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Mendocino County Today: July 28, 2012

Olympic Park

THE OLYMPICS, A LETTER TO THE BRIT GUARDIAN: “What a complete and utter waste of time, money and effort. The whole farrago makes me very angry. Taxpayers are footing a large part of the bill but money has been wasted hand over fist with no accountability. Meanwhile Big Brother has taken over the asylum as we have Surface-to-Air missiles stationed on council tower blocks, a warship in the Thames, and brand police ensuring that we are protected from ambush marketing. The whole sorry affair is topped off by the clowns Dave and Boris saying how proud they are to be purveying bread and circuses while the country slumps ever further into economic depression. The whole sorry affair being guarded by those upstanding chaps from G4S who would not know a bomb if it was round, black and fizzing, with the word BOMB in large letters while an assorted range of world leaders, many of them despots, are feted by what is left of British Industry. I absolutely despair of this country.”

UKIAH'S VENERABLE BAR, the Forest Club, less than a block from the County Courthouse, and as reported here two weeks ago, has been shut down for 30 days as of July 17. The ABC had fined the popular drinking establishment $3,000 “for allowing a minor to enter and remain in the premises on Dec. 31, 2011.” (In other words, an old-looking kid, in the crush of New Year's Eve, had somehow eluded the attention of the fully engaged bartender.) This episode, and an accumulation of police calls, prompted the ABC to shutter the Club for a month.

OVER THE PAST YEAR, the Ukiah Police Department said it had received “45 calls for service to respond to things like public drunkenness, fights, noise and a minor in the premises.”

THE FOREST CLUB'S suspension will end the second week of August, but the business will remain on probation for two years. “If similar violations occur, the ABC has the authority to revoke the license.”

THE 7-11 CLUB on South State Street has been closed permanently by the ABC.

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