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Off the Record (August 31, 2022)

THE KEVIN MURRAY SENTENCING had been set for Wednesday last week (at 1:30. Then it was set for 2:30. Then “safety concerns.” Then “scheduling conflict.” Then Judge Moorman is out with an injury. As of 4pm Wednesday the People vs. Murray was scheduled for Tuesday, 3pm. 

MURRAY is a former Ukiah police sergeant and Iraq veteran where he served as a military policeman. He had been scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday in a deal widely viewed as highly suspicious that saw his felony charges of rape and sexual assault reduced to misdemeanors with no jail time, although the Mendocino County Probation Department has subsequently recommended jail time, which may account for the delays in sentencing.

DA EYSTER is being hammered as a party to an inside sweetheart deal for Murray, but it was Judge Moorman who agreed to no jail time for the priapic defendant, and the City of Ukiah handed $250,000 to the only viable witness to felony rape against Murray, a woman with prior arrests for prostitution, and she promptly disappeared. Add to the list of the disappeared offenses were at least five sex charges against Murray from three other women, including a former officer colleague at the Ukiah PD. Subsequently, the DA’s claim that the primary witness had disappeared by her attorney’s claim that not only was she findable, she was willing to travel to Ukiah from her home in Sacramento to testify against Murray.

THE MURRAY CASE, as we all know, occurs in a daily media din of national rogue cop episodes, and occurs locally in the context of a Ukiah Police Department reeling from brutality suits and a chief recently fired for domestic violence. (A second accusation of misconduct against former Chief Waidelich is pending the results of a long, drawn-out investigation by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.) And you have the City of Ukiah willy nilly paying victims of police misconduct lots of money prior to any possible courtroom adjudication.

THE CITY OF UKIAH had previously been successfully sued in federal court by a Ukiah man, Christopher Rasku, who proved that he had been gratuitously assaulted and badly injured by Murray. The Rasku suit cost Ukiah more than a million dollars.

A SMALL BAND of demonstrators has protested in front of the County Courthouse this week for what they and most locals view as official leniency for a dangerous man.

WE'D been told that the California State Police Association has funded Murray's expensive defense, which they deny. Now we understand it is a Ukiah Police fund putting up lots and lots to pay Murray's lawyers.

WHO'S FUNDING disgraced Ukiah Police officer Kevin Murray's expensive defense? His legal team, led by famed Santa Rosa defense attorney Chris Andrian is way beyond the means of ordinary Mendo defendants. We're informed by a person who should know that the California Police Officer's Association is footing their fallen brother's legal bills, and the CPOA has huge resources.

ANDRIAN and Co. did a miraculous job for Murray, getting their client's felonies reduced to misdemeanors unless, by an even more miraculous development, Judge Anne Moorman, sends Murray to the County Jail for a month or so as recommended by the Mendo Probation Department.

HOW DOES a defendant get a jail recommendation from Mendo Probation? No contrition and arrogance will do it every time.

A READER WRITES: Re the Murray case, it is the cop's action that's in play here, not the sexual life of a prostitute gay or straight. Yes, defense attorneys will trash reputations of prosecution witnesses. No matter. Again, the issue is the behavior of this officer. In this specific case, the officer is accused of sexually assaulting three different women - the alleged prostitute, a family friend and mother, and a fellow police officer. That is the issue, and not the background of the victims. The DA decided to drop the charges, not the judge. The high powered Santa Rosa boys kicked his ass, despite his best attempts to massage this, and lie to you about the availability of witnesses. The second woman was prepared to testify. Isabel Siderakis was willing. What is his response to that? He ducks everyone but you, and then claims the witness disappeared. Bullshit. A dirty cop beat the shit out of a local resident, and allegedly sexually assaulted three women. Period. At the very least, a jury should have this case."

