The recall papers were filed and returned by the City because the wording wasn’t correct in their opinion. 
A second recall petition was written and the signatures needed were collected and the paperwork approved. A lawsuit was filed and an initiative was being written so the recall was temporarily called off until the other issues were settled. The petition for the initiative as turned in to the Clerk and according to them was one-fourth of a person short so it was rounded up to a whole person making 
the petition short by 1 person.

On July 27, 2015 Charles Brandenburg informed the City that the needed signatures would once more be gathered and the 
petition resubmitted. (Keep the date of July 27, 2015 in mind for later in this timeline)

At the August 24, 2015 City Council meeting. Scott Menzies [proprietor of the Perfect Circle Tai Chi studio] is the first to use the word bigotry.

November 9, 2015 — City announced more than enough signatures on the petition for the initiative. Agreed to put it on the June ballot.

November 23, 2015 — City Council has on the agenda an argument against the initiative written by the so called Go Fort Bragg group (a local spin off of the
 Dave Turner I Love Fort Bragg group). After a lot of questions from Mike Cimolino and lots of back and forth talk it was brought to the attention of the 
Council (by accident) that in fact the wording had not been submitted to the Clerk nor did it have any signatures on it. What then was it doing on the agenda? 
Lindy Peters asked that question and didn’t get an answer and did not pursue it. As I understand it the City Manager does in fact have the power to put 
something on the agenda. My question is; The people in favor of the initiative had to write their argument in favor of and get the correct signatures and 
turn it in to the Clerk. Why were the rules not the same with the group against the initiative?

At the same November 23, 2015 meeting Annie Liner informed the Council that the Children’s Fund would be affected by the initiative because they are located in the Central Business District.

This brings us to today with these questions: Why did Lindy Peters and Dave Turner go to the Veterans meeting and ask the Veterans to vote no on the
 initiative knowing full well the Vets are served not in but out of the Central Business District? Also knowing full well how all of us feel about our Vets 
and want to do as much as possible for them. This was a low blow to the Vets in the opinion of many and thankfully one spoke up and told the two that
 the Veteran’s were not a political organization and that was the end of Turner and Peters presentation.

Now back to the date of July 27, 2015 when Charles Brandenburg told the City Council that a new petition would be started and the proper number 
of signatures gathered for the initiative would be turned in to the Clerk. Why would any organization knowing this choose to be located in the heart 
of the Central Business District? Could it be because the organization is one that serves children? Could it be because it is an organization that is 
near and dear to many of us? Yes, of course that is why. This would really raise hell with the initiative wouldn’t it? If passed they would have to move? 
No, in fact they can stay right there in that spot or move and expand all they want. Don’t be fooled for a moment. They are not a Social Service organization they are in fact a Charity.

* * *

THINGS DON'T LOOK GOOD FOR FORT BRAGG CRABBING — Domoic Acid In Crabs Shoots Up From 0% To 66% Off Fort Bragg

MSP just took a look at the latest "domoic acid levels" in crabs taken off Fort Bragg and found the level shot up to 66% on Monday, November 23 from 0% from the sampling taken Friday, October 30.


Here's a link for more information:…/domoic-acid-testing-111…/

(Courtesy, MendocinoSportsPlus)

* * *

MRC GETS GREEN STAMP (reported for the second time)

* * *


by Malcolm Macdonald

The initiative to ban social service organizations, retroactive to January 1, 2015, in Fort Bragg's Central Business District will be entitled Measure U on the June, 2016 ballot. The Fort Bragg City Council has already stated, by a 5-0 vote, that it stands against the measure. The City Council (CC) meeting of November 9th ended with the CC deciding not to write their own argument against Measure U for use on the official June ballot, but leaving open the option that they, as a body, might sign on to such an argument if one was offered up before the November 23rd CC meeting. The deadline for any arguments, for or against, Measure U, was 5 pm Wednesday, November 25th.

