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Why Hadrian Built the Wall

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  1. George Hollister April 2, 2021

    Nice, and what exactly are these women doing? Washing? They will wear that cloth out before they are done. Hadrian had the wall built because the Picts were bad dudes. The Vikings came in and defeated the Picts, but its appears the mixing of two bad dudes made some really bad dudes. The Brits inherited the result. Brave Heart is an example. But so are the rednecks of today. The culture likes to fight and has been well represented in our military and the military of the South during the Civil War. What we call hillbilly music is really Scotts Irish, another cultural descendant of the Picts, Vikings, and Scotts Irish. If all the Picts did was work and sing, Hadrian would not have cared. Forget the wall.

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