IT ISN'T LIKE Eyster to duck anybody, but for the record I simply repeated what he told me, not that I necessarily agree that the primary witness couldn't be found. I agree that Ms. Siderakis is the most credible witness in all of this, but the final disposition lies with Judge Moorman. There's still a lot about this that's very suspicious, including the City of Ukiah's not knowing-ness. I can't believe Ukiah's lavishly compensated city manager, Seldom Seen Sangiacomo, and his captive City Council, weren't aware that the Ukiah Police Department was outta control. They have been suspiciously quick to pay out large sums of money to allegedly harmed people on the say-so of their lawyers.

BACK TO LITERATURE: I never understood the popularity of Salman Rushdie. Found him unreadable myself, and if you got through ‘The Satanic Verses’ you're probably also going to lie to me and say, “O hell yeah, great book, even better than Finnegan's Wake.” But I did buy a copy of ‘Verses’ in solidarity with the author whose life had been threatened by the ayatollahs and almost ended the other day by one of their robots.

ONE OF SENILITY'S PERKS is re-reading books you read sixty years ago that read brand new all over again. As a Hemingway fan from early youth, so early I didn't know what he was talking about, which is the experience of many young people with books beyond their experience because they haven't lived long enough to have absorbed their own wounds, I picked up “The Sun Also Rises” the other day and read it again, this time with understanding, the book’s anti-Semitism kinda shocking, frankly. Remember the author's letter to James Jones? The author was at least half-cracked. People make excuses for Hemingway's bigotry as reflective of the times etc. but there's always so much good stuff in his books I, too, make the “good stuff” case for him. Our homegrown ayatollahs would ban the hell outta Hemingway if they ever read anything. 

LIT CHAT, A READER NOTES: Bolaño is not a “magic realist.” Cortazar, Borges, García Márquez, yes. Bolaño, no.

“Bolaño finally shattered the magic-realist stereotype that has plagued Spanish writers for the past few decades.”

“DO YOU REMEMBER TOM HAWKINS?” began a forlorn letter posted in the window of The Book Store in Fort Bragg. “On Oct. 6, 1988, the body of Thomas Donald Hawkins (b. 1927) was discovered in the ocean at the mouth of Ten Mile River. Police believe that he killed his wife, then killed himself. Despite this tragic end, Tom was a colorful character. An only child, he was born in Pangurn, Arkansas, but grew up in Port Angeles, Washington, where he received local acclaim for his acting skill in high school and college productions. At the University of Washington he majored in English, graduating about 1950. Tom worked for a TV station and hung out in beatnik pubs. He may have been personal friends with a few beat poets of the 50s and early 60s. Tom spent many years working for the U.S. Postal Service. During his last years in Fort Bragg, he made pottery, often visited local bookshops, and frequented the Tip Top Lounge. At the time of his death, Tom had a son, Thomas Victor Hawkins, living in Port Angeles, Washington. The son’s current whereabouts are unknown. I am earnestly seeking more information about Tom Hawkins. If you can help me, please call or write to Prof. Don Foster, Vassar College Maildrop 388, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604. 914-437-5634 (with 24-hour voicemail) 914-471-5256 (after 9 p.m. CA time) Thank you!”

PROFESSOR FOSTER, a renowned documents analyst often involved in headline cases — Jon Benet Ramsey, the Unabomber, etc. — became interested in an attribution matter originating with the Boonville weekly. We thought, errantly as it turned out, and at book length, that the novelist Thomas Pynchon had written a series of very clever, very funny letters to us as a bag lady calling herself Wanda Tinasky. Wanda purportedly lived under various Fort Bragg-area bridges from where she evaluated local culture, of which she didn't think highly. 

THE WANDA LETTERS were meticulously typed and, as we discovered, so strongly resembled the type from samples of Pynchon's typewriter, and the signature seemingly identical to Pynchon's known handwriting, that we assumed the true Wanda was indeed the famous novelist. If she/he wasn't, someone had gone to extraordinary lengths to insinuate him/herself as Pynchon.

