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Posts published by “Will Parrish”

Booze, A Banker & A Bailout: The Murder Of Mark West Creek

The tragic, stranger-than-fiction story of Henry Cornell's own vineyard and proposed wine production factory reads as a distilled version of the relentless pursuit of the grape dollar by Sonoma County at large.

Mendo’s Biggest Wine Country Corporations

“We have chosen as our first topic of discussion the reality of the business — cash. Everything we do eventually finds its way back to…

Who Really Rules Mendo Wine Country?

Most vineyard acreage in the region is ruled by a small collection of massive multi-national corporate conglomerates, which typically boast annual revenues greater than a billion dollars. Yes, that's billion with a “B.”

‘You May Be a Task Force, But … We’re A Nation’

Since 1775, when the Spanish vessels Santiago and Sonora anchored in Trinidad Bay, the surviving Ameri­can Indian nations of California's northcoast have with­stood violent conquest,…

Richard Blum: Godzilla Regent

Current and former campus workers from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz — joined by several student sup porters — were on hand to challenge Richard Blum on the poverty he promotes in his capacity as a UC Regent. Blum, who fashions himself as a global anti-poverty crusader by way of his Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley, has had a primary hand in shaping the policies that have led to deep pay cuts and widespread employee layoffs at UC campuses. Moreover, as a leading finance capitalist and political influence peddler on a global scale, he and his ilk have played a strong role in causing the ongoing global economic meltdown — and the various financial austerity measures it is leading to.

Disaster Capitalist University

Part Two of Will Parish's and Darwin Bond-Graham's series on disaster capitalism, UC-style.

Richard Blum: The Man Behind California’s “Developing Economy”

On April 17, 2009, with the edifice of the global economy rotting under an architecture of monumen­tal greed, war deficits, and official hubris, the Univer­sity of California, Berkeley conducted a ground­breaking ceremony for its Richard C. Blum Center for Developing Economies.