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Posts published in June 2017

Joe Scarborough’s Anti-Trump Music Video

To me, the video appears to be a somewhat obvious statement on America's general disintegration, with El Trumpo being but one more insult among the disgraceful hordes.

Mendocino County Today: Friday, June 30, 2017

Jim Cooley;
Where's Natalie;
Medical Help;
Bypass Options;
Dogwood Stopped;
Sex Trafficking;
Canine Dining;
Little Dog;
Mendo Depression;
McKinleyville Bust;
Marco Radio;
Parrish Interview;
Yesterday's Catch;
Eternal Curandera;
Deep Cold;
Green Again;
American Deaths;
Lake Poisoning;
The Flick;
Food & Alcohol;
Prufrock Lovesong;
Hopland Renaissance;
Deadline 2020;
Archers Unite;
Undermining EPA;
General Welfare;
License Suspensions;
Road Info;
Big Oil

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jim Cooley;
Caltrans Costs;
Homeless Meeting;
Little Dog;
Crying Poor;
Local Interest;
Salmon BBQ;
Cannabis Codes;
Concrete Park;
Cannabis Hour;
Yesterday's Catch;
Sweeney Succession;
Kate Wolf Festival;
Stolen Images;
Media Recklessness;
Healthcare Enemy;
November 1960;
Symphony Concerts

Madness Seizes the Barbarians

Panikon Thermopylae, 279 BC Brennus and his army of Gauls were faced by the Greeks at Delphi, and soon portents boding no good to the…

My Roller Derby Date

After Roller Derby in Eureka, after lots of sushi and sake in Arcata, after she drove home to Trinidad at 11pm I walked around the…

Letters (June 28, 2017)

Do you AV guys and gals know that the UC-Berkeley Cal Bears power hitting first baseman is the grandson of Ronnie Vaughn? Yes, Andrew Vaughn is also a starting pitcher on occasion. I think A. Vaughn tied for the Pac-12 lead in homers last season. And he made the national team that will play against Cuba several games of high quality ball.


The lucky accident of our place and time has spared us the unspeakable domestic horror of watching our families and friends displaced from their homes…

Hmong Among Us

On a summer day in June it was hot and dry almost everywhere in California. Nearly eight thousand miles away, it was hot and rainy…