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Posts published in July 2020

The Williams Problem

WE MENTIONED a few days ago that the Supes had actually created an ad hoc committee to prepare “Policies and procedures for placing items on…

Patient Advocate

I've written about the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District so much and for such a long time that some readers might have leaped to the false…

Buzz & Barbara, Hippies?

After my last piece's exploration of slow pitch softball in Anderson Valley and the Rest of the World two generations ago, it's been a comfort…

AV Land Trust Sues Peachland Family (Part 11)

The Anderson Valley Land Trust recently sent out their latest newsletter, and they gave me a quick mention. Unfortunately, the mention was that I’m the…

Breakfast at the Diner #5

A youngish white guy comes into the diner. He's clean-cut and wearing a suit and tie, and he sits a few stools away from an…

Off the Record (July 29, 2020)

THE GREAT IRONY of the BLM demonstrations is that they are occurring against a social backdrop of the rosiest ethnic relations we've ever had in…

Valley People (July 29, 2020)

THE GOOD NEWS! The first wave of pink ladies are up. Having thrust their improbable bright life into the sere brown of middle summer, we…

Water Emergency

Laytonville Water Shortage Now An Emergency by Jim Shields, District Manager, Laytonville County Water District Because our monthly Board meeting occurs on Tuesday nights, the…

MCT: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Patchy Smoke;
280 Cases;
Water Emergency;
Elkhorn Arrests;
Coren Appointed;
Old Albion;
Outage Season;
AVCSD Election;
Adanac Cottages;
Climate Declaration;
Happy Valley;
Ed Notes;
Acting Up;
Lane's Flat;
Cannabis Ordinance;
Yesterday's Catch;
Old Questions;
Hobo Culture;
National Healthcare;
River-Dale Resort;
Gender Fluidity;
Shoeing Oxen;
Fighting Fascism;
Cummings Service;
Peter Wells;
Car Train;
Private Healthcare;
Follow Me;
Unquarantined Sports;
Stocky Ed;
Found Object

Miller Report, July 27

New Health Officer Named for Mendocino County by William Miller, MD – Chief of Staff at Adventist Health – Mendocino Coast Hospital Last week, the…