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Posts published in January 2020

MCT: Friday, January 31, 2020

Mild Dry;
OB Vote;
Slow Bureaucracy;
Typical Deflection;
Opera Masks;
Road Naming;
Abreu Case;
2004 Results;
Homeless Count;
Narcan Save;
Oxymoron Museum;
Candidate Debates;
For Soinila;
Yesterday's Catch;
Peace Vision;
Climate Catastrophe;
Corporate Masters;
Gardening Workshops;
Aurora Borealis;
Trump Dirt;
Young Rockers;
Predatory Parties;
DNC Corruption;
Nasty Regimes;
GOP Devolution;
Will Pass;
Costello Interview;
Brautigan Birthday;
Dem BS;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Surgical Hiatus;
Measures D&E;
Teens Arrested;
Candidate Interviews;
Wet Road;
Citizen B;
Dukett Hiring;
Impacts Exist;
Difficulty Breathing;
Beer Virus;
Fire Looters;
Mr Rabbit;
Nasal News;
Yesterday's Catch;
Shit-Life Syndrome;
Modern Ramen;
Bad Plan;
County Issues;
Whiskey Machine;
Ad Hoc Recommendations;
Amazing Message;
Jazz Shows;
Junkie Fights;
Blank Maps;
Different Vietnams;
Found Object

Letters (January 29, 2020)

[Rick Duste] I was ecstatic to read that Santa Rosa Junior College is developing a comprehensive building trades training center

Learning Tree Workshop

[Feb 29] Project Learning Tree Educator Workshop Saturday February 29, 10am-4pm  At the UC ANR Hopland Research & Extension Center.  $10. Please bring a packed lunch. Coffee/tea and snacks provided.…

Mendo’s Collapsing Ambulance Services

In October of 2017 after the Board of Supervisors decided to retain CalFire as the operator of the County’s fire and emergency services dispatch center,…

Smacked Hard in Ukiah

What in the name of all that is Ukiah, has happened to Ukiah? I’m stunned at its transformation, since being gone for the past 33…

AV Land Trust Sues Peachland Family (Part 3)

The “funny” thing about being sued by an organization such as the Anderson Valley Land Trust, is that everyone suing you claims that they’re not…

Go Niners: 31 To 7

The end came to scattered boos and palpable angst with just under two minutes left in the first half of the final regular season game,…