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Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Jan 8, 2015

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RELIGIONS deserve our fearless disrespect.
— Salman Rushdie



(‘100 coups de fouet si vous n'etes pas morts de rire.’ = ‘100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.’) (‘Faut pas se moquer’ = ‘should not be mocked.’)


(‘Si Mahomet revenait’ = ‘If Muhammad returned…’) (‘Je Suis Le Prophete, abauti!’ = ‘I am the prophet, idiot!’) (‘Ta Gueule, infidele!’ = ‘Shut your trap, infidel!’) (‘L’Amour plus fort que la Haine’ = ‘Love is stronger than hate.’)


Murdered Charlie Hebdo Editor Stephane Charbonnier
Murdered Charlie Hebdo Editor Stephane Charbonnier

MEANWHILE, here in the home of the brave, the Associated Press, the world’s largest news collective, said Wednesday its policy is to not show images of the Prophet Muhammad like the ones published on the cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine that was attacked by terrorists Wednesday. “None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad,” said AP spokesman Paul Colford. A photo of Charlie Hebdo's now-dead editor holding a Muhammad cover on the AP news wire was deliberately cropped out. “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

THE INDIVIDUALS who were murdered were more than Charlie Hebdo. The drawings of Cabu and Wolinski appeared in many publications, and were known to a public that never bought Charlie Hebdo. The artists and writers at that editorial meeting all had their talents and qualities which had nothing to do with the “blasphemic” cartoons. Freedom of the press is also freedom to be vulgar and stupid from time to time.

Charlie Hebdo was not in reality a model of freedom of speech. It has ended up, like so much of the “human rights left”, defending U.S.-led wars against “dictators”.

In 2002, Philippe Val, who was editor in chief at the time, denounced Noam Chomsky for anti-Americanism and excessive criticism of Israel and of mainstream media. In 2008, another of Charlie Hebdo’s famous cartoonists, Siné, wrote a short note citing a news item that President Sarkozy’s son Jean was going to convert to Judaism to marry the heiress of a prosperous appliance chain. Siné added the comment, “He’ll go far, this lad.” For that, Siné was fired by Philippe Val on grounds of “anti-Semitism”. Siné promptly founded a rival paper which stole a number of Charlie Hebdo readers, revolted by CH’s double standards.

In short, Charlie Hebdo was an extreme example of what is wrong with the “politically correct” line of the current French left. The irony is that the murderous attack by the apparently Islamist killers has suddenly sanctified this fading expression of extended adolescent revolt, which was losing its popular appeal, into the eternal banner of a Free Press and Liberty of Expression. Whatever the murderers intended, this is what they have achieved. Along with taking innocent lives, they have surely deepened the sense of brutal chaos in this world, aggravated distrust between ethnic groups in France and in Europe, and no doubt accomplished other evil results as well. In this age of suspicion, conspiracy theories are certain to proliferate.

— Diana Johnstone

Obviously, that news is terrible and tragic and upsetting. You look at that and you look at the controversy surrounding The Interview, it makes you think about how important free speech is and how it absolutely must be defended. [We] cannot back down on free speech in any way. We all have to stand firm on the issue of free speech.

— Tina Fey

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We've written about him before. Ms. Mathews is quite well known, as you may recall from the updated reprise that follows. It's an awful situation, and how and why Ms. M strapped herself to this drunken oaf mystifies everyone who knows her.

AVA READERS MAY RECALL back in October when Elaine Matthews, 72, was arrested at her Little River home for an alleged assault on her boyfriend, James Meacham, 65. At the time we took one look at her booking photo, her background, her age, her lack of a record, and a long look at the record of her male cohabitant, Mr. James Meacham and his many arrests and concluded that Ms. Matthews was probably the victim, not the perp.

NOW, here it is January of 2015 and Mr. Meacham has popped up in the booking log two more times in two days (Jan 6, Jan 7) charged with domestic assault, violation of a protective order and probation revocation — effectively confirming our prior conclusion.

WE NEVER got official word on what happened to Ms. Matthew’s October arrest, but since we couldn’t find it on any subsequent court calendar, we assume it was simply dropped by the District Attorney as being unfounded.

