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Posts published in October 2019

MCT: Friday, November 1, 2019

Sunny Skies;
Donnal Nichols;
L'il Witch;
Ukiah Costumes;
Poodle Skirt;
Data Reporting;
Upmkin CPA;
Mendo Meeting;
Mental Shame;
Barn Sale;
Korean Pig;
Fair Meeting;
Yorkville Market;
Chestnut Festival;
Court Outage;
Sheriff BOLO;
Firetruck Fund;
Ed Notes;
Deep Eel;
PG&E Good;
Abe Warning;
PG&E Bad;
AV Ambulance;
Hospital Report;
Power Plants;
Super Decision;
Public Utilities;
Previous Catches;
Nuke Bailout;
Crosseyed Cowboy;
Mural Update;
Sustainable Living;
Slick 80;
American Dream;
Latest Technology;
California Burns;
Common Mistake;
Far Left;
Welcome Katie;
Conservative Politics;
Local Author;
Little Dog;
Improv Theater;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Dry Air;
Dark Carnival;
Outage Notes;
Disaster Observations;
PG&E Perks;
Public Utility;
Disaster Comments;
Micro Grids;
Sheriff Realist;
Little Inverter;
New Normal;
Human Disdain;
Food Pantry;
Exhibit Delayed;
California Crisis;
New-Age Jacobins;
Delta Smelt;
Found Object

OUTAGE NOTES, October 29, 2019

THIS JUST IN (a little after 5pm): (Second hand info, so take with grain of salt...) Crews are working in Philo to in anticipation for…

10/28 County PSPS Update: Restoration Info &c

BREAKING: Fire in Willits just reported on scanner about 4pm. No further info. ============================= ED NOTES: WE LOST POWER at 5:45pm Saturday, and as of…

Community Guild

[Nov 26] We, the Redwood Valley Community Guild, are inviting you to the home of Robin Sunbeam, Tuesday November 26, 6:30 pm at 124 Ford…

MCT: PrePost for Sunday, add-ons. (as they come in)

Ed note: For the rest of the Sunday advance post go to the Mendocino County Today posts under "features." ====================  UPDATE: PG&E PUBLIC SAFETY POWER…

Hesse on Trees

For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And…

MCT: Saturday, October 26, 2019

Stop Thief;
Shutoff Weekend;
Ten Years;
Pickup Line;
Public Utility;
Firetruck Fundraiser;
Kincade Fire;
Shots Fired;
RCMS Cash;
Norma Jean;
Mitchell Murders;
Fir Train;
Typical Surplus;
FB Safeway;
Yesterday's Catch;
RussiaGate Investigation;
Assange Persecution;
Facebook Disinformation;
Silly Nitwits;
End Deficit;
Ocean Symposium;
Phantom Budget;
Found Object