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Valley People (August 30, 2023)


We are having some really poor conduct from our soccer team. Athletic Director John Toohey and I will meet tomorrow with players for one final warning and a written agreement. If you notice any misconduct, please let me know asap. I don't know what happened, whether it was Covid or what, but the disrespect and inappropriateness on this team is profound and is not found on our other teams. It won't be tolerated. If we end the season, we end the season. — Louise Simson, Superintendent. AV Unified School District.

THE SUPERINTENDENT convened a meeting today (Monday) with the soccer team and separately with Coach Torales. “All of the students, but one who was absent, signed the contract and are completely aware of the expected conduct. Hopefully, they got the message. If not, we will make some changes.”


[1] I helped coach K8 (middle school) soccer in Mendocino the past few seasons. We had some pretty ugly interactions with the AV middle school team two years ago. Basically a lot of taunting and nastiness from them when they beat us soundly. This past season we turned the tables on them. We had one player score six goals in 10 minutes against AV. And their attitude changed dramatically. They were humble and even complimentary.

[2] I know nothing about the issues but when this happens on a sports team it’s also happening at school and all areas of their life. Taking away sports from misguided young kids will unfortunately make matters worse. Hope they get things under control and I’m sure John will set things straight. A coaching change may be necessary.

[3] I get that taking sports away is not the answer. I also get that moral character begins at home. If kids had more guidance from their parents, the Superintendent would not have to get involved. It all starts and stops at home. Having raised two sons who grew to become good men, I know it is possible.

VAL MUCHOWSKI: “County staff have asked the BoS to dissolve or consolidate a number of County Committees as a cost saving measure. The BoS will consider action on this report next Tuesday. You may want to show up to voice your opinion. Thanks, Dolly Riley” — Re: Elimination of MACs. Does this mean dissolving the MAC Committees? They are a way for locals to participate in local governing issues.

JUST IN: Ricard Building, Boonville, is being converted to an open-air art gallery. Ricard, a Mendocino man of means, abandoned his Boonville property years ago, apparently on the correct assumption that the Anderson Valley Community Services District is indifferent to combined fire traps and eyesores in the otherwise carefully maintained community. Gallery de 128 is a small work of genius in alleviating the otherwise joyless horizontal abomination.

DAVID HALE PRATHER: My third great-grandfather was the William Prather mentioned in the history article you ran a few months ago. I’ve visited Philo many times through the years, Philo was named by Cornelius, William’s brother. Cornelius left behind a wonderful wagontrail diary of his trip from Iowa. That diary is recounted in Blanche Brown’s book on Anderson valley – wonderful reading and can be bought at the museum in the valley. I remember fondly the last of the Prather picnics (they did continue after 1951 at other locations), as mentioned in this article about Aunt Blanche Brown . I also met Aunt Blanche when I was younger, several years before she died. My cousins and I in our teenage years took a photo on the swing pictured in the article I mention above. That is a treasured photo for all of us. I remember clearly how sad I was to hear that Aunt Blanche’s house burned and with it much of her very carefully curated family records. Thanks so much for publishing that article for it brings back so many memories of Prather and Brown families as told by those in my grandfather’s generation who were still close to Anderson Valley and Ukiah areas.


September will be a busy month for the Grange.

On the second Sunday- September 10th will be our unusual/usual pancake breakfast. We open the doors at 8:30 and close up shop at 11. As usual we will have the same great deal, pancakes with our secret Grange recipe, gluten free if you wish, eggs and bacon, coffee and orange juice, tea and de-cafe available upon request. All the fixin's will be there as usual with Derek's master-full fruit toppings. AND, as usual, along with seeing friends and neighbors, you will be serenaded by the Deep End Woogies bringing the perfect digestive tunes to the hall. No kidding, some folks come just for the music.

Now here's something a bit unusual. The County Fair in Boonville is bearing down. Friday September 22nd. Every year the Grange enters the Feature Booth competition and usually we create the exhibit at our 3rd Tuesday meeting, but now the fair board has moved the entry times of vegetables and flowers from Thursday the 21rst to Wednesday the 20th. This doesn't give us enough time for our fabulous entry to be done. SO, After we cleanup from the pancake breakfast on September 10th it will be Seed Day at the Grange starting at 12 noon. For some of us it's our favorite “meeting” of the year. We lay out the backing designs and then everyone pitches in gluing the different colored seeds and beans. It's creative and fun and many hands make the work go fast. You don't have to be a Granger to participate and children of all ages are welcome. Hang around after pancakes or come back at noon. It's a great way to get involved.