So we move to the Nov. 23rd meeting itself. The first item under “Conduct of Business” was just that, whether or not the City Council would sign onto an argument against Measure U authored by a group calling itself Go Fort Bragg. Go Fort Bragg's argument against Measure U reads as follows:

“Vote NO on the Measure to Ban Social Services in the Central Business District. All five City Council members agree: This measure is a bad idea.

The City Attorney has said it could be challenged as discriminatory and unlawful under State and Federal laws and that the retro-activity provision would likely be subject to challenge.

This measure is discriminatory, unenforceable and unjust. It threatens the civil rights of everyone who uses social services, which includes veterans, seniors, and children.

It will expose the City to very costly litigation. It will waste your taxpayer dollars fighting lawsuits. It will be deemed illegal and unenforceable.

Fort Bragg has a proud history of helping those in need - let's keep it that way. Show your support for organizations like Project Sanctuary, Art Explorers, Parents and Friends, The Food Bank, Hospitality Center, Mendocino Coast Children's Fund, and Habitat for Humanity by rejecting this measure.

We ask you to join us in voting NO on the Measure to Ban Social Services in the Central Business District.”

After City Manager Linda Ruffing outlined what had previously transpired, Councilman Scott Deitz asked if any other arguments, pro or con, had been received. The City Clerk, off microphone, appeared to answer that the Go Fort Bragg argument had been the only one submitted to that date.

Councilman Mike Cimolino said he had received a large number of phone calls asking how the Go Fort Bragg argument got on the agenda so quickly. Ruffing replied that the Go Fort Bragg group submitted their letter before the agenda went out (in the prior week) and because the item needed to be voted on before the Nov. 25th deadline, the Go Fort Bragg argument was placed on the agenda. Readers should be apprised that one of Fort Bragg Mayor Dave Turner's adult daughters is a prominent member of the Go Fort Bragg group.

Councilman Cimolino pressed the matter further with at least two more questions directed toward Ruffing, one which indicated he did not know how something gets placed on the CC agenda and another query, “Did the whole staff recommend that they wanted us to take a look at this again?”

Ruffing answered in the negative. A few moments later, Vice Mayor Lindy Peters outlined what had happened at the November 9th meeting and concluded with, "I think the process was followed fairly clearly from Council direction." Looking at Ruffing, Peters continued, "I'm not trying to defend you, but I'm trying to answer Mike's (Cimolino) questions with what actually took place at that meeting."

Peters glanced at Cimolino then back toward Ruffing. "We (the City Council) gave you that direction rather than you giving us direction. That is what I wanted to make clear."

This was a direct refutation of one of the main claims of the die hard folks who opposed the use of the Old Coast Hotel as a mental health services center and a five room, ten bed transitional housing facility. Many of these people believe that City Manager Ruffing controls just about every aspect of city government including the City Council itself. Peters' statement flew in the face of this belief, doubly so because a goodly number of the Ruffing-haters lauded the election of Peters and Cimolino a year ago as two councilmen who would refuse to do Ruffing's bidding.

Public comment on the issue ensued with several people in favor of the Council writing their own statement against Measure U while others just asked the CC to sign on to the Go Fort Bragg argument against the measure. Some of these opinions came from people involved with other social service organizations within Fort Bragg's CBD that might be impacted. Some of the usual Mendo Libs expressed similar thoughts.

Perhaps the most interesting of the public speakers was Charles Brandenburg who has at times spoken out vehemently against the Old Coast Hotel project. On this night he chastised the City for not giving the general public more time to consider the prospect of mental health services in the Old Coast Hotel, but Brandenburg also stated that he could not vote for Measure U due to its impact on other organizations.

Then the cracker barrel jester of Fort Bragg public meetings, Rex Gressett, stepped to the podium. He sarcastically directed the Council to vote for signing on to the argument against Measure U, but added, "I know there are at least two councilmen who are not going to."

