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Posts published in August 2020

Fire in Boonville

A giant plume of black smoke off Mountainview Road about a mile from the Anderson Valley High School brought alarmed residents of Boonville out of their…

MCT: Monday, August 31, 2020

Warm Week;
Fog Bank;
Pellet Protest;
696 Cases;
B Funds;
Macdonald Book;
Rum Heist;
Hunt Ranch;
URPC Defense;
Vichy Springs;
Wrecking Baseball;
Old Ukiah;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday's Catch;
Peril Brewing;
Trump Fear;
Steve Detained;
Hop Pickers;
Beltway Joe;
Violent Communists;
Oberg Observations;
Civil War;
Mental Coverage;
Crumb Birthday;
Racist Friend;
1956 Platform;
Nordic Aquafarms;
I'm Helping;
Marco Radio;
Social Unravelling;
Found Object

MCT: Sunday, August 30, 2020

Smoky Warm;
689 Cases;
Hamburger Sunday;
School Street;
Fires Merging;
Ukiah West;
B Bank;
1912 Stage;
Ballgame Over;
Grange Again;
Hofman v Hoffman;
Sawmill Rumor;
Ukiah Milling;
Court Date;
Brooktrails 1960;
Sign Proliferation;
Montgomery Ward;
Bullet Exchange;
Roller Furniture;
Deficient Plan;
Gualala Moon;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday's Catch;
Heavy Phrasing;
Philbrick Contest;
Capitalism Amok;
Failed State;
Eversole's Ukiah;
Good Thoughts;
Scare Word;
Capillary Attack;
People's Convention;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, August 29, 2020

Smoky Warm;
Revised SIP;
673 Cases;
Smoky Haze;
Smoky Fog;
Boonville ATM;
Grewal Case;
Law Gang;
August Complex;
Albion Store;
MCDH Concerns;
Sooty Shearwaters;
Sheriff Bartolomie;
2020 Elections;
Palace Hotel;
Mailliard Fund;
Downtown Ukiah;
Priapic Oakley;
Streetscape Update;
Ed Notes;
SF Restaurants;
Yesterday's Catch;
Athletes Strike;
Chief Grief;
1916 Auto;
Pandemic Freedom;
Daily Infections;
Corporate Socialism;
Lawless Hellscape;
Desperate Dems;
Jackson Hole;
Union Station;
Constitutional Sheriffs;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, August 28, 2020

Hot & Smoky;
659 Cases;
Gibbons Book;
Seen Piper?;
Chief Blaylock;
Naked Male;
Please Carry;
Ed Notes;
Ukiah 1933;
Defensible Space;
Foodbank Produce;
Police Reports;
Seized Plants;
Asinine Sports;
Legal Trivia;
King House;
Sculpture Trail;
Nose Out;
Home Market;
Lined Paper;
Brinks Heist;
Yesterday's Catch;
Counterfeit Stuff;
50s Ukiah;
Policing Crisis;
Flavor Land;
Day Four;
Trump Votes;
Depression Christmas;
Progressive Movement;
Firefighting Funds;
Nuclear Shutdown;
Fonda Fixation;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, August 27, 2020

Warm Weekend;
Willits Quake;
Hurricane Laura;
656 Cases;
AV Positives;
Supervisor Ruddock;
Ukiah ODs;
First Supes;
Water Crew;
Mendo Trash;
Navarro Highway;
Ed Notes;
Brink's Heist;
Purify & Sanitize;
Ukiah All-Stars;
Forest Closure;
Yesterday's Catch;
Babylon Amerika;
Lee Remick;
Most Killed;
Ukiah 1914;
Athletes Strike;
Redwood Fillies;
Emergency Powers;
Bad Wizards;
Manhunt Prep;
Corporate Tyranny;
Corporate Takeover;
Technological Shortcomings;
Thanks Obama;
Day Three;
Found Object

Letters (August 26, 2020)

I think the article regarding the Joe Biden’s political campaign completely missed the mark regarding the upcoming elections. First of all why are there “Battleground States” at all

‘Massive Increase in Abnormal Behaviors…’

Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall said this weekend that Covid is sparking “a massive increase in abnormal behaviors” among citizens, attributable to pandemic fatigue and…