(Captain Rainbow)

A MAJOR THANK YOU to Captain Rainbow and the entire Boonville contingent for their generous, successful efforts to further the party that is Great Day in Elk. They even shared their cake. It is for the children. (Peter Lit)

VAL MUCHOWSKI: “County staff have asked the BoS to dissolve or consolidate a number of County Committees as a cost saving measure. The BoS will consider action on this report next Tuesday. You may want to show up to voice your opinion. Thanks, Dolly Riley Re: Elimination of MACs. Does this mean dissolving the MAC Committees? They are a way for locals to participate in local governing issues.”

OUR BUMBLING SUPERVISORS, with the usual garbled “legal” opinion for County Counsel, aka The Department of Obfuscation, claims it’s (1) a money saver, which it isn’t and (2) reduces County exposure to lawsuits, which it doesn’t, and probably operate in defiance of Brown Act open meeting laws, which they don’t.


On Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 4), the Yorkville Community Benefits Association will hold the 33rd Ice Cream Social.

There will be a Cake Walk with a special guest host, the Cake Walk Fairy. The book sale will also be selling books by the inch. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and tamales will be available. There is an area for kids to play in as well. A silent auction will also be an event.

This is a free event. All proceeds benefit the Yorkville volunteer fire station.

It will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Yorkville Fire Station/Post Office/Community Center, located at 25400 Highway 128, Yorkville.

For more information, email


“Has anyone noticed the lack of honeybees? Lots of bumblebees, and the new hummingbird moths (lots of them). But where are the bees? Is something changing?” 

I live between Boonville and Ukiah. I have some beehives that are BOOMING. However I seem to be the world’s greatest star thistle farmer. A distinction my father would have looked directly down his nose at. That being said they make good honey and I seem to catch swarms somewhat frequently. Which indicates wild hives are flourishing somewhere near me. I do have to treat for mites in the spring and fall, however so far so good. Therefore, I think they are doing well in my area!



Velma’s farm stand is open Friday from 2-5pm and Saturday 11am-4pm. For fresh produce we will have: blueberries, melons, apples (Red Gravenstein and Swiss Gourmet), Hosui Asian pears, French prune plums, the FIRST of the table grapes (Venus and Jupiter), tomatoes (cherries, heirlooms and early girls), sweet peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, padron & shishito peppers, green beans, new potatoes, arugula, spinach, cabbage, carrots, beets, sprouting broccoli, sprouting cauliflower, onions, garlic, herbs (basil, parsley, green coriander). We will also have dried fruit, tea blends, olive oil, fresh and dried flower bouquets, and some everlasting wreaths available. Plus some delicious flavors of Wilder Kombucha!

All produce is certified biodynamic and organic. Follow us on Instagram for updates @filigreenfarm or email with any questions. We accept cash, credit card, check, and EBT/SNAP (with Market Match)!

* * *

Brock Farms

Farm stand is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6,

closed Sunday and Monday. 

* * *

Petit Teton Farm

Petit Teton Farm is open daily 9-5, except Sunday 12-5. As well as the large inventory of jams and pickles made from everything we grow, we also have perfectly raised pigs and cows and sell USDA beef and pork. There are stewing hens, sometimes squab, and occasionally rabbits for sale. And right now there is a growing inventory of fresh veggies...beautiful large sweet “Candy” onions and more onion-y ones, eggplant, summer squash, tomatillos, a large variety of tomatoes, and hot and sweet peppers which we also have canned as well as smoked...chipotle, ancho and espelette. 

COACH JOHN TOOHEY has plenty of reasons to exult. Not only having revived AV Panther football, the resuscitated Panthers' first outing this season triumphantly occurred two nights ago at the headwaters of the Russian River in Potter Valley, on one of the most beautiful gridiron venues on the Northcoast. Toohey's 2023 squad dominated the return of the NCL 3 Legacy team scrimmage between AV, Laytonville, Covelo and Potter! “The Panther boys showed everyone how hard work pays off,” the coach commented. 

VISITING ANDERSON VALLEY over the past week were Miles and Wyatt Gibson, graduates of AVHS in '85 and '88 respectively. Sons of the late Jim Gibson, Miles, Wyatt and mother Annie are now residents of the Klamath Falls area of Oregon.

ALSO visiting old friends from Anderson Valley was Gregory ‘GP’ Price, AVHS class of '83. Retired and living in San Pedro with a sister, GP has maintained many local friendships over the years.

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  1. Jennifer smallwood August 30, 2023

    Farmers’ market people please include your location in your notices for those of newer to the area. Thanks.

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