Gressett went on to declare that Fort Bragg City Attorney Samantha Zutler ought to be held accountable for her actions by the State Bar. As for Go Fort Bragg, Gressett stated that they only represent a small, yet vocal, minority of the populace in Fort Bragg. Gressett worked himself up to what he does best, rant. In his wound up state Rex's voice rose as he stated, "We don't have a democracy here[Fort Bragg], we have a political machine, and a political machine does not like elections, but we are going to have one anyway, and the people of the city are gonna tell you what to do with that hotel [Old Coast Hotel that is now run by the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center]. You can't take some outrageous organization like Hostility House that grinds the faces of the poor into the dirt, takes every single penny, four million dollars from CDBG [Community Development Block Grants]... and they got every penny of it... You used to be able to get a meal five days a week in Fort Bragg, but now if you don't go to Hostility House [Hospitality House, the flagship enterprise of Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center] you don't eat. They run a racket. And that racket has co-opted our City Council, has co-opted our city management. It has taken our process and made it into something they call shameful. An election is not a shameful thing to have."

The beauty and the problem with this and many of Mr. Gressett's sojourn's through his ample vocabulary is that there is always, at the very least, a modicum of truth therein. Yes, problems abound surrounding the general issue of feeding the homeless on the Mendocino Coast. Yes, those in charge at the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center are far from the best purveyors of mental health services as they are subcontracted to do within the county's two and a half year-old system of privatized mental health services. Yes, the public is entitled to gather signatures to get an initiative, and, yes, the same citizens are entitled to an election on that measure after enough valid signatures have been gathered.

Bet you guessed there was a "however" coming. If said initiative and Measure turns out to be overly broad, if it has unintended consequences that will adversely effect other, relatively innocent organizations, then the authors and backers of said initiative/Measure might want to suck it up, fold up shop, and find another methodology with which they can approach the problem. But no, the bombastic, like Rex Gressett, are loath to give up on a lost cause. They don't even recognize their foolhardiness. Such folks are thoroughly convinced of their righteousness because some part of their argument is correct. They don't see or don't care about the part of their argument that is utterly off the tracks.

Remember Coucilman Cimolino's statement that he'd "been pummeled with phone calls since the agenda came out," wanting to know how Go Fort Bragg's argument against Measure U got on the agenda so quickly?

If one wanted to make assumptions based on one's sneaking suspicions about Fort Bragg City Hall, one would assume that because Go Fort Bragg includes Mayor Turner's daughter among its members, Go Fort Bragg got special treatment. Since Measure U is an election matter and election matters are largely under the control of the City Clerk, one could inquire if Go Fort Bragg had actually submitted their argument against Measure U to Fort Bragg's City Clerk.

Once you heard that Go Fort Bragg had not submitted their argument to the City Clerk, one could walk into the November 23rd City Council filled with righteous indignation. Enter former Fort Bragg Police Chief Scott Mayberry. Actually this is about his exit from Town Hall, but we must back up to get the full picture.

After public comments on the matter ended, discussion returned to the City Council. Vice Mayor Peters stated that when he first saw the initiative written out as Measure U, he thought it stood for unjust. When Councilmen Cimolino said, "It's like an atomic bomb, there can be no survivors," Rex Gressett could be heard at the back of the room groaning, "Oh man."

Apparently there weren't two council members who would vote his way. Gressett made his way out the door. About ten minutes later yours truly had occasion to leave the building as well, to check on a phone message. While I was outside former Chief Mayberry rushed out repeating, "They didn't even submit it, they didn't submit it."

Mayberry's exit had been immediately preceded by a council member asking if the Go Fort Bragg argument had been submitted to the City Clerk. City Clerk June Lemos responded that no arguments concerning Measure U had been submitted to her. That any arguments concerning the measure must be submitted to her, with signatures, by 5 pm on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

By the time Mayberry was outside and his ramble slowed to a calmer tone, he seemed to be saying that since Go Fort Bragg's argument against Measure U had not been submitted to the City Clerk it should not even be on that night's agenda, and the press needed to tell people this was emblematic of greater wrongs within Fort Bragg city government.

When I went back inside, the Council was voting to sign on to the Go Fort Bragg argument against Measure U. That vote was 5-0, with Councilman Cimolino saying, "Reluctantly Yes."