MS. MATTHEWS has a not uncommon story. Her first husband, Bert Pulitzer, is descended from the famous newspaper family and is a famous men's clothing designer in New York. Media reports say Glenn Beck is one of his favorite television personalities, an indication that Ms. Mathews was well out of that marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Pulitzer divorced many years ago with Bert leaving her with three children and little financial support. Their adult daughter, Lisa Pulitzer, is a well-known crime writer; the family is socially prominent enough to have her (Lisa’s) wedding written up in the New York Times. Ms. Matthews' second husband, Gilbert Matthews, is a San Francisco-based investment banker. They divorced sometime in the early 2000s.

MS. MATTHEWS moved to the Mendocino Coast from San Francisco and continued her work as an interior designer, receiving honorary acknowledgement from the Mendocino Historic Review Board for her “careful restoration and rehabilitation of the Denslow-Hayden House and guest cottage (circa 1875) on Ukiah Street.”

MEACHAM, seven years Matthews' junior, has a much less impressive pedigree. His arrest record goes back to 2007 (in Mendocino County) with DUI and domestic violence as the recurring themes. His arrests for domestic violence are recurring. On New Year’s Day 2011, Meacham was arrested at Matthews' home on Headlands Drive in Little River and subsequently pleaded guilty to domestic violence, receiving a 36 month probation but no jail time. The arrest was for corporal injury to a spouse, presumably Ms. Matthews, during which Meacham also physically prevented her from calling the police.

THE POLICE REPORT READ: “Deputies learned from both the victim and suspect [James Meacham] that they had been involved in a verbal argument that escalated into Meacham grabbing hold of the victim's arm to prevent her from summoning law enforcement by telephone. During the physical contact the victim sustained her injury…”

IN AUGUST 2013 Ms. Matthews obtained a restraining order against Meacham. And there was another call from the Matthews-Meacham household in January of 2014 for a domestic disturbance.

NOW, in January of 2015, Meacham has been arrested again for domestic battery. Either the restraining order is completely ineffective or Ms. Matthews should either evict the creep or find new digs for herself.

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FIRST TRIBAL MARIJUANA GROW OP in Northern California Will Be Announced ‘Within the Next 48 Hours’

by Hank Sims

The first tribally sanctioned marijuana cultivation operation in Northern California – and perhaps in the nation – will be announced sometime in the next couple of days, according to the president and founder of a Kansas City-based economic development firm that works with Native American governments across the country.

The announcement will happen just about a month after the Obama administration made public a new, permissive policy concerning marijuana on tribal lands.

In a press release issued yesterday, United Cannabis, a publicly traded Colorado marijuana firm that grows proprietary strains and that is applying for patents, announced that it would be teaming up with Foxbarry Companies of Kansas City to look at three separate tribal cannabis cultivation partnerships on California reservations – one in the northern part of the state, one in the south, and one in the center.

The press release indicated that the first such operation to break ground would be the northern one, which is expected to be operational in 30 to 45 days.

No tribal partner was named in the press release, but United Cannabis also filed a Form 8-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that gives a little more detail on the partnership. In it, the company names the Pinoleville Pomo Nation, with its reservation just north of Ukiah in Mendocino County, as the site of its first federally sanctioned tribal grow.

But Barry Brautman, founder and president of Foxbarry Companies, told the Outpost today that United Cannabis’ naming of Pinoleville as the tribal partner was premature. In fact, he said, Foxbarry has been negotiating with three different Northern California tribes – including Pinoleville – but a final deal has not yet been struck. He said that he expected a decision within the next two days.

(Side note: Brautman said that he is very familiar with Humboldt County, and has visited here often.)

Brautman said that wherever the first Northern California grow would be located, and despite the tribal connection, the project would comply with California state law in all particulars. It will be a medical marijuana growing operation only – at least until California legalizes pot for recreational use – and it would be designed to supply existing dispensaries around the state. No new dispensary would be opened on tribal land.

