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Posts published in “Letters to the Editor”

Letters (July 12, 2000)

You continue to falsely state that the civil suit depends on Tony Serra's ability to “bullshit a federal jury into believing the ludicrous story that the FBI and/or timber interests tried to murder Judi Bari.”

Letters (Jan. 5, 2000)

RE: OPERATION PIPELINE Bruce, I live in Seattle, and as you know we have turned a corner here. This is real serious stuff. During the…

Mike Sweeney Responds

This is a response to Bruce Anderson's article. I did not bomb Judi Bari, or write any of the letters. There is no credible evidence…

Letters (June 26, 1996)

Reading the Anderson Valley Advertiser seems a lot like getting dispatches from some Third World banana republic. Tankman Tuso is head of the local death squad who sends his men out into the dark of night to grease the local natives and crack the heads of any rebel upstarts. Persecuting Attorney Massini takes care of business for the rich fat-cat landholders and handles the cattle prod during peasant interrogations. Clueless Judge Luther rubber-stamps into the jailhouse any poor devils the dynamic duo of law enforcement bounce into his Court of Kangaroo.