At the ensuing break I asked City Clerk June Lemos if the Go Fort Bragg argument had been submitted to her. She stated it had not, but added that to get it on the agenda the argument against Measure U, or any other item, would go through the City Manager's office, that the city manager usually sets the agenda, not the city clerk.

We the reading public are left with another example of someone, like former Chief Mayberry, grabbing hold of a single factoid (that Go Fort Bragg's statement wasn't submitted to the town's election officer the city clerk) and running with it straight to the conclusion that the fix is in. After he left his Chief of Police position, Mayberry was hired by the Mendocino County District Attorney's office as an investigator. One has to wonder just how thoroughly Mayberry researches each investigation.

Within hours of the City Council meeting Councilman Peters was being accused of being a sell out. Perhaps it will be instructive for readers and voters to see Peters' reply.

"Happy Thanksgiving to all. May God bless you as he has blessed me. There are some people who are saying I "sold out" because I do not support Measure U, an initiative that purports to ban all Social Service organizations from locating in the Central Business District. After reading a post in my personal Facebook page by Jay McMartin Rosenquist [a Fort Bragg native] asking for a response to these charges, I thought you should all see what I wrote. She ended by saying she is going to run for City Council in 2016:

"Since this appeared on my personal Facebook page I guess I should respond. I am an independent thinker. As an elected official, I am not beholden to one group or another. I am going to vote for what I think is best for Fort Bragg. I also talk to people and keep an open mind before making a decision. I voted against the Main Street Merge project because I felt a majority of the community opposed it. I voted against the Hospitality Center moving in to the Old Coast Hotel because I believed a majority of our community opposed it and for other reasons I articulated at the time. I spoke to your group when you said you were going to craft an initiative that would prevent the Hospitality Center from taking over that location. Your group did not have the initiative written yet. So I encouraged you to go for it. The initiative that is now before us is flawed in my opinion. I said publicly that I would not sign the petition but would not discourage others from doing so. I met a second time with two members of the CCFB [Concerned Citizens of Fort Bragg] group and advised them that unless they could find an example of retroactive re-zoning here in California than I believe this initiative will not accomplish what it is intended to do, which is to close down the Hospitality Center at its new location. No one to this date has ever produced an example. I refused to write a ballot argument against the initiative but agreed to support one if somebody else did. It is not my fault that the only one turned-in by the deadline was from a group that includes the Mayor's daughter. I have yet to see an argument written in favor of the Measure. The deadline for this is today. Did you write one Jay McMartin-Rosenquist? I did not run for City Council for myself. I ran for the people of this community because I thought I could give them honest and fair representation. The pay is almost laughable. Yes, there are medical benefits as there are with other jobs that pay a lot more. I stand by my position to vote no on the Hospitality Center relocating to the Old Coast Hotel. If I thought this initiative might change the outcome of what transpired then I could support it. In my opinion it will not. Instead it will force the Mendocino Children's Fund (who raised a lot of money and goods for Valley Fire victims) to move from their current location if it passes and is indeed enforceable. Do you think that is fair? I don't. I encourage you to run for City Council Jay. I know you have run in the past. Maybe you will succeed this time and you will find out that tough decisions are not always black and white. Some legislation results in negative unintended consequences if it is not thought through completely. I haven't sold out to anybody. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts in your post and best of luck in your campaign."

Since Ms. Rosenquist-McMartin has professed a desire to run for public office it is fair game to recount my chance meeting with her outside Preston Hall in Mendocino on November 18th. Ms. Rosenquist-McMartin approached in a somewhat excited manner, asking if I was going to attend the November 20th court session in Ukiah, involving a filing made by the husband of Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center's (MCHC) executive director. In my opinion Ms. Rosenquist-McMartin appeared excited about the potential for something, anything, damaging that could be connected to MCHC.

In the very next breath Ms. Rosenquist-McMartin asked me to stop printing her name when she makes disparaging remarks on Facebook about public issues. She gave no indication that she grasped the irony or hypocrisy of gleefully asking if I would be covering the court hearing that might prove embarrassing to the MCHC director while requesting that her own potentially embarrassing remarks be excised.

