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My Mind’s Going Blank Now


  1. Kat Schaaf October 8, 2022

    I can Relate😂

    • Scott January 6, 2023

      This is awesome. Great job

  2. Lou October 8, 2022

    KInda cute, a little cruel Must make republicans happy. But lots better than the idiot who thought he was president for a while. Oh, wait, that guy thinks he still is! He is unbalanced…

    • Pat Kittle October 9, 2022

      They both serve the same master (in case you didn’t know).

  3. Mitch Clogg October 8, 2022

    I don’t know how much it has registered on people that Joe Biden has had lifelong speech defects. He stutters. He’s fought it since he was a boy, but it still dogs him occasionally. The moments that are shown as “proof” of his senility appear to me to be attributable to his speech problems, not evidence of cognitive deficit.

    Also, there’s always a streak of competition between different generations, the younger wanting the older to get the hell off the stage. That’s in the mix.

    • George Hollister October 8, 2022

      I try to keep that in mind. But not remembering someone died? Talking about Armageddon as if he were not the President? JB has at least one thing in common with DT, he misspeaks daily, of course for entirely different reasons.

  4. Pat Kittle October 9, 2022

    Biden was obviously (!) senile when holed up in his basement while presumably campaigning for presumably the most powerful position in the world.

    You’d think the Democrats & the Republicans could find more decent candidates with literally millions of Americans from which to choose. But the fools they choose are no accident — they’ve been vetted for strict compliance with their puppet-masters.

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