“I think it would be unwise for any tribe to get into the business if they choose to be cavalier and ignore all the laws of the state of California,” Brautman said.

When asked what new thing this operation brings to the table, Brautman said that the partnership with United Cannabis, and the licensing of their strains and technology, would be a huge boost up in what many would consider a saturated market.

“We are very, very excited about the fact that we are their exclusive producer in California,” he said. “We’re pretty excited to be aligned with United Cannabis.”

In addition to United Cannabis’ proprietary marijuana strains, the company also has acquired U.S. Rights to several hundred strains developed by a Netherlands firm, according to an Oct. 31 article from the Denver Business Journal.

Brautman promised the Outpost details on its Northern California operation just as soon as a deal with a tribe has been inked.


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CATCH OF THE DAY, January 7, 2015

Carver, Hambilton, Hanson, Kirkland
Carver, Hambilton, Hanson, Kirkland

CHAD CARVER, Willits. Unauthorized entry into dwelling.

JERRY HAMILTON, Willits. Destroying/concealing evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia, probation revocation.

DANIEL HANSON, Ukiah. Possession of controlled substance, bad check.

BARRY KIRKLAND, Willits. Drunk in public, possession of smoking-injecting device, probation revocation.

McGee, Meacham, Ratliff, M.Rodriguez
McGee, Meacham, Ratliff, M.Rodriguez

MASON McGEE, Ukiah. Assault with firearm, loitering, probation revocation.

JAMES MEACHAM, Little River. Violation of protective order, probation revocation.

JONATHAN RATLIFF, Elk. Probation revocation.

MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Ukiah. Possession of meth for sale.

T.Rodriguez, Salo, Steele, Williams
T.Rodriguez, Salo, Steele, Williams

TAFOYA RODRIGUEZ, Lancaster/Ukiah. Possession of controlled substance, open container.

ERNEST SALO, Fort Bragg. Probation revocation.

EDWARD STEELE, Ukiah. Vehicle theft, trespassing, possession of controlled substance and paraphernalia, probation revocation.

ERIC WILLIAMS, Ukiah. Failure to appear, probation revocation.

* * *


Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster, in collaboration with forty-one other California District Attorneys and two City Attorneys, announced today that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Wynne S. Carvill signed off on January 2, 2015 to a Stipulated Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction against Pleasanton-based supermarket chain, Safeway Incorporated. The settlement resolves allegations that more than 500 Safeway stores and distribution centers, including Safeway’s other branded stores (Vons, Pavilions and Pak ‘n Save), violated California laws for the safe storage, handling and disposal of hazardous and pharmaceutical waste generated from spills and customer returns of hazardous products.

The investigation into Safeway’s practices began after discovery of improper shipments of hazardous and pharmaceutical waste to Safeway’s distribution centers through its reverse logistics program. The investigation revealed that Safeway was also routinely and systematically sending hazardous and pharmaceutical wastes to local area landfills not equipped to receive such waste. Upon being notified by prosecutors of the widespread issues, Safeway worked cooperatively to remedy the issue, enhance its environmental compliance program, and train its employees to properly handle such waste.

Pursuant to the terms of the Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction, California Safeway stores have adopted new policies and procedures designed to eliminate the improper disposal of retail hazardous waste products and pharmaceutical waste into store trash bins for eventual disposal into local landfills. In addition, the corporation must pay $9.87 million in civil penalties, costs incurred by various agencies, and funding for supplemental environmental projects. Under the terms of the settlement, Safeway must also continue its First Assistant Store Manager Program designed to address environmental compliance at the store level and conduct annual store audits. Using an agreed-upon sharing formula based on the two Safeway stores operating in Ukiah and Fort Bragg, the Environmental Health Division of Mendocino County will receive $5,250 from the civil penalties assessed against Safeway. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office will receive $2,625 from the settlement.

“Thanks to the ongoing collaborative efforts of local prosecutors throughout the state, businesses large and small operating in California are better aware of their environmental responsibilities. Our environment is also better protected as a result of such investigations and ongoing watchdog efforts,” commented DA Eyster.