* * *


To the Editor:

I would like to thank John McCowen for voting against the destruction of Lovers Lane and in support of the residents. It is currently a racetrack and, with all those housing additions bringing all that extra traffic, I don’t even want to think about it. Virtually nobody follows the speed limit now. When I am going the speed limit, any cars following me either pass over the yellow lines or, as soon as I turn off, hit the gas.

A few years ago, when I was entering Lovers Lane from Carrigan and after looking both ways as is my habit, I entered the street only to be run into by a child and his girlfriend in his vehicle. He could have seen me the instant I entered the road. The lady across the street came out when she heard the squeal of the brakes. I was sideswiped and both cars were totaled. He told the officer, who believed him, that he had only been going 30 mph. Odd, because he left approximately 40 feet of skid marks. I tried later to, but I could not duplicate that impressive feat. I fear it is going to get even worse.

Karen Seydel, Ukiah

* * *


To the Editor:

Now that Al Gore and other like-minded alarmists have confused “Global Warning” with “Global Cooling,” rather than citing the human race for the extinction of various ecosystems and species. Now this latest prediction for the coveted “El Nino”? For months now we have been hearing ever progressing percentages of our chances for this monumental gully washer from our questionable array of weather prognostications.

On the topic of the drought that we have been living:

What do the Ukiah City Council and the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors intend to establish for additional rainfall storage capabilities within the City of Ukiah and Mendocino County? It would seem prudent to develop a system of rainfall storage contingencies such as containment structures throughout Mendocino County. Considering that the “El Nino” is forecast at some point in January 2016, rainfall containment structures or other means of storage should be addressed as soon as possible.

The “El Nino” event does not necessarily end the drought and will cause damage to Mendocino County mountains, towns and rivers including subsided soil and wildfire burned areas within the region. Our prayers for rain may be realized but we must be diligent with rainfall collection and natural emergency preparedness. Are the Ukiah City Council and the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors prepared?

Chris Scott, Ukiah

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, November 27, 2015

Clark, Darmiento, Foord
Clark, Darmiento, Foord


JOSEPH DARMIENTO, Ukiah. Domestic assault, court order violation.

DAVID FOORD, Ukiah. Vandalism, loitering, resisting.

Hedin, McMurphy, Mustra, Reynoso
Hedin, McMurphy, Mustra, Reynoso

MELODY HEDIN, Willits. Under influence.

JEROME MCMURPHY, Ukiah. Parole violation.

DEREK MUSTRA, Phillipsville/Ukiah. Suspended license.

NOE REYNOSO, Vallejo/Ukiah. DUI, suspended license, false ID.

* * *


In a more reasonable society, the will of the masses overcomes the dictates of ideological purity.

Ken Ellis

New Bedford, MA

* * *


Regarding Woodrow Wilson… Some pundits have pointed out – quite convincingly – that his racism went beyond the pale (no pun intended) even by the standards of his own time, what with he having re-segregated Washington, D.C. and reversing the integration policy of McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and Taft (even the much vilified Warren Harding was a proponent of civil rights). Oh yeah, Wilson was also a KKK supporter. It only goes to show you that the evil that men do really does outlive them while the good they do does not, and the good Wilson did do – the New Freedom programs (torn out by Harding and Coolidge), the Fourteen Points, the League of Nations – never stood a chance.

However, he did give us the Federal Reserve.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson

* * *


Feelin' better, now that we're through

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— Clint Ballard Jr. (Linda Ronstadt)

* * *

WINTER LIGHTS: Annual Holiday Open House offers warm welcome

by Roberta Werdinger

The Grace Hudson Museum once again offers its Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 5th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This annual celebration of winter and the holiday season allows visitors to meet friends, complete some Christmas shopping, let their kids visit with Santa, and touch base with the latest changes at the Museum.

