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The Nameless Cowgirl

So if you're wondering where I went, I will just be honest and tell you I have a new project for school that is taking up a bit of my blogging juice. You can find the link to the latest post on that blog here. It's called Adventures in Social Work and it is decidedly less parenting-based. Though there are some pretty pointed posts about Julian Assange. I am sure you will expect nothing less of me at this point.

In other news, we've been gearing up for Halloween. The little man wants to be a ninja and I am putting the finishing touches to my Beverly Crusher (!) costume. Talk about the fulfillment of a fantasy hoped for. I can't remember being this excited about a Halloween costume since I was a Ballerina when I was 4.

This weekend we went to North Star Nursery with Grandma Sue and an honorary Auntie and joined the fun with a Scarecrow Competition. We brought cowgirl attire for our strawlady and let me tell you, if you think gravity has it's way with flesh, try sculpting hay into lady-like features. I would like to thank my mother and Emily for their tenacity in building our creation a "nice rack." I would like to thank my son for his willingness to stuff the sneeze-y straw into "arms" and "legs."

Thanks again to John at North Star for hosting this fun event, supplying hay and armatures, etc. The Scarecrows will be up until Halloween so go check them out!


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