* * *


L/R Front Row: Jasmin Delgado-Sandoval, Rosa Alvarez. Second Row: IvaJo Otto and Tovy, Karina Nieto, Liliana Barrera-Lemos, Jennifer Andrade, Clara Lazaro-Lopez, Maggie Rios, Rose-Leigh Dockins, Back Row: Cassandra Andich, Yessenia Herrera, Perla Torres, Ashley Villagomes, Brianna Patterson, Brandy Bottleson, Anayeli Novoa-Cisneros, Meghan Cosman, Maricarmen Velasco, Margarita Lopez, Fabiola Rodriguez, and Sandy Peters

Mendocino County Office of Education recognized 18 medical assistant graduates who completed their administrative and clinical medical assistant training at a graduation ceremony on Friday, December 12. CTE Director Dennis Aseltyne and medical assistant instructors IvaJo Otto, RN, Cassandra Andich, RN, and Sandy Peters acknowledged the graduates' achievement, commitment, and dedication to their training. MCOE has been sponsoring medical assistant training through the Career Technical Education program since 2003. The graduates will be qualified to take the California Certified Medical Assistant exam to become a certified medical assistant after completing 180 extern hours. The following students completed both the administrative and clinical classroom instruction: Rosa Alvarez, Jennifer Andrade, Liliana Barrera-Lemos, Brandy Bottleson, Meghan Cosman, Jasmin Delgado-Sandoval, Rose-Leigh Dockins, Yessenia Herrera, Clara Lazaro-Lopez, Margarita Lopez, Karina Nieto, Anayeli Novoa-Cisneros, Brianna Patterson, Maggie Rios, Fabiola Rodriguez, Perla Torres, Maricarmen Velasco, and Ashley Villagomes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that employment is projected to grow much faster than average, ranking medical assistants among the fastest growing occupations over the 2014-24 decade. The next medical assistant training course is scheduled to begin in August 2015. Application information will be available in June. For more information about Career Technical Education trainings, please contact Carlee Prine at 467-5123. (MCOE press release)

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MusicLighthouse_v03Boonville resident Susan Robinson has published The Music from the Lighthouse, a delightful first novel full of quirky and engaging characters – all memorable. The book’s vivid imagery is a colorful backdrop for a fast-moving ride through physical and mental landscapes touching on varied tangents of political and philosophical issues peppered with humor throughout.

Early readers of Lighthouse are enthused that Robinson, a former story analyst for many years in Hollywood, has turned her talent to creating her own tale, with more to come. E-book version of The Music from the Lighthouse is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and iBookstore.

For more info contact:

– Maria Goodwin

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The MHAB meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 10am in Ukiah at the County Administration Office Building located at 501 Low Gap Road, in Conference Room C. The meeting is intended for members of the public interested in supporting their local mental health services system. Public members are encouraged to attend the meeting to ask questions and give testimony. MHAB meeting agendas are published at: For more information about the MHAB please contact Mental Health Advisory Board, Chair, John Wetzler, by emailing or by calling 707-937-3116.

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OVERNIGHT DELIVERY OF FIRST-CLASS MAIL WILL END throughout the country on January 5, 2015: unless there is congressional action, a ruling by the Postal Board of Governors, or PMG action to postpone the changes.

The North Bay Processing Center in Petaluma is Slated for Closure which will cause delay of mail, loss of good living wage jobs in our community, and also cause an adverse economic impact to the communities that depend on good service. The cut in service will cause hardships for the public and small businesses, destroying jobs, and breaking down the efficient and affordable delivery network by driving away mail and revenue.

On January 5, the USPS is slated to lower "service standards" to virtually eliminate overnight delivery - including First-Class Mail from one address to another within the same city or town as well as the many towns serviced by the Postal Processing Center.

All mail (medicine, online purchases, local newspapers, newsletters of community and religious organizations, bill payments, letters and invitations) throughout the country will be delayed.

Our entire community will lose business opportunities associated with e-commerce, which relies on the speedy delivery of goods ordered online.