An array of talented local craftspeople will offer wares including fragrant bay leaf wreaths and swags; jewelry in both contemporary and classic styles; textiles such as quilted bags, hand-screened towels, scarves, and wool felted art; ceramics including works by Satoko Barash, Wax and Bing, and Pine Ridge Clayworks; photography and other artwork; and nursery plants from Whispering Winds. Christmas music, including live carolers, will be presented. Home-baked cookies will be for sale, and there will be free hot cider and coffee.


Next door, the Sun House will beckon children and adults alike. This Craftsman-style bungalow, designed and built with her husband by the Museum's guiding spirit, Grace Hudson (1865-1937), is a model of artistic elegance and expression, brought to life for the holidays. A Christmas tree with vintage decorations and clip-on tree candles, live bay leaf wreaths and swags courtesy of Potter Valley's McFadden Farms, and the Museum's own beloved Santa Claus will all be present.

Visitors can also shop for the holidays at the Museum gift store, which features local and hand-crafted items, contemporary baskets, reproductions of Grace Hudson's art, and an excellent collection of California Indian, local history and art-related books. This day only, Museum gift store shoppers will enjoy 15 percent off their purchases. In addition, all visitors can view for free the Museum's current exhibit, titled “Gold Fever! Untold Stories of California’s Gold Rush," a traveling exhibition presenting a treasury of Gold Rush-era images and reproductions of historical documents, on display through Jan. 10, 2016.

Celebrants can also join the City of Ukiah's annual Christmas celebrations in nearby Alex Thomas Plaza in the evening, including the lighting of a Christmas tree and the Truckers Light Parade.

The Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House is at 431 S. Main St. in Ukiah and is part of the City of Ukiah’s Community Services Department. For more information please go to or call 467-2836.

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MAJOR GEOENGINEERING BILLBOARD Goes Up In The City Of Rohnert Park On US Hwy 101


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This book (cover only) deals in the disastrous foreign policy of Hillary Clinton. Author Diana Johnstone, representing the anti-imperialist Left, recently served as In These Times European editor. The video link below takes us to a 7 minute interview with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Dem. Hawaii) by CNN's Wolf Blitzer. In this interview we notice the logical, articluate opposition of Gabbard to Hillary's Regime Change wars in Libya and Syria. Since this interview, Tulsi has introduced legislation to end the current Administration's illegal and counterproductive Regime Change War aimed at Assad.

Phil Baldwin, Ukiah

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(Photo by Susie de Castro)

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You make me feel so young.

You make me feel as though spring has sprung.

And every time I see you grin,

I'm such a happy individual.


The moment that you speak,

I want to go and play hide and seek.

I wanna go and bounce the moon,

Just like a toy balloon.


You and I

Are just like a couple of tots,

Running across a meadow

Pickin' up lots of forget-me-nots.


You make me feel so young.

You make me feel there are songs to be sung,

Bells to be rung,

And a wonderful fling to be flung.


And even when I'm old and gray,

I'm going to feel the way I do today

Because you make me feel so young.


You make me feel so young.

You make me feel as though spring has sprung.

And every time I see you grin,

I'm such a happy individual.


The moment that you speak,

I want to go and play hide and seek.

I wanna go and bounce the moon,

Just like a toy balloon.


You and I

Are just like a couple of tots,

Running across a meadow

Pickin' up lots of forget-me-nots.


You make me feel so young.

You make me feel there are songs to be sung,

Bells to be rung,

And a wonderful fling to be flung.


And even when I'm old and gray,

I'm going to feel the way I do today

Because you make me feel so young.

— Josef Myrow, Mack Gordon


  1. Charles Brandenburg November 28, 2015

    I did not withdraw support of Initiative U for the reason you stated. I DO NOT think the initiative will effect other social service businesses as it would take complaints to initiate a discrimination suit and who’s gonna complain?
    I am against it because it will more than likely be kicked out by the courts after our city spends big $$$ on litigation and it will not remove the Hospitality people from the Old Coast.
    I feel the way to eject the HH people from the OCH is to elect people who will UNFUND and not SUPPORT the Hospitality house unless they agree to move. Period.
    In November of 2016 I will run for City Council to try and make this happen. Other than the Old Coast Issue, I Love our city council, City Manger and our City!

