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Paul Meilleur

RUSS EMAL WRITES: Sadly I report the death of a long time valley resident, neighbor, friend, Paul Meilleur.

Paul was killed in an off road accident on his four wheeler. While not fully apprised of the incident, my understanding is he was climbing a steep path from his house to Clow Ridge Road. I do believe the path he was on had only been used going downhill. He may have been headed up this path in what might be called the wrong, steep direction with a load of batteries on his rig.

Paul Meilleur

Paul, a few other friends, and myself gathered often to enjoy sports together at our house. We always share food and drinks. Paul never failed to bring a gallon of Gowan’s juice and a quart of vodka (no one ever drank this combo!) While quite the hermit Paul was well educated. When in conversation he had many good points to add. His presence, thoughts, and friendship will be missed.

I have no information as to services nor do I know if he has any local family. Should such info become available I would like to hear about it. Likewise should I hear I will post here.


  1. Katte Schaaf May 30, 2021

    So Sorry, he looks as though he was a Great fellow.

  2. Anya Grange May 31, 2021

    Paul was one of the good ones!

  3. Lonna June 1, 2021

    I was really looking forward to seeing Paul in August ! He really was a different kind of guy! He used to tease me when we were young ! Never had much to do with him when we got older! Blessing to His family! Lonna

  4. Max Mickey June 27, 2021

    Paul graduated from North Central High School in 1960 as class Valedictorian with a 4.0 of 4.0 grade point average. He also graduated with a BS in Computer Science from U C Berkeley. Paul was a complex man who showed himself while concealing himself. I’ll miss the occasional face book comments he’d trade with me.

  5. Deborah Lane September 10, 2021

    Paul and I have been friends since 1987. I will miss him…He was one in a million!

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