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Posts published in September 2015

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

Water Emergency;
Family Homicides;
Test Results;
Dan's Story;
Warrant Wednesday;
Model X;
Papal Decrees;
Planned Parenthood;
Last Meals;
Drug Scandal;
Yesterday's Catch;
News Shock;
Candidate Principles;
Republican Economics;
Solar Solution;
Butterfly Bombs;
Water Pricing;
Arctic Drilling;
Vocational Grants;
Flawed Tunnels

Letters (Sep 30, 2015)

Recently the Ukiah Daily Journal published an unsigned editorial that apparently represents the opinion of the paper, in which it denounced Supervisor Tom Woodhouse for talking with County workers about their jobs and conditions. The editorial referenced Supervisor Carrie Brown’s reprimand of Supervisor Woodhouse.

My Experience At Hospitality House

A recent item in the Off The Record section of this-here publication stated that a certain group of Supervisors approved the disbursement of a big…

Outlaw Ford

Early Mendocino County is filled with many yarns and tales. One of the characters in Outlaw Ford (the novel excerpted here) states, “Sometimes you have…


Even at this late date in the arc of my life, I am occasionally invited to speak to high school kids about the career path of a writer. When I explain to those soliciting me to speak that I am not a journalist or a non-fiction writer or a writer of murder mysteries or bodice rippers or young adult dystopian vampire novellas, but rather a writer of unclassifiable fiction and essays, and I further explain that I don’t recommend my career path to anyone because that would be to recommend working long hours seven days a week for five decades, my wages paltry and unreliable. After such an explanation, the invitations are withdrawn.

Panther Soccer (Sep 30, 2015)

Last Wednesday, September 23, the AV Panthers traveled south to Santa Rosa for the first of a number of season-defining matches. this one against five-time…

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015

Agricultural Tensions;
Circular Firing Squad;
Wheel of Chance;
California History;
Propaganda Limits;
Niners Uniform;
Yesterday's Catch;
Asphalt Smoke
Children's Health;
Broadband Meeting;
Guy Debord;
Library Events

MRC Hack & Squirt Continues Unabated

California timberland owners sprayed 359,147 pounds of pesticides and herbicides on unwanted trees and shrubs in a recent four-year period — 2005 to 2008 —…