  2. Kathleen Gagnon November 28, 2015

    I just watched “Take Back Your Power – Investigating the ‘Smart’ Grid. Smart Meters were forced upon us with NO safety testing. If you have the time please watch and spread this documentary. It’s free until December 1st.

    We opted out and paid an extra $75 initially and now pay $10 extra per month to NOT have a Smart Meter. People complain that they have to have health care, but very few complain when Smart Meters are forced upon them.

    Thank you for watching!
    Kathy Gagnon

  3. Alice Chouteau November 28, 2015

    At the Monday night City Council meeting MacDonald describes, I made the following comment he omitted.
    If you look at a municipal map of Fort Bragg, the Central Business District is defined as 4 blocks long , and 3 blocks wide. It was designated by city gov. for economic development and tourism. This leave hundreds of blocks of the core city between the Noyo river and Pudding creek available to social services and nonprofit groups.

    Douglas Chouteau

  4. Judy Valadao November 28, 2015

    Charles, if you are against it because you think it will be kicked out by the courts then you have nothing to be against. Really Charles, you are running for City Council?

    • Charles Brandenburg November 30, 2015

      Im against it because it will COST THE CITY AND THE PEOPLE OF FORT BRAGG alot of dollars and NOT ACCOMPLISH AND REALIZE THE GOAL.

      • BB Grace November 30, 2015

        When I read in the AVA that Mr. Brandenburg spoke up at the FB meeting to say he does not support Measure U, the reason was inmatterial because Mr. Brandenburg’s flip was such a shock.

        No one is representing FB tax payers and that’s the real obvious shame. Does Disneyland have social services in the Magic Castle?

        Not one council member is invested in tourism. Not one has a vision for Fort Bragg tourism on the FB webpage City Council profiles. And if you read the FB City Council’s profiles, Wow are they way off from fullfilling their reasons for being elected.

        FB needs to clean house IF TAX PAYERS want to be a tourist distination rather than a social services transistion station of any name. The fact “Hospitality” has no concret business plan was a good fight to stop the transaction; The fact the building was never offered on the market for the cost negotiated by the FB government was a good fight. I never understood the moves by Concerned Citizens.

        The Fort Bragg I love is being destroyed by people who claim to love Fort Bragg. I’d like to know what they love about Fort Bragg because it’s not about supporting small TAX PAYING businesses and encouraging tourists to come and stay. It’s not stopping the Guest House from rotting away. Perhaps it’s making Koch Headlands look like Los Angels Strand?

        And what’s more, because “Hospitality” refused to serve the medical marijuana and substance abuse population, they FAIL to serve Fort Bragg. Maybe they should have made the Guest House into the Hospitality House since the Guest House is where the people Hospitality House refuses to serve hang out?

        • Charles Brandenburg December 1, 2015

          I’m 100% against the OLD Coast project however I’m not into the further splitting of our town by continuing a fight that won’t win. We need to find them a new location and ask them to move. If they won’t we need to stop supporting them. No more grants, no more city council support, no more community support. Period.

          • BB Grace December 1, 2015

            Mr. Brandenburg,

            I don’t understand FB City Council or Management’s decision to convert what I saw as THE keystone business property of FB into that which does not produce taxes, thus my issue with FBCC & Management is not understanding how Hospitality whatever they call themselves this week, moving into OCH produces or improves FB tourism.

            I don’t know anyone, including myself, opposing social services, many of us are witing for the tourist thing to begin. It appears now that it never will.

            All I’m hearing from those for social services to occupy OCH, what I hoped would be a great new restaurant and bar, something exciting, even Mendocino Farms (Six locations and none in Mendocino, or a local restaurant doing well enough to pay $7K monthly rent), is name calling, “Fort Bragg businesses are greedy”, “The people are NIMBY’s”, “FB has stigma, they hate the homeless”, topped off with, ” GO /I LOVE FORT BRAGG!”

            I don’t see that either, though I’m sure they LOVE FB very much for reasons unlike my own (They love how the people are obedient and do not question WTF they are doing).

