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Yorkville Ice Cream Social Is Back!

Monday, September 5th, 11-4 at the Yorkville Post office mile marker 40 Hwy. 128.  Come for the fresh grilled burgers, the ice cream sundaes, the homemade desserts and bake sale. And when you’re done eating dive into the most incredibly priced book sale this side of Cloverdale. Books are sold by the inch so buy a foot or two to round out your winter reading program.

Yorkville being at the southern end of what is not really even officially part of Anderson Valley is often considered “so far away.”  People from Boonville, Philo and Navarro may think that a trip to Yorkville is similar to contemplating a trip to Siberia. Really it’s only 20 minutes from Boonville so come on up for the Social.

After you’ve secured your stash of books move on to the silent auction. This year two super offers include a three-night stay at Venice Beach in southern California in a lovely rental home and also a jeep tour of the Cooley Ranch including a BBQ finale.

Also on offer are Magnums and Jeroboams of Valley wine, Valley restaurant meals, Jewelry, Ceramics, Woodwork, cases of hard to find Valley beer and wine and finally three different Yorkville gentlemen artists will offer their commissioned artwork.

All possible ways to stay Covid safe are being followed.

While you’re at it don’t forget to buy some raffle tickets for the Yorkville Ice Cream Social Quilt. This quilt is a showstopper every year assembled lovingly, capably and painstakingly by the Yorkville Women’s Sewing Circle. You can see a photo of the quilt posters on flyers throughout the valley.

What is this fundraiser supporting? More safety for all of us. All funds will go towards the building of a new shelter for a water tender and possible additional fire truck in Yorkville. All of this equipment will respond to any fire incident in Anderson Valley so if you live in AV the Ice Cream Social is supporting you!

Some intrepid souls actually live in Yorkville. Admittedly it is a rare breed of cat who puts down roots in Yorkville. Yorkville is home to a pretty fascinating mix of people including; ranchers, artists, fire men and women, teachers, accountants, shepherds, doctors, photographers, pilots, a wrought iron expert, an arborist, real estate agents, winemakers, a puppeteer and even a retired Air Force full-bird colonel. Quite a few brainiacs live in Yorkville, which is probably why their major fundraiser features a book sale. Books are a big bargain these days via the Internet, remainder tables and Dawn Ballantine’s Hedgehog Books in Boonville. For book lovers the problem becomes where to put all the books. Something’s gotta give and the book sale is an excellent way to move some of those books on down the highway (literally - no pun intended). The subject matter is across a wide board from chick lit to cookbooks, classics, non-fiction and novelty. You’ll find them all at the Yorkville Ice Cream Social Book Sale.

An outstanding characteristic among Yorkvillians is an almost alarmingly high energy level. In Yorkville they “can do” and they can do it at warp speed and with vigor. Come Sunday many volunteer hands will make light work of what it takes to set up this event. Then they will all gather for a “High Rollers BBQ” at the home of two of the Yorkville’s sauciest “new” residents just down the road on Highway 128. Come and meet some of these energetic people, join the fun and make our Valley more fire safe while having a delicious time doing it.

PS. If you too are a book lover with too many books it is not too late to donate books for the sale to the big box outside of the Yorkville Post Office which is accessible 24/7 until the day of the Social.

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