FOSTER quickly discovered that Wanda Tinasky was Tom Hawkins of Trillum Lane, Fort Bragg, where he lived with Mrs. Hawkins, a talented sculptress. Hawkins' jolly Wanda letters belied a troubled soul, so troubled that only days after he'd sent us his last Wanda letter he murdered Mrs. Hawkins, mourned over her corpse for a couple of days before he set their house on fire then drove himself off the bluffs near Westport.

HAWKINS, as Foster confirmed, was a brilliant, erudite man, and ground floor literary Frisco beatnik in the beat flowering of the early 1950's where he was a good friend of Gary Snyder, among other beat luminaries.

FROM AMAZON, where our odd Wanda book remains a steady seller: More than 120 letters written between 1963 and 1984 by Thomas Pynchon to his then-agent, Candida Donadio, recently surfaced with the suddenness of a breaching whale only to submerge again as quickly, not to be seen again until they are sadly posthumous.) More mysterious (than the Pynchon/Donadio letters), to Pynchon scholars at any rate, are a bushel of letters sent in the mid-1980s to the Anderson Valley Advertiser, a small, hell-raising Northern California newspaper, by a woman named Wanda Tinasky. These cranky and wildly cerebral letters are believed by many to be Pynchon's own work. (He was almost certainly living in Northern California at the same time, laboring on his 1990 novel “Vineland.”) According to Scott McLemee's 1995 piece about the Tinasky letters in Lingua Franca, it wasn't until a selection of these letters was about to go to press that Pynchon, through his agent, finally denied authorship. Many in the Pynchon community, however, continue to believe that the Tinasky letters did indeed bear Pynchon's idiosyncratic stamp.” -- Dwight Garner

By now you’ve heard the story. A small weekly paper, the Anderson Valley Advertiser of Boonville, California, receives, between 1983 and 1988, dozens of letters from one Wanda Tinasky, bag lady. The letters are intelligent, full of high- and pop-cultural references, sometimes witty, sometimes vulgar, but always funny, suffused with antiauthoritarian politics, and stylistically out of this world… Wildly unstructured in form, they offer Wanda's take on pop culture (she’s a big fan of Cagney and Lacey), the literary scene (she claims William Gaddis and Thomas Pynchon are the same person), journalism (she campaigns for Anderson to win a Pulitzer Prize), politics local and national (she has a fondness for the old New Left and attacks all ideologies of control), and all other subjects great and small. Her style combines a stand-up comics delivery with easily handled encyclopedic knowledge. (That’s what makes me think she’s Pynchon: like him, she seems to know everything.) — Robert L. McLaughlin, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Fall 1996

The book not only reprints all the Wanda letters, but accompanies them with a smart and extensive annotated guide to all the arcane literary and local references in them... which makes the book as a whole more than merely an “Is She or Isn't She Pynchon?” debate, but a funny, literate, weirdly touching portrait of an unusual community obsessed by a literary mystery, a shadowy Visitation--in a way, a literary ghost story. But if it's a ghost story, was the specter Thomas Pynchon? Or a remarkably sophisticated but reclusive writer with a Pynchonesque range of allusion and interest, a Pynchonesque feel for the arcana of High and Low culture, a Pynchonesque fondness for ampersands, someone who deployed unmistakably Pynchonesque clues (like “Wanda's” claim to have worked for Boeing Aircraft) who happened to be writing in the Emerald Triangle in the period Mr. Pynchon was living there--but who was not Mr. Pynchon. I find myself unable to make up my mind, but I'm fascinated with Wanda, whoever she or he is. If she isn't Mr. Pynchon, she's still a wonderfully engaging voice whose prose gives, at the very least, some of the surface pleasures of Mr. Pynchon's, and occasionally some of the deeper ones. So I think what I'm going to do is enumerate some of the most Pynchonian passages in Wanda's letters, some of the most Pynchonian clues, for your consideration. Not so much to prove Wanda is Mr. Pynchon, but to explain why I like Wanda, whoever she is. To explore what we talk about when we talk about the “Pynchonesque.” — New York Observer 4/28/97