            What are FBCC & Management doing to attract investors and tourist businesses to FB and keep them?

            You’re running for City Council, let’s say I have $1. 2 million to invest.. whatcha got for me besides huge taxes, no water and social services?

  5. Charles Brandenburg November 30, 2015

    Judy, I am. After having attended the meetings I’ve realized the only way to fight city hall is to join them. I’m not the best at public speaking but i’m pretty good at thinking things thru after looking at many sides of an issue and i think that most of the folks on both sides of the Old Coast issue don’t look at other points of view and don’t think things over. So yes I am Going to run. I think you should too!

  6. Judy Valadao November 30, 2015

    Why don’t you support someone who can win?

    • Charles Brandenburg December 1, 2015

      Judy, picking a winner from a bunch of losers doesn’t appeal to me. I tend to win at everything I do. Run against me if you want, it seems like you and many of the folks I joined with to fight the Old Coast project are very negative about everything and I’m not. I’m a positive caring person who didn’t want the Old Coast used for the purpose the city council choose but unlike many of the “concerned citizens” I really Love Fort Bragg. Yep, Me for City Council, November 16′

  7. Judy Valadao December 1, 2015

    Good luck then Charles. I have no interest in running but thank you for asking. Don’t lump me in with any group, I am my own person and you know that. I think it is unfair to call any concerned citizen negative. The majority of the group (which I am not a member of) come the families who made this town what it is/was. A lot of love, sweat and tears went into building this town and it’s sad that some who weren’t around don’t really understand what it is to love the town. The word sure has been thrown around a lot lately. Negative? Not me. I am positive that those who need help will one day really get it.

    • Charles Brandenburg December 2, 2015

      Yes Judy only the folks born here truly love Fort Bragg (jajajajaja).

      I’m not from Fort Bragg, I’m of Fort Bragg, on purpose not by birth.

  8. Judy Valadao December 1, 2015

    People have different opinions about the same issues sometimes but I see no reason for name calling. You are against people owning guns I am not, that is one example of a different opinion.

    • Charles Brandenburg December 2, 2015

      My gun feelings come from a place of spirituality and the fact that i’m against unnatural death of any kind. But that’s not really a city of Fort Bragg issue.

  9. Judy Valadao December 2, 2015

    You are right it isn’t a Fort Bragg issue but it is a name calling issue. I don’t believe I said only folks born here truly love Fort Bragg. Did I? Please don’t put words out there that don’t exist. Those who put everything they had into building the town I am sure have a love for seeing it form into homes and a place to raise their children. You Charles are seeing the results of all that work. By the way what is “jajajaja”?

    • Judy Valadao December 2, 2015

      No need to translate.

  10. Judy Valadao December 2, 2015

    It may not be a City of Fort Bragg issue right now but could be in the future. City’s are passing ordinances regarding guns so it will be interesting to hear where you stand and how you feel about it. The City Council position isn’t just about The Old Coast Hotel.

  11. Judy Valadao March 21, 2016

    Funny, I just came across this after posting here in December of last year. Since that time Mr. Brandenburg has posted this to his facebook:

    1. You people who support gun ownership are complicit in the deaths of all the people, good and bad, that die from firearms. I’m ashamed to be part of the same country and sorry to use politically incorrect language but your a bunch of fucking retards.

    2. I’m telling all pro gun people to fuck off. It’s gone to far and needs to stop.

    3. I’m not peaceful I’m anti gun. Period. I think soon sane and good people will start burning gun stores.

    4. To anyone on my face book who’s pro gun. Fuck off take me of your friends list you have the karma of unnatural death and I am over being ok with it. I am not your friend if you own a gun in real life or Facebook and I find pro gun people unacceptable.

    5. This Guy Is Replacing Guns With Dildos In Pictures Of Republicans.

    Poor Charles, he is somewhere resting for a few months. I’m sure he will be back in time to do his paperwork for City Council, unless his much needed rest and meditation bring him back to his senses and he realizes the same two people who donated $40.00 for his trip will probably be the two votes he gets also.

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