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Posts published in July 2019

Nautical Collection

[Aug 30 - Nov 4] A new exhibit showcasing the nautical collection of coast resident Norman de Vall is opening at the Kelley House Museum…

MCT: Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sonoma Subtext;
SB1437 Constitutional;
Bowtie Question;
Chestnut Canoe;
End-Of-Life Talk;
Usal Fire;
Old Timers;
Marin Murderers;
Vineyard Housing;
Lost Dems;
Absurd Story;
Played Out;
First Ladies;
Oil Spill;
Epstein Survived?;
Usal Neglect;
Penis Book;
Film Decision;
Lawless Campground;
Bugliosi Story;
Military Bases;
More Masturbation;
Album Cover;
Third-World Solution;
Not God;
Jubilant Dragonfly;
Gardens Art;
Found Object

MCT: Monday, July 29, 2019

Cooler Weather;
Outage Video;
Scary Book;
Humboldt Commute;
Measure B-ing;
FB Rodeo;
PG&E Lobby;
Tintin Brexit;
Asphalt No;
Zoot Stop;
Ed Notes;
Tarentino Movie;
Agronomist Interview;
Yesterday's Catch;
Four Apples;
Young Stones;
Ward Stories;
Schwab's Pharmacy;
Fake Pres;
Navarro Crawdad;
Tech Doom;
Free Shrugs;
Brother Paul;
Iran Obsession

MCT: Sunday, July 28, 2019

Smokin' Hot;
Dog Days;
Candelabra Tree;
Logo Sentenced;
Ed Notes;
Airport Day;
Weed Future;
Jazz Bum;
Homeless Trash;
Media Choice;
Adventist Footbill;
Repetition Principle;
Unread Report;
Bike Caper;
Lemons' Sandwich;
Inland Dems;
Pres Cichocki;
Fifth Beatle;
Road Crators;
Elvis Banned;
Crazy Case;
Yesterday's Catch;
Holy Cow;
F-Book Enlightenment;
Sore Losers;
Oppressive Ordinance;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, July 27, 2019

Logo Sentenced;
Weekend Heat;
Jazz Night;
PG&E Concerned;
Marijuana Raids;
Fruit Ripens;
Asphalt Fast-Track;
Sheetrocked Firehouse;
Velma's Open;
SEIU Protest;
Hydrant Geyser;
Suitor Rejected;
Underpaid Attorneys;
Canned Wine;
Yesterday's Catch;
Hillary Meddling;
Mueller Letdown;
Hippy Murders;
Pablo Poisoned;
Chaotic Reality;
Far Left;
Junk Email;
You're Mad;
Useful Idiot;
Protecting Trump;
Bad Letters;
Dem Reputation;
Moon Welcome;
Social Work;
Momma Mia;
Fuente Show;
Already Failing;
Powerful Chanting;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, July 26, 2019

Hot Inland;
Missing Lineman;
Victor Delgado;
Not Guilty;
Grewal Gone;
Time Changes;
Wilma Mows;
Healthcare Woes;
Old Timers;
Missouri-Mendo Connection;
Giving Up;
Tommy's Joynt;
Cannabis Concerns;
Yesterday's Catch;
Lew Welch;
Flashing Lights;
Third-World Solutions;
Ten Suggestions;
Today's Standards;
New Ideas;
Biggest Threat;
Slovic's Body;
Quiet Please;
Gabbard v Google;
2020 Olympics;
Found Object

Mendo Startups

[Aug 25] Startup Mendocino: Competition Gala encourages innovation — On Sunday, August 25, from 3 to 6 p.m., West Business Development Center will host a…

MCT: Thursday, July 25, 2019

Power Outage;
Quiz Noche;
Devil-Weed Sweep;
Dead Meat;
Mimi Loco;
Match Head;
Substantive Reporting;
Flo Fleener;
Economic Indicators;
Hapless Party;
Yesterday's Catch;
Whale Mourn;
Negative Tax;
Farmhouse Gone;
Three Sticks;
Insect Count;
Horned Lark;
Pancake Breakfast;
Benefit Concert;
Spirit Walk;
Found Object