NICK WILSON: The Mendocino Unified School Board received three bids for purchase of the Mendocino Community Network internet service. All bids were for a small fraction of the financial value of MCN. After discussion and comments from people attending the meeting in person or via Zoom the board considered a motion to reject all bids. The board unanimously voted to reject all bids. The board has received some applications for the vacant positions of MCN General Manager and the second in command. They are hopeful that those positions will be filled.

A READER WRITES: Dear Wine Appreciation Department: This “reader” is prepared to make a minimalist statement like: “We need to keep in mind that soil and water is required both for wine and for growing the grape plant. The roots of the vines may run very deep in search of moisture. If you kill off the weeds via mechanical cultivation and/or application of chemicals the crop can escape irrigation. This does not mean, however, that the water consumption is negligible. In fact, in Anderson Valley, depending on many factors, the total water demand of grapes per vine between bud break and leaf fall is thought to be 100 to 150 gallons. This aggregates to an acre-foot of water for a vineyard of less than ten acres. Obviously, planting cannot be continued indefinitely without serious depletion of the water table. The total draw per vineyard depends on the vine density. According to a book I picked off the shelf at Barnes & Noble, the California average is 450 vines/acre. An acre is about 43,000 square feet, or a plot around 200x200 feet or so. The rows have to be about ten feet apart to accommodate the tractors, which would be 20 lines each with about 25 plants/line. This is a critical point. The summer flow in the Navarro is steadily diminishing. 

“The Water Economy of the Grape Vine”

Supply (most of this goes right down the river)

• Annual 30 inches of rain on one acre: 2.5 acre-feet.

• For a 500-acre vineyard, 1250 acre-feet


• From bud break to leaf fall, estimated about 125 gallons/vine

• For about 450 vines/acre, 125 x 450 = 56,250 gallons per acre.

• For 500 acres, 56,250 x 500 = 28,125,000 gallons.

• One acre-foot = 43,560 cubic feet x 7.8 gallons/cubic foot = 339,768 gallons.

• 28,125,000 gallons for 500 acres/339,768 gallons per acre-foot = 82.3 acre-feet on 500 acres with 450 vines/acre.

MARK SCARAMELLA NOTES: This is interesting, but it does not factor in frost protection, nor does it estimate the amount of substantial water use at the winery in the making of wine. Further, most modern rootstock is a special variety developed at UC Davis’s viticulture department which features shallow-rooted vines that are more dependent on irrigation than traditional tap-rooted rootstock such as those found in Old World vineyards. A better measure of water consumption would be to estimate the amount of water used for, first, a ton of grapes, and then the amount of water used to produce one 750ml bottle of $50 wine. The commenter also fails to mention the number of acres of vineyard in Anderson Valley, which, at last count, was over 2500 acres. While it’s true that average “annual” rainfall was 30 inches per year before the drought, that’s no longer the number. Remember that rain doesn’t fall “annually,” but in a few rainstorms (if we’re lucky) and the hundreds of vineyard ponds in the Valley represent a very large impoundment of the flow of those waters meaning, except for the short periods of occasionally heavy winter rain, very little water “goes right down the river,” leaving very little water for the few remaining, mostly stranded, local fish.

CASEY HARTLIP: “As to the water use/needs for grapevines: the figure of 450 vines/acre is SO 1970! Most vineyards planted in the last 25 years have a vine population of 1000-1500 vines per acre. Frost: the REAL water consumer. To frost protect with modern frost systems it’s takes 55 gallons/acre/MINUTE. On a 100 acre vineyard that’s 5,000/gallons/minute. I’d say that the average water consumption of a vine in Anderson Valley per season could be in a range of 50-150 gallons/vine/season.”