Although 170 House members and 51 Senators called for a one year moratorium on the reduction in service and the closures of the mail processing centers, Congress failed to pass the necessary legislation in December 2014,

We need the public to send a message to the Postmaster General, the Postal Board of Governors, the President of the United States and Congress; Stop the new "Changes in Standards" set for January 5, 2015 and stop the closures scheduled for 2015.

Postal Board of Governors
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260
Phone: 202-268-4800

Postmaster General
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260
Phone: 202-268-4264

Congressional Members
Capitol Hill Switchboard
Phone: 202-224-3121

President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202-456-1414

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by Gerald F. Cox

The month of December in the USA not only features displays of Nativity Sets, and Christmas carols wafting through shopping malls, but also the flurry of American football games, both collegiate and NFL professional teams. A multitude of college bowl games fills up TV screens across the country, as well as two professional finalists reach a Super Bowl playoff. Celestial hymns by angels are accompanied by the roar of stadium and super-dome crowds shouting “Go Team.”

The mother, “Mary,” in the Nativity story has long been identified with the gridiron game in the form of the “Hail Mary Pass” which describes the effort by a quarterback to heave a long desperate arc to a teammate with the hope that the pigskin might end up in his outstretched hands. The ball is thrown in desperation, usually at the end of a half. The stadium fans vision of the ball swirling into the end zone corner causes their jaws to drop in anticipation, along with screams of delight at a completion of the pass.

Those of us old guys who grew up in the Bay Area and spent their football years at San Francisco's fog shrouded Kezar stadium will remember the legendary “Alley Oop” play in which quarterback Y.A. Tittle reared back and hurled a long throw of 40, 50, or more yards to tall tight end R.C. Owens who ran into the end zone corner, leaped high over the hands of defenders, and pulled in the ball for a touchdown. Both Tittle and Owens owned the term “Alley Oop.”

The expression “Hail Mary” became widespread after a December 28th playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings when Cowboy's quarterback Roger Staubach, a Roman Catholic, said about his game-winning pass to wide receiver Drew Pearson “I closed my eyes and said a “Hail Mary”. The history of the term goes back at least to the 1930s by two former members of Notre Dame's Four Horsemen, Elmer Layden and Jim Crowley. In the October 28th 1922 game between Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, Notre Dame players said the Hail Mary prayer before their 4th down and goal, which ended up with a touchdown and Notre Dame winning 13-3. Noble Kizer, a Presbyterian, and Notre Dame lineman exclaimed to Coach Crowley in the locker room “Say, Coach, that Hail Mary is the best play we've got!” The so-called “Game of The Century ” on November 2, 1935 between Notre Dame and Ohio State, Irish halfback Bill Shakespeare found Wayne Millner for a 19-yard wining touchdown. Notre Dame coach Elmer Layden afterwards called it a “Hail Mary” play. On November 23, 1984 Boston College was losing to Miami with six seconds left on the clock. Boston's quarterback Doug Flutie threw a 52-yard touchdown pass to Gerard Phelan who had snuck behind the Miami defenders. A statue of Flutie in his “Hail Mary” passing pose was unveiled outside Alumni Stadium at Boston College on November 7th, 2008.

While there are several more football examples of the throw, the term has also been used in other situations where victory or accomplishment does not seem possible. Desert Storm Commander Norman Schwarzkopf referred to his strategy of outflanking Iraqi defenders as a “Hail Mary play.” Senator Chuck Schumer criticized John McClain’s pick of Sarah Palin for his Vice president running mate, calling it a 'Hail Mary pass.” The 1996 movie Executive Decision had Commander in charge Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal) describing the severity of a possible mission as a “Hail Mary,” denoting its last chance nature.

Not all Hail Mary efforts are successful, leaving losing rooters of the attempted throw disappointed at their losing team's last-ditch hopes. I am sure that the original Mary on her way down to Bethlehem must have dreamed of a clean and comfortable inn to birth her baby. Her spouse Joseph, rebuffed by the “No Vacancy” signs, tried a “Hail Mary” effort for an inn but scored a cow shed and stable instead.

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  1. Jim Updegraff January 8, 2015

    The history of Christianity as to violence is a very sorry story.

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