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Posts published in December 2014

Christmas in the Rose City

Marcia and I are standing in line at See’s Candies in Santa Rosa, two days before Christmas 2014. See’s Candies is owned by billionaire Warren Buffet and has more than two hundred outlets throughout the west, most of them in California. Some of my earliest memories are of chocolate caramel lollypops from See’s. Hard as rocks and long lasting, those delicious teeth-rotting suckers were two for a nickel when I was a little boy—gateway drugs to a lifetime of chocolate addiction. Warren Buffet did not own See’s when I was a boy, and when he bought the business from the founders, he was wise enough to retain the winning formula: rich chocolate candies sold by matronly women in shops reminiscent of small-town bakeries.

Shades & Sounds of Winter, 2014

During my periodic visits to Anderson Valley in recent years, I often told recently arrived residents they had not yet experienced a true Anderson Valley…

The Stony Lonesome: Death & Clams

It's sad when people die, especially when they are taken violently or unexpectedly. I don't like it when this happens to people I know and…

Phony Baloney from Brennan & Sony

A week ago, two big stories had just broken: "Senate Exposes CIA Torture" and "Sony Chiefs' Racist Emails Revealed."In response —and in concert— the National…

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014

Hard Freeze Warning;
Fear of Deranged Mourners;
Weasel Lips;
Vengeful Protest Warning;
Catch of the Day;
Freedom of Speech;
Fear of Offspring;
Out Produced;
Low Fish Count

Mendocino County Today: Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014

Ban Adjustments;
CPUC Peevey;
Hands-on Reporter;
Click Bait;
Legless Pigs;
Theodore Galletti;
Stoner Nation;
Fun with Animals;
Industrial Might;
The Trigger;
Washington Square Park;
Catch of the Day;
Police Reports;
Humans v Corporations

Valley People (Dec 30, 2014)

RON SCHRYER has died. A long time resident of the Anderson Valley, Ron, in his middle 70s, lived on Hutsell Road, Boonville. He was the…