DEAR PUBLISHER: Excitement is building as PEN Oakland, called “The Blue Collar PEN” by The New York Times, approaches December 3, 2022, the date on which our annual awards ceremony will be held online via the Oakland Public Library Rockridge Branch. The ceremony will be held from 2PM-5PM PST.

We are pleased to honor Bruce Anderson for a PEN Oakland Reginald Lockett Lifetime Achievement Award.

PEN Oakland doesn’t receive corporate funding, so donations are welcome but not required. You can send donations here:

Please inform us about whether or not your author can attend. A video acceptance speech is also allowed. Also, please send a high resolution photo, photo credit and a bio of the author to put in our program. As the ceremony draws closer, we will be sending more details.

ED NOTE: Your author will attend, although my late and sorely missed comrade, Alexander Cockburn, always said, “If they start giving you awards, you're finished.”

THE NATIONAL DESK, and who could be less qualified than me to intelligently comment on Trump subjects? But gol durn it, I'm a citizen and have every right etc and etc. From here, I'd say the obvious, that The Libs can't sic the federal apparatus — 13 “intelligence” agencies? — on the orange whale, thus compromising for the millionth time their purely self-alleged neutrality, while simultaneously ignoring Hillary's e-mails and Hunter's laptop. The FBI was formed as a political police force and has always operated as one, and all these police bureaucracies consider Trump beyond acceptable, way, way, way outside the American consensus as determined by Lib, Lab and Westside Ukiah.

LOCALLY, the FBI was here during the 1990s to monitor Earth First!, operating out of 106 W. Standley in Ukiah in a decrepit building owned by former supervisor John McCowen. Do you have proof of that? Not without pounding you into begging me to stop me as I launch into my 5000-word circumstantial case, but given that the Hoovers were caught in the act trying to frame Dave Foreman of EF! down in Arizona in the same late 80's early 90's period, and given that Earth First! was a major presence in Mendo at the same time while recommending industrial sabotage, a federal crime, of course the FBI was here, as were its local snitches. 

AND given that the FBI claimed they were baffled by the car bombing of Earth First!’s Judi Bari, even going so far as to claim “Case closed because no one will talk to us” when they clearly knew who was involved, and given that both Bari and her ex-husband maintained their offices at 106 Standley, I'd have to suppose the feds didn't arrest Mike Sweeney because he was one of theirs all the way back to his youth as a Stanford Maoist. “Arrest me?” I can just hear the little psycho indignantly daring the feds. “Arrest me and I'll tell the world everything you were doing up here in our rural paradise.” And so he gets a free pass to blow up his ex-wife.

ANYWAY, for the five of you who keep track of these futile things, Sweeney easily reinvented himself as a solid citizen of the Westside liberal type and, fully vetted as a Shoemaker-Mastin sanctioned Mendo Democrat, was soon in a cush public job as head of Mendocino County's trash bureaucracy. Sweeney has since emigrated to New Zealand where he's freshly married, having abandoned Glenda Anderson, reporter, whom he'd used for years as his chief local propagandist. Oddest guy ever in Mendo, which is a mouthful given Jim Jones, the Manson Family, Leonard Lake, Kenneth Parnell, and a platoon of lesser known maniacs, all of them, including Sweeney, a perfect fit in a county where you are whatever you say you are, and history starts all over again every day.

PS. Prior to the FBI doing their thing with Earth First!, they were caught doing a number on the Black Panthers, MLK, any number of anti-Vietnam War opponents, then Sandinista supporters, CISPES — anybody effectively critical of official American policy. Now the FBI is busily going after fat Trumper camo guys who beer-bullshit about taking down the government. 

THE MORE CREDULOUS libs think the federal police apparatus is a network of conservatives unto fascist, but it's a liberal network in the Democratic Party sense of “liberal,” hence its relentless dirty tricks in pursuit of Trump, which continues to work to Trump's political advantage.

BILL MAHER HAS IT RIGHT: he, a liberal of the better type, said the other night that there was a “conspiracy” to get rid of' ex-president Donald Trump that involved suppressing the New York Post's infamous Hunter Biden laptop story. In October 2020, the New York Post published a highly scrutinized article alleging that Hunter's laptop had been recovered by the FBI. The contents of the computer apparently contains information showing that President Joe Biden's son was attempting to sell the influence of his father. “My friend Sam Harris was on a podcast…they were talking about Hunter Biden's laptop, which was a story and now all the mainstream press has finally admitted it was a real story, it was a real laptop — now look, let's not pussyfoot around this, he was selling the influence of his father, Joe Biden. I mean, most political sons do. … Hunter Biden's laptop was buried by the press, even the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said that was a mistake. They buried the story because they remembered what happened with James Comey and the letter eleven days before the 2016 election. Sam Harris says it was appropriate for Twitter and the heads of big tech and the heads of journalistic organizations to feel that they were in the presence of something that is a once-in-a-lifetime moral emergency, meaning Trump. So, he's saying it's okay to have a conspiracy to get rid of somebody as bad as Trump.”

JOAN VIVALDO on the endless case of Douglas Stone, the bandit of Black Bart Road:

“The PX (Preliminary Examination) was held at 10am on 6/20/2022. Although he could have excluded me from the PX, Mr. Stone's new attorney, Michael Clough of Oakland, CA, kindly allowed me to attend. Because of some upset in available judges, the PX was assigned to Judge Pekin at 9:45 on 6/20. Judge Pekin explained that his calendar was full, but the second of the two day PX could be held at 9am 6/27/2022. All parties agreed to the delayed time and date for the second day, I arrived at 9am on 6/27/2022 to find that the second day of the PX had been rescheduled for 9am 8/22/2022. I returned on 8/22 for the second day of the PX. A few of the charges against Mr. Stone were dismissed. Remaining charges were sufficient to schedule an arraignment at 9am on 10/4/2022.”


FBI IN ZUCK-ROG FLAP: In a story that was a bombshell for conservatives and a back-pager elsewhere, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told podcaster Joe Rogan his company reduced distribution of an expose about Hunter Biden at the behest of the FBI. “If they come to us and tell us that we need to be on guard,” he said, “then I’m going to take that seriously.”

FRONTIERS OF FREE ENTERPRISE: That spiffy new structure on the west side of State Street at Talmage is a new dope store called, I think, “Cookies.” Which I thought was, like, you know, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie-cookies. Silly me. It's a marijuana business funded by a German muy famoso in the pot biz. And how many pot stores does Ukiah have anyway, ten? Now this one.


Out of tragedy, came a Willits icon. 

The Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital came into fruition after the tragic death of its namesake.

After an automotive accident, and lack of a ‘real’ hospital in the area, 15-year-old Frank R. Howard passed away due to his injuries in 1926. This led his father, Charles S. Howard, owner of ‘Seabiscuit,’ to donate $30,000 (~$510,000 in today’s money) to begin construction on the hospital, with a donation from Dr. Raymond Babcock of $42,000 (~$715,000), and others in the community following. In 1927 groundbreaking began, and by 1928 the first patient was admitted.

Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital kept growing, eventually growing out of its walls, and a new building had to be constructed to continue providing services to the area. Now that the old building is slated for demolishing, we at the Mendocino County Museum want to add our respects to the history, the workers, the patients, and the legacy of the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital. 

We have a small pop-up display of items used in the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital, and we invite audiences to come and add what they remembered so fondly of it. Were you born there? Or know someone who was? Worked there?

Write a little note about your memories on our provided notepads and add it to the display, so we as a community can stand together and fondly remember this fallen icon. 


[1] One thing I am noticing more and more is the horrible physical condition of US citizens. Black, caucasian, hispanic with impunity but less so for Asians. Children seem to just follow their “parents?” into a maze of obesity and seemingly disguise their condition with weird hair colors and body/face mutilation. I take pride in my appearance, I’m in good shape, I work out and eat clean. I notice people staring at me like I’m the weirdo. Very underrated in the stigma of the Long Emergency and then we can add in the cardiac/neurology/immune degradation of the jabs.

[2] A letter to the victims of rapist Kevin Murray

You are not responsible for the hurt, betrayal, silencing, and victimization that rapist Kevin Murray willingly and intentionally caused you and your loved ones.

You are not and shall not be held responsible for the “loss of career” rapist Kevin Murray caused on himself by choosing to commit crimes against you, other victims, and the betrayal to the oath he took for the community of Ukiah. He chose with strong commitment to commit crimes. That is his pill to swallow.

To the victim he took advantage of knowing he was a white male senior officer, knowing he was in a position of power and authority, using your vulnerability to his advantage, I’m sorry he used that to try to get his way. I’m sorry you had to sleep on the nasty floor of a hotel bathroom to save yourself from being raped. I’m sorry your department failed to protect you. I’m sorry your story has been ignored by the justice system. I’m sorry community members did not see you until Chief Wyatt suddenly disappeared, Chief Waidelich was fired, and Sergeant Pintane remains hidden in the four walls of a corrupt department avoiding accountability. You are seen by community members. You have been heard. You matter.

To the victim he took advantage of knowing she was a family friend, I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray manipulated his way into your home. He used his charismatic personality to gain your trust then later used it against you to manipulate his attorneys to believe he is innocent. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray intentionally and forcibly sexually assaulted you. Not only once, but more than once. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray’s actions were only classified as misdemeanor after the many months of court appearances to at the end only be told he may get probation. You may not have been given the opportunity to speak in court but we, the community, see and hear you. You matter.

To the victim of the hotel, I’m sorry he used his power of a police officer to justify his encounter with you then later chose to willingly and intentionally force you to conduct sexual favors on him. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray caused you intentional emotional harm when he trapped you in that hotel room to engage in sexual activity. I’m sorry you had to make the right, yet difficult, decision to report the heinous crimes to his peers. I’m sorry your story was not shared in court and the opportunity of confronting your abuser was stolen from you by rapist Kevin Murray working out a plea. We see you. You matter.

To the wife of rapist Kevin Murray that said she stayed with him because she “would have missed the opportunity to love someone unconditionally”, please seek therapy. Co-dependency is real. There are other fish in the sea. You are worthy of faithful, honest, true love. Rapist Kevin Murray’s selfish, willful and intentional acts to cheat on you are strong signs of him being self-centered. I’m sorry rapist Kevin Murray has dragged you and your family through emotional turmoil because he chooses not to accept responsibility. You deserve better. You matter.

To the officer who had to write recommendations for rapist Kevin Murray’s sentencing, I’m sorry you were not given complete reports of the hideous acts this ill willed person committed on the victims he prayed and sought after.

In closing, many lives were negatively impacted by rapist Kevin Murray’s actions and he is still avoiding accountability. Let us pray the justice system holds rapist Kevin Murray accountable before he prays on more victims. Rapist Kevin Murray’s victims deserve justice.

[3] Looking at some of these western news sites — specially out of the UK, they’re ecstatic about the assassination of Darya Dugin, “The fascist bitch got what she deserved”, characterizes most of the comments. The main criticism of her, the one that elicits the most hatred, is that she was a Russian nationalist. That they can’t abide. Many commenters hoped she suffered a little before she died. But what the influencers at BBC, or the Telegraph, or the Daily Mail don’t seem to realize, is if assassination becomes the order of the day, it might not end with Darya; the practice might spread, it might work more than one way; public figures other than Russians might get assassinated too — sad to say the genie is out of the bottle now, furies have been released and they’ll be scouring the world for victims.

[4] Pit Bulls: The reason they were turned into fighting dogs was that they are particularly tenacious. They will not stop once they are assigned a task. It’s not a bad trait but it has been perverted by sick men. Pit bulls are also very sensitive. Most are sweet lovers. What was done to this breed- turning them into fighters- is disgusting. But what we now have is basically racism in the dog world. People with no experience or knowledge read sensationalized media stories and repeat them because they are addicted to stories of fear and spreading that fear. A vicious pit bull can cause a lot of damage quickly but the breed itself is not a gang of killers. Anybody who has actual experience with these dogs knows this. We should stop passing on bad information. It is not helping anybody and… It is Dog Racism

[5] When and how will the legacy media (print and television news) finally die and when will the people who actively follow the “beltway political narratives” finally lose faith in those institutions? As long as those folks addicted to the “red vs blue” sport of national politics (on both “sides”) continue to feed on a diet of bullshit from these institutions the slow demise of the nation and the west will continue to rattle on like the ghost of grandpa dragging chains around in the attic or like Joe Biden’s slow rolling decline into dementia as wanders around the white house looking for???… a dog he lost when he was in high school…?

When old Joe gets caught whipping it out and peeing in a potted plant the legacy media will just tell us its part of his green new deal to take a hands on approach to watering the white house plants and escort him back to “Doctor Jill” to give him his milk toddy and tuck him back in, making sure to lock the door this time.

The destruction of said legacy media via legal accountability is the only way forward. Unfortunately before Fauci, Walensky, Nancy, Joe, Hunter and (don’t forget) Mitch can be held accountable for destruction of America, we have to pop that festering boil that is the media. I see Kirsch is suing Media Matters and Malone is suing WaPo. When those cases move and shift the Overton window toward the truth we will see the class actions of the injured making headway and the accountability train will start rolling.

Let us only pray that in our zeal for vindication we do not become the Robespierres of our generation. My wife says no one will ever be held accountable for this poison death shot disgrace. She lives by traditional American Christian values. I think her general optimism blinds her to what is coming.

We have watched this decline of American values and institutions our whole life watching our country “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”. When the pendulum swings back the other way we must remember we are seeking justice not revenge. Get ready. Plant a fruit tree. God bless.

[6] I have always been told that cobwebs are the work of “cob spiders,” I googled this, and it turns out they are indeed the work of certain kinds of spiders–”Cobweb spiders (Family: Theridiidae) make cobwebs.” 

Perhaps the creepiest spiders are wolf spiders. Those suckers can grow as big as dinner plates. You normally only see the really big ones in houses that have been sitting empty for a long time. When I first moved into my old house in late winter, it had been sitting empty for a long time. In early spring, we got ducks, which were able to get into the crawl space. Within a very short time, we had NO bugs or spiders of any kind. Ducks eat everything that moves and have insatiable appetites. 

As for women being afraid of mice, spiders, and bugs, I always assumed that the ladies were pretending to fear them to make their husbands feel useful. I’ve never had any particular fear of any such creatures. When I was married, it was my husband who was afraid of bees and wasps, so I was always the one who dealt with them. So I think there is wisdom in the ladies pretending to be afraid of the critters. If the men have to deal with the problem, they will have learned to do SOMETHING, which will build their confidence and perhaps cause them to attempt to do other things successfully. 

But first you have to decide which is more irritating: watching hubby duck into the remotest corner of the room in fear while you remove the wasp, or letting him do it and watching him strut around for the next hour as if he’d killed a mountain lion.


  1. Debra Keipp September 7, 2022

    Bruce, why do you continue to find ways to support Eyster? He’s shown his true colors so many times – pure bullshit in Murray’s regard! Can’t figure it. He’s a bad boyfriend! Dump him!!!

    • Marmon September 7, 2022

      I’ve been trying to figure out what the attraction is all about for years.


    • Marmon September 7, 2022

      This whole bronance thing is crazy, and not very healthy.


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