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Posts published in February 2017

Mendocino County Today: Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017

Toxic Cleanup;
Panther Basketball Team;
Bypass Impact;
Little Dog;
Goodbye Briana;
Luna Booked;
Albion School;
Rough Road;
Yesterday's Catch;
National Duel;
UFO Craze;
Laziest Place;
Rural Health;
Civil War;
Job Opportunity;
Adoption Event;
Food Security

Mendocino County Today: Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

Briana Burns;
MCDH Floundering;
Peachland Road;
Vern Ornbaum;
Elk News;
Immigrant Fear;
Little Dog;
Adoption Event;
Shootout Results;
Coyote Fear;
Pastor Quarters;
Co-op Bylaws;
Two Weapons;
Yesterday's Catch;
Nutty Prez;
Divided States;
Progressive Dems;
Individualism Amuck;
Meaning To;
Varied Opinions;
Stewarts Point;
Shallow State;
KMEC Radio;

Mendocino County Today: Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017

Panther Basketball;
Sheltering Homeless;
Federal Sweeps;
Suspect Roundup;
Democratic Leadership;
Little Dog;
Correspondents' Dinner;
Boot Camp;
Polk Award;
Yesterday's Catch;
KZYX Issues;
Home Solar;
Mendocino Theatre;
Library Events;
Considering Leaves;
Old Things;
FBI Snitch;
Football Decision;
Willits Hub;
Environmental Defense;
Marco Radio;
Ten Mile

Mendocino County Today: Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017

175 Open;
FB Dioxins;
Bond-Graham Polk;
Little Dog;
Massey Interview;
Extreme Funding;
Variety Show;
Science Fair;
UVSD Outrage;
Recreational Enforcement;
Rainville Appeal;
Yesterday's Catch;
Cultural Loss;
Earthquake Weather;
Immigration Arrests;
The Realist;
Boundary Pushing;
Our Side;
Wildlife Films;
MCBG Events;
Dam Repair;
Media Ban;
PA Agenda

The Mongols Say Hello

"From the King of Kings in the East and the West, the mighty Khan: In your name, O God, You who laid out the earth…

Mendocino County Today: Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

Storm Damage;
Flood Memory;
Caltrans Repairs;
Grace Pinoli;
Blackbird Yurts;
Augie Busted;
Panther Playoffs;
Basurto Case;
Immigration Statement;
News Sources;
Yesterday's Catch;
Tort Law;
Western Secession;
Therapy Truck;
Rhododendron Propagation;
Broadband Update;
Corporate Control

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Wet Week;
Peachland Washout;
Outlaw Hills;
Orr Springs Road Closed;
Highway Re-openings;
Marijuana Budgeting;
Yesterday's Catch;
Low Cunning;
Conservative Bible;
The Quarrel;
ukiaHaiku Festival;
Gardening Classes;
Mendocino Land Trust;
Little Dog;
Shocking Poverty;
Steelhead Study


In the tertulias of times past, there was always a scholar who knew everything. He remembered names, faces, dates, and data with absolute precision thanks to his privileged memory which was nourished by voluminous, diverse, and at times, useless reading. Any argument would ultimately appeal to him to act